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Francis Effect: LifeSite News Cardinal Müller: Bishops must preach ‘Christ crucified,’ not cozy up to political elites


Anonymous said…
Müller summed it up well about Hegel who reinterpreted Marx through a materialist and atheistic mentality. Something that Davos intends to implement in an inhumane and tyrannical way. But it would be good for Müller to point out that both Hegel and Marx do this through dialectics. It has its origins in the mistakes of Russia that the Zionists collaborated in the revolution of 1917, as history shows. From the point of view of false mysticism, it's a war between Leviathan vs Behemoth. The beast that comes from the sea and the other that comes from the earth. The latter is also a revolutionary beast and dangerous to the world. We are, therefore, in geopolitics, in the middle of the confrontation between unipolarity and multipolarity. Both solutions to a new order have the same domineering, materialistic, and inhuman mentality. And the two solutions presented to the world are hostile to the Roman Catholic Church. Both in the East and in the West. Archbishop Viganò, for example, was rather unfortunate in siding with the Russians. It's like someone saying that Behemoth was a good over Levianthan that would be evil. So, the Catholic needs to research and deepen about this East and Dugin. Because he will be the great agent of God's great punishment of the West. My opinion is simply not to be fooled by fables.
Anonymous said…
Some videos below about Dugin's dialectic: Catholic Church, the left hand and magic.

Anonymous said…
There is no authentic Christianity in Russia; There is, however, only attachment to local tradition, ideology and even occultism, all linked to a nationalism tied to the state. The country is still Soviet in its revolutionary and dialectical essence. I think that's why the Mother of God talks about the need for Russian conversion.

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