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Biden/Johnson WWIII Effect?: @Will_Tanner_1 Secretary of State Blinken says that Ukraine will be joining NATO This is insane. This is insane. This is intentionally starting WWIII to help Hunter Biden's paymasters level of insane...

Secretary of State Blinken says that Ukraine will be joining NATO This is insane. This is insane. This is intentionally starting WWIII to help Hunter Biden's paymasters level of insane 1) Ukraine, if/when it enters NATO, will have "unresolved" territorial issues. Crime and the Donbass are in Russian hands and will remain in Russian hands. If Ukraine enters NATO with that being the case, border conflicts over that territory could spark war, which would then drag in NATO through Article V. Such a war would be extremely bloody and potentially escalate to nuclear armageddon 2) This is Putin's red line. In the 90s, when the USSR fell, America promised the Russians that NATO wouldn't expand to the East. Then, in Russia's weakness (created in large part by Goldman Sachs helping the oligarchs loot the country through privatization), it expanded to the East, doing just what it promised it wouldn't, much to Russia's chagrin. But Putin, while upset, has made it clear that Ukrainian membership in NATO is his red line that would mean war, potentially nuclear. It is utterly unacceptable and would have been like Ireland or Canada joining the Warsaw Pact. That's why he launched the war; by "demilitarizing" Ukraine by shelling its army into oblivion and by creating a constant conflict, he wants to keep Ukraine out of NATO without going to war with NATO. He thought we wouldn't be so dumb as to bring it into the alliance if it is fighting a war with Russia But apparently Brandon's Administration is that insane and is willing to spark World War III so that Ukraine is controlled by the oligarchs that paid off Hunter rather than Putin and the oligarchs in his camp. Video from
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Renato said…
If one analyzes geopolitics rationally today, then one is faced with this madness. Because there is in it kabbalistic mysticism, which comes from a destructive Gnostic vision, the purpose of which has been scheduled for many centuries.

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