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Barnhardt: "Chris Ferrara said to my face 'We all think you are probably right'"

Blogger Ann Barnhardt who is famous for making the case and presenting evidence from canon law that Pope Benedict XVI's resignation was invalid stated that Catholic Remnant newspaper writer and lawyer Chris Ferrara said "Your probably right":

"Chris Ferrara... when I met him some years ago told me first 'We all think you're probably right'... Chris Ferrara said to my face 'We all think you're probably right.'"
(, "Barnhardt Podcast #101: The ShutUpStupiSole," 24:46-25:04)

When did this happen and what was she "probably right" about?

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Kathleen1031 said…
But about what. This doesn't confirm what point she made he agreed with. She's only been making the case about this for the past year and a half or so, I think. If he said that years ago he may have been talking about something else.
Debbie said…
"She's only been making the case about this for the past year and a half or so, I think".

Actually since at least June 19, 2016:

I'm certain she was saying Mr. Ferrara was referring to Ann's belief that Bergoglio was an antipope. Let's see if she'll clarify.
Debbie said…
Confirmed. Mr. Ferrara was speaking to Ann about Bergoglio being antipope. This took place at a conference she, Ferrara and Matt were all attending AFTER Ann publically posted her June 19, 2016 Bergoglio Antipope Voice of a Stranger piece (link posted above).

Question is why did/do they believe BiP privately, but not publically?

Why do these knowledgeable, faithful Catholics choose to publicize every single wicked deed or word this antipope relentlessly foisters on Holy Mother Church if they want us to believe they believe he's the true Pope? Why are they trying to gaslight us? They remind me of Fox News. Yuck.

Are they jealous? Jealous that a woman without the proper "credentials" figured it out first? Has God withdrawn His graces from them as Mr. Martinez's piece from today suggests? What gives?
Fred Martinez said…

Can you give more specifics about where exactly this is confirmed? Can you give a specific quote and where you got this confirmation quote?

Thank you again for all your help. Without your initial comment section post and added help this piece would not have came about.

I will pray a Hail Mary for you and your family.
Debbie said…
Thank you for your prayers Fred. Much appreciated. Will also pray for you and yours.

I confirmed this with Ann herself via email. Her address is on her website.
Fred Martinez said…

Thank you for your prayers and kindness.

If it's not too much to ask, can you give me the email quote from Miss Barnhardt if she gives you permission?

I am thinking as I sometimes do of making a post of your comments in this post into a new post.
BrotherBeowulf said…
Candlemas, 2 February 2020 A. D.

Way to go Idaho!

Debbie & Kathleen1031 & Miss Barnhardt. Chris is great and a gentleman but he can't look down his nose at folks less educated than he. Ann hit the raw nerve of truth here, and some folks, well recall: "You can't handle the truth!"

Therefore they all want to shoot the messenger. That is proven by the astonishing array of ad hominem attacks Ann draws.

Nonetheless, Ann heeds Mark Twain, unlike the highly educated chattering class of Professional Catholic:

"Don't let your schooling get in the way of your eddication!"

I'll join in Fred's prayer, and suggest another--a rosary today for the purification of ourselves and Holy Mother Church (
Debbie said…
In response to my emailed question to Ann; Could you clarify what Mr. Ferrara meant by "we all believe you're probably right? she replied:

"The Bergoglian antipapacy. I went up to the conference they do every July at Lake Garda in 2016. I went on my own dime, and not specifically enrolled in the conference solely to see Mike Matt who I had been writing pieces for the Remnant. When I realized BiP and went public in June of ‘16, I stopped writing for the Remnant, but with no hard feelings at all. So I just went up to quickly see Mike Matt, shake his hand, and make sure that everything was copacetic.
When I first saw Mike at the 5:00pm cocktail thing they do every night before dinner, Chris Ferrara came up to us, said hello, told me, “Look, we all think you’re probably right”, and then proceeded to tell me that I had no qualification to speak on the matter, and even tried to “grill me” on my education literally as if I were on the witness stand and he was cross-examining me. “And, Miss Barnhardt, what is your degree in again?”
“I have a bachelor of science degree in Animal Husbandry, Chris.”
He kept at this, and when it quickly became obvious that I was totally unbothered by him, he stormed off".

I see today at Canon 212 that Mr. Ferrara is denying he said such a thing. I don't believe that a person who had the opportunity to sell her brokerage company and retire comfortably but instead liquidated and gave her clients all their investments back, would lie about this.
Fred Martinez said…

Thanks again for all your kindness and efforts.

I emailed Miss Barnhardt in order to ask for her to verify and give permission to post the above email. If she gives me permission I'll post and if not I won't post.
Ademar said…

And I will add a Rosary that:

1.) all professional Catholics, and we, have the courage to follow the Truth wherever it leads, and proclaim it according to our station in life, even if it costs us our livelihood, friends, whatnot; and

2.) that we trust God in such a situation to not only compensate us for our losses, but to do so superabundantly!

Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us!
(¡Nuestra Señora de Buen Succeso, ruega por nosotros!)
Ruud Karsten said…
Ferrara may have forgotten what he said to her...
The simple fact that Francis was elected through manipulation (Sankt Gallen) is already sufficient for invalidity of the election

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