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Is Cdl. Zen’s successor, Francis-appointed Hong Kong Cdl.Tong, an Enemy of the Chinese Underground Church?

Cardinal Joseph Zen in his letter and dubia to the cardinals said:

"Your Eminence, can we passively witness the murder of the Church in China by those who should protect and defend her from her enemies?"

"Begging on my knees, your brother."

Moreover, Cardinal Zen told EWTN's Raymond Arroyo what the Chinese communist regime will do to the underground Church:

“They will be allowed to function like underground bishops?” he asked. “Surely not. They are bringing them into the cage! That’s terrible. They are going to annihilate the underground Church.”

Arroyo asked the Cardinal’s opinion on Francis collaborator Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo’s statement that the Chinese communist regime best realize the social doctrine of the Catholic Church:

“Please leave him in peace. We don’t have to waste time to talk about that… That made everybody laugh, okay? It’s a good laugh,” Zen replied

Many of Francis's inner circle who oppose Zen like Sorondo are laughing stocks while others have little experience of contemporary China yet accuse the Cardinal of not knowing China. Catholic News Agency on the Catholic World Report reported:

"Against his detractors, who have said the cardinal has little experience of contemporary China, Cardinal Zen cited his seven years’ experience teaching in China’s official Church seminaries from 1989-1996"

“"From my direct, immediate experience, I know that the Church is completely enslaved to the government,' he said, stating that he is still kept updated on the situation by discreet visitors."

But, there are others who do have experience of contemporary China and yet oppose Cardinal Zen.

These Catholics who support Francis's apparent diplomatic attempt to "annihilate the underground Church” in attempting to appear reasonable are much more sinister.

Zen’s successor Cardinal John Tong Hon who also is a Emeritus Bishop of Hong Kong is the greatest enemy of those trying to stop the Francis diplomatic effort to give the Chinese communist regime control over the underground Church.

Catholic News Agency on the Catholic World Report reported:

"Cardinal Tong... argued that China is a large country where incidents of arrests or imprisonments are largely isolated to certain areas."

"Cardinal Zen has often said that 'no deal is better than a bad deal,' and in a recent blog-post called the proposal an act of 'suicide' and a 'shameless surrender' to the communist government.'

'On the other hand, in an interview with CNA last week, Cardinal Tong said opposing the deal was 'unreasonable.' He argued that the Chinese government has generally become more tolerant, and called the deal 'far-sighted,' saying that at times, sacrifice is necessary in order for Catholics to become 'members of one family.'

Compounding the debate is yesterday’s arrest of Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin of Mindong, who is recognized by the Vatican but not the government, and who was taken into custody by police alongside the diocesan chancellor. He was held overnight but was later released, and was barred from celebrating any Mass as a bishop, including Holy Week liturgies." []

China expert  shows how ridiculous or laughable and "unreasonable" are Tongs claim that "China is a large country where incidents of arrests or imprisonments are largely isolated to certain areas."

Mosher explains why "incidents of arrests or imprisonments are largely isolated to certain areas" and why the Tong and Francis diplomatic effort to give the Chinese communist regime control over the underground Church is a blunder:

"Pietro Cardinal Parolin, who had earlier been involved with the establishment of diplomatic relations with Mexico and ongoing negotiations with Vietnam, was put in charge of the effort. He established direct contact with Beijing in 2005 with the goal of signing a written agreement with the atheistic regime over the appointment of bishops"
"This was a major blunder on several counts."

"First, it drew the attention of the Chinese Party-State to the activities of the Catholic Church in China. Whereas Mexico has been predominantly Catholic for centuries, and Vietnam has one of the largest Catholic populations in Asia, Catholics in China were a small minority, scattered in communities throughout the length and breadth of China. As such, they were able to evangelize, build churches, and even open seminaries, all while attracting relatively little hostile attention from the central government. 'The mountains are high, and the emperor is far away,' as the Chinese say."

"Once Beijing entered into formal negotiations with the Vatican, however, the Party-State began to pay a lot more attention to the activities of the domestic followers of this 'hostile foreign power.' In other words, the mere fact of negotiations put a target on the backs of Chinese Catholics. The 'space' in which it had operated began to shrink under the unblinking eye of state surveillance."

"Vatican diplomats seem not to have realized that they were dealing with a one-party dictatorship that was far more brutal, and far less tolerant of any expressions of religious faith, than Mexico in the 1990s or Vietnam in the 2000s. For in the view of the CCP, all belief in transcendental religions, especially those with foreign connections like Catholicism, is suspect, even treasonous..."

"In order to reach an agreement, China informed the Vatican’s Secretary of State, two things must happen."

"First, the holy father must, without exception, consecrate all the Patriotic bishops that he and Pope Benedict, for very good reasons, had previously rejected."

"Second, he must eliminate the Underground Church, starting with its bishops. Elderly Underground bishops must be forcibly retired and replaced with Patriotic bishops of Beijing’s choosing, while younger Underground bishops must be reassigned to subordinate roles in the Patriotic church.'

"On the mere promise of a future agreement, the Vatican has bowed to these demands. This is why we have recently been treated to the heartbreaking spectacle of 88-year-old Underground bishop Peter Zhuang being forced, by Cardinal Parolin’s emissaries, to hand over his Shantou diocese to excommunicated Patriotic bishop Huang Bingzhang. This is also why a younger Patriotic bishop, Joseph Guo of Fujian province, has been demoted to be an assistant to an illegitimate Patriotic bishop."

"This process will obviously continue until the last of the 30-odd Underground bishops have been sidelined and silenced, one way or another."

"It is the prospect of this “sell-out” of the Underground Church that sent Hong Kong’s Cardinal Joseph Zen to Rome, to plead the cause of his Chinese co-believers to the holy father himself."

"Pope Francis reportedly told Cardinal Zen that 'we don’t want another Mindszenty.'”

"But these wrongheaded, politically naïve negotiations have already created, in Bishop Zhuang, 'another Mindszenty.'”

"And now we have the prospect of several dozen more to follow."

Getting back to Cardinal Tong, why would he want "the prospect of several dozen" Mindszentys and a Chinese Church controlled by Marxists?

To understand Tong we need to look at those who are advising the Cardinal.

One adviser of Tong is Anthony Lam Sui-ki who is many times on hand for articles featuring Cdl. Tong to oppose Zen. Here is an example from the :

"In a blog written in December last year, Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, the former bishop of Hong Kong, said mainland authorities had demolished the crosses on many church buildings, and questioned if the Vatican was knowledgeable about what had been happening there."

"Zen also said he was worried that by signing a deal with Beijing, the church would be handing over its power to 'an atheist regime'”.

"But Anthony Lam Sui-ki, executive secretary and researcher at the Holy Spirit Study Centre of the Hong Kong diocese, said a deal between both sides would help solve the problems surrounding the ordination of priests in mainland China because Beijing was often worried about which priests would be ordained."
It is ridiculous or laughable that Lam who is suppose to understand the Chinese communist regime and care about the underground Church could say "a deal between both sides would help solve the problems surrounding the ordination of priests in mainland China because Beijing was often worried about which priests would be ordained."

Of course, the communist are worried about "which priests would be ordained." As China expert Mosher said "in the view of the CCP, all belief in transcendental religions, especially those with foreign connections like Catholicism, is suspect, even treasonous."

Lam advises Cdl. Tong, but who does he work with besides the Cardinal at the Holy Spirit Study Centre of the Hong Kong diocese and it's publication Tripod who, also, gives advise to him and Tong?

The Hong Kong diocese website list shows that Lam works as a editor under the diocese publication Tripod editor Maryknoll priest Fr. Peter James Barry and that Barry is in the unalphabetical list placed as number one on the researchers list with Lam listed sixth:

"Researchers: Rev. Peter J.Berry... Dr. Anthony Lam... Editors of Tripod:
His Eminence Cardinal John Tong
Rev. Peter J. Barry, MM Dr. 
Anthony Lam"

[Holy Spirit Study Center, Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong,]

Who is Barry?

Barry is a member of the Marynoll order. The order is famous for being Marxist infested and oriented as well as pushing liberation theology. Crisis magazine reported that a source in the "Vatican investigation of Marynoll" said "Marynoll was doing an excellent job of training Marxists, but a terrible job of training priests." (Crisis, "Message from Rome: Marynoll Seminary to Close This Fall" April 1, 1988)

Who are Barry's friends?:

"On Sunday Barry celebrated his achievement in his home city of Troy, with a 50th anniversary Mass at Sacred Heart Church, followed by a reception in the Sacred Heart School Hall, where many relatives, classmates and friends came to help him celebrate."

"Among those friends were [leftist] Bishop Emeritus Howard Hubbard and [leftist] Troy Mayor Lou Rosamilia. 'We’re excited to be here,' the mayor said, standing next to his wife Peg. Back in 1969, the Rosamilias were the first couple that Barry ever married in the United States. That ceremony also took place at Sacred Heart Church." []

Who is Cardinal Tong's adviser Fr. Barry's leftist friend Bishop Hubbard besides being "considered to be one of the most liberal prelates in the United States" according to

"Stephen Brady, head of the Illinois-based Roman Catholic Faithful, was the first to contradict that report of events. Brady revealed that Fr. Minkler had been working with his lay Catholic group for at least three years in order to document homosexual misconduct and abuse among Albany priests, including Bishop Howard Hubbard. "[Fr.] Minkler was scared to death that the bishop would find out," Brady told Albany’s Times-Union. Brady said the priest left him a voice mail message asking for advice the day before his death."

"Brady confirmed that Fr. Minkler was indeed the author of the controversial 1995 report. The priest sent Brady a copy of the report in 2001, and although the report itself was signed with the pseudonym 'Henry,' the fax coversheet accompanying the letter was signed by Fr. Minkler."

"According to Paul Likoudis, news editor for The Wanderer, he received a phone call from Fr. Minkler shortly after the priest returned from signing the affidavit. In the course of their conversation, said Likoudis, Fr. Minkler indicated that, contrary to Bishop Hubbard’s claim, he was summoned to the chancery by diocesan chancellor Fr. Kenneth Doyle, former spokesman for the U.S. bishops conference in Washington. According to Likoudis, Fr. Minkler explained that Fr. Doyle had the affidavit all made out and told the priest to sign it during their brief meeting."

"Fr. Joseph F. Wilson of the Diocese of Brooklyn also spoke with Fr. Minkler by telephone that same evening. Although the Albany priest made no mention to him of being summoned to the chancery, he did tell Fr. Wilson that 'the bishop made me lie.' Fr. Wilson said he assumed Fr. Minkler was referring to being forced to sign the affidavit disavowing authorship of the 1995 report to Cardinal O’Connor."

"'I talked to Fr. Minkler for about an hour,' Fr. Wilson explained. 'He wanted advice on how to smooth things over with his bishop. I had no reservations whatsoever about his state of mind when I finished talking to him that night.' Fr. Wilson added that the Albany priest also mentioned that he had talked with at least one other priest and a lay canon lawyer to solicit advice that same evening. 'Not exactly the actions of a man who’s planning to commit suicide,' commented Fr. Wilson."

"Likoudis agreed, but admits that he doesn’t know the circumstances surrounding the priest’s death, other than that they seem suspicious. 'It’s all speculation at this point,' he said. What is not speculation is the fact that Fr. Minkler, a former secretary to Cardinal O’Connor, was asked by the late Archbishop of New York to prepare a brief detailing clerical corruption in the Albany diocese. That report, said Likoudis, was supposedly delivered directly into the hands of Pope John Paul II during a private 1995 meeting with Cardinal O’Connor, who was allegedly trying to facilitate the removal of the Albany bishop."

"Likoudis was a featured speaker, along with Stephen Brady, at a public meeting held by Roman Catholic Faithful at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Albany a week after Fr. Minkler’s death. Likoudis told a crowd of 500 that for the past 13 years Fr. Minkler was a trusted source of inside information in the Diocese of Albany. In 1991, Likoudis added, Fr. Minkler was a primary source for a series of Wanderer articles ('Agony in Albany') critical of Bishop Howard Hubbard."

"Brady revealed that Fr. Minkler was also a close collaborator with Roman Catholic Faithful: 'Fr. Minkler had been seeking RCF’s assistance to help bring about reformative changes in the Albany diocese.'"

"Fr. Minkler is not the first priest associated with Roman Catholic Faithful to die under mysterious circumstances. In 1998 Fr. Alfred Kunz was murdered at his rural Wisconsin parish. His throat was slit by a razor blade, and he bled to death before his body was discovered the next morning. Although the subject of one of the most extensive FBI investigations in Wisconsin history, the murder of Fr. Kunz remains a mystery."

"Fr. Kunz was an accomplished canon lawyer who lent his expert assistance to Brady as Roman Catholic Faithful investigated homosexual corruption in the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois. Less than two years after the death of Fr. Kunz, Springfield’s Bishop Daniel Ryan resigned after Frank Bergen, a former male prostitute, identified the bishop as one of his regular high-paying clients for 11 years, going so far as to describe in detail the bishop’s private residence. Bishop Ryan, however, steadfastly denied that charge and others for years before he resigned."

"One of Bishop Hubbard’s accusers is also a former male prostitute. Anthony Bonneau, now 40, says he was a 16-year-old runaway when the Albany bishop twice paid him for sex in Albany’s Washington Park. Bonneau told the Times-Union that he recognized Hubbard as one of his johns about ten years ago when he saw the bishop on television. At the time, he said he told only his wife."

"Bonneau, a self-described born-again Christian, called the bishop 'a Washington Park predator.' He came forward with his allegations, he said, only after he saw Bishop Howard Hubbard deliver his public statement of denial about the first accusation of a homosexual encounter. He stated he has no intention of filing a suit against the diocese, and is motivated only out of a sense of Christian duty in hopes of protecting other children."

"'I was appalled, I was totally appalled,' Bonneau said of Bishop Hubbard’s assertion that he’s 'never had sexual relations with anyone.'"

"'There were many times he approached me,'Bonneau announced at an Albany press conference."

 "'There were also times when he paid me cash to have sex with him. It hurts me…to think that this person [Bishop Hubbard] could stand there and lie to the public.'"

Is it possible that Cardinal Tong's adviser Fr. Barry's friend Bishop Hubbard was a accomplice to the suspicious "circumstances surrounding the priest's death" as Wanderer editor Likoudis put it?

If the cardinals whom Cardinal Zen wrote the letter and dubia refuse to the "protect and defend [the Chinese underground Church] from her enemies" then it shows they are accomplices and possibly co-conspirators in the "murder of the Church in China."

If they refuse to act against the murderous Francis China deal then they reveal themselves as accomplices if not fellow conspirators to Cardinal Tong and his advisers such as Fr. Barry who is friends with the Theordore McCarrick gay lobby bishops network such as Hubbard who not only want to "murder" the Chinese Church, but are trying to murder the American Catholic Church.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Alexis Bugnolo said…
The travesty of the China accord is so immense and grave, that I think Our Lord will have to excavate a lower region of Hell for all the Cardinals and Bishops who have taken no action against Bergoglio for it alone. To stand by silently when millions of lambs are sacrificed is the sin of the High Priests on Calvary.

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