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Why Does Pope John Paul II Travel? The Centrality of Mass... vs. @MLJHaynes..#PopeFrancis..“a misunderstood sense of the centrality of the liturgy.”..He did not give examples of how the “centrality of the liturgy” could be misunderstood, or harmful to the Church.

VATICAN: In today's general audience #PopeFrancis spoke on how evangelization is hindered, citing among other things “a misunderstood sense of the centrality of the liturgy.” This was one of the “temptations that disguise themselves as fidelity to tradition, but often, rather than responses to the Spirit, they are reactions to personal dissatisfactions,” he said. He did not give examples of how the “centrality of the liturgy” could be misunderstood, or harmful to the Church.


Anonymous said…
"And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars" (Revelation 12:1). This Church, in the Tradition of Christ entrusted to the first apostles, will crush the head of the old Gnostic serpent, the Anti-Church. The moon represents that Jewish Zionism afflicting the world, which arose in original sin through this ancient heresy. Believers will have the understanding that they must be more united in the Sacrifice of Christ. All this for the purification of the Church and for the good of humanity itself.

Anonymous said…
I discovered something disturbing: some Palestenians are without doubt racial Jews who converted to other religions. If this is true, we are witnessing fraternicide, like Cain and Abel or Esau hating Jacob, with most Christians cheer-leading it, thinking they are on God's side. This is because of historic ignorance and not asking the question: what is a Jew, anyway?
Anonymous said…
Assuming a Jew is racial. Not that the Jews in the state of Israel are more racially pure than the Palestinians.

If being a Jew is a matter of religion, only racial Jews that converted to Christianity can be the chosen people. Rabbinical Judaism is not part of the old covenant.

Either way you analyze it you see that Zionist claims are inconsistent.

He who hates his brother cannot be a child of God, according to the bible.

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