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Hellgate: Pope Francis Owes World a Public Denial of the Heretical Words Attributed to him by Scalfari

Pope Francis owes the Church and the whole world a public denial of the heretical words attributed to him by Eugenio Scalfari, a 93-year-old atheist and abortion advocate, that made worldwide headlines.

The Vatican's statement that Scalfari's article is not “faithful” to Francis's exact words is not enough to redress the damage that the Pope has done by allowing this to happen for a second time.

He has to do this for the sake of the millions of persons who read that the Pope denies Hell and now think they don't have to repent.

Francis specifically has to do this for the sake of the elderly atheist and abortion advocate who is close to meeting God the judge.

It appears that the Pope is the abortion advocate's worst enemy.

If Scalfari goes to Hell because either Francis told him there is no hell or because the Pope doesn't rebuke him for lying that the Holy Father said there is no hell and calling him to repentance then the end result is the same for him.

It appears extremely unlikely that Scalfari completely made up or fabricated that Francis, in private, told him there is no hell despite what the Holy Father said on the subject at other times, but for the sake of argument we'll ask what does it mean if the abortion advocate lied about the Pope's words.

All the persons like Scalfari who read in the media of the papal "there is no Hell" statement and don't repent thus ending up in Hell can blame Francis to some extent.

Francis friendly leftist and conservative Catholic media writers who whitewash this latest scandal are not doing the Pope, Scalfari, the Catholic Church or sinners a favor.

In fact, they join Francis in being their worst enemy.

They are joining the Pope in not being Christ-like.

Jesus said there is a Hell and told sinners to repent so they wouldn't go there. He didn't tell sinners to stay in their sins such as lying.

Vatican expert John L. Allen Jr. says Francis allows Scalfari to lie, whether it's due to senility or evil intent, about the Pope's words because he wants "to respect and cherish the elderly":

"First, there’s basically zero plausibility that Francis actually said what Scalfari cites him as saying on Hell..."

"Yes, Burke’s communique says the quotes can’t be trusted, but nowhere does he explicitly come out and say, “The pope didn’t say that and doesn’t believe it.” Why not?..."

"I remember asking a cardinal close to Francis after the first Scalfari “interview” appeared in 2013, the big headline from which was Francis denying that God is Catholic [and denied Hell the first time in this 2013 interview], why the Vatican hadn’t come down harder."

"The cardinal said he’d asked Pope Francis the very same question, and here was the pope’s answer: “You know, by now he [Scalfari] is quite old … we have to be gentle with him,” which is consistent with the pope’s repeated pleas to respect and cherish the elderly." []

The Catholic World Reporter journalist Christopher R. Altieri, while admitting the Holy Father is not Christ-like, says the Pope allows Scalfari to lie about the papal words because of the CWR journalist's incredible and almost insane reasoning that Francis is "willing to expose himself to Scalfari’s outrageous slings for the sake of Scalfari’s own soul":

"For the record: Pope Francis believes in hell. He has preached on hell, warned of hell, threatened evildoers with hell, even explained hell to children..."

"The Pope may believe himself Christ-like in this: willing to expose himself to Scalfari’s outrageous slings for the sake of Scalfari’s own soul, or ready to suffer the venomous arrows of a professionally scandalized coterie of malcontents who accuse him of dining with prostitutes and publicans. Francis is not Christ-like for either: he is Scalfari’s dupe." []

Both the above writers seem worried about Francis, but not about Scalfari's immortal soul or about all the Scalfari's who read in the media that there is no Hell who can blame Francis, in part, if they end up in Hell.

The Pope needs to rebuke Scalfari for the sake of his immortal soul and all the persons like Scalfari whose souls may be in danger because they think the Pope doesn't believe in Hell so why should they repent from sin.

If Francis doesn't make a public denial of the heretical words attributed to him, rebuke Scalfari and call him to repentance then he needs to resign from the papacy.

Pray an Our Father now for Scalfari's soul and that Francis makes a public denial of the heretical words attributed to him by Scalfari, rebukes him as well as call him to repentance or resigns from the office of the papacy.



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