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Dr. E. Michael Jones Defends the Idea that “Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God” — Contra McAtee & Friends

Dan Brannan When Papists claim on one hand that Protestantism was actually an Islamic movement, or a Jewish movement, and on the other, that Islam and Christianity worship the same God all I can think is that they are speaking with a Talmudized tongue, themselves. E Michael Jones responds to Bret Monotheists worship ipso facto the same God.


Anonymous said…
But by that logic neither do Jews, whose new religion depicts Jesus as boiling in feces in hell. He who has not the Son has not the Father.
Anonymous said…
When we blame the Jews, it doesn't mean that all Jews are to blame. In the same hypothesis, we can conclude that: if we report on the Chinese mafia, it does not mean that we report on all Chinese. The problem is to generalize everyone or someone, even though it's not everyone or someone.

When the human being sincerely seeks the transcendent, he does so by natural law in the face of ignorance in himself for the truth that is not yet manifested. We can see the example of St. Paul who "stood in the midst of the Areopagus, and said: 'Men of Athens, in all things I see you very religious. As I walked through the city and considered the monuments of your worship, I also found an altar with this inscription: To an unknown God. What you adore without knowing it, I proclaim to you! (Acts 17:22-23).'"

True dialogue in the face of circumstances in the world is always to use the Pauline example above. That is to say, the Catholic must recognize that charity is synonymous with truth, even though the same truth is not always pleasant. It is not to be intolerant of everyone or anyone, like the Jews who first observed this same St. Paul on his visit to the Areopagus, and then arrested and killed him, always maliciously influencing the State against the Catholic Faith. By the way, we remember that the Church has always been tolerant of everyone.

The link I can't get to access it, but the comment is in the context forth in this short paragraph quoted above.

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