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Why The 'Uniparty' Sabotaged Jim Jordan & Big Picture Time: Ruling Class Scrambling MARK WAUCK


Big Picture Time: Ruling Class Scrambling

Why The 'Uniparty' Sabotaged Jim Jordan

Authored by Jeffrey Tucker via The Epoch Times,

In the backdrop of the controversies about who is to be voted Speaker of the House of Representatives is the awareness that this role is third in line for the presidency.

The current president seems barely functional.

The number two in line is absent without leave, never qualified in any sense, and is universally regarded as a joke if she is regarded at all, which she mostly is not.

That leaves the Speaker of the House, very close to the center of power.

For many people in Washington, this is a huge problem.

The uniparty decided some years ago never to allow another “populist” - meaning someone who actually responds to the public in reality and not just in rhetoric - near the center of power.

In other words, the Ruling Class is seriously circling its wagons. Their great fear is that a Washington savvy politician in touch with the great unwashed beyond the beltway could wind up in the Oval Office—perhaps in response to multiple crises detailed above. No wonder we’ve seen reports of The Turtle scrambling to sink a Jordan speakership. The election and the comeback of Trump from sabotage that would have sunk any other political ship has the Ruling Class in a panic. Tucker’s concluding paragraphs are masterful:

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was a real turning point.

Here is where the panic set in.

The ridiculous claim that Russia was responsible for his election was the first psyop. ... It was worse than a partisan attack. It was the old Washington fighting for its life against something they truly feared.

That turned out to be only the beginning. The worst of it came when they finally deployed the ultimate Trump-crushing scheme, the response to a virus that led him to greenlight lockdowns, which led to trillions in spending, money creation, and explosive welfare payments, not to mention a huge attack on the property rights of just about everyone. The only beneficiaries were the big businesses that hated him, and the Democrats who gamed the virus fears to liberalize mail-in ballots used to cause his loss of the White House.

Part of the motivation here was Trump’s clever scheme to reclassify deep-state employees as subject to the president and not their labor unions. That one change—finally shoved through in the weeks before the 2020 election—would have done more to drain the swamp than anything he had yet tried. That was the real moment of panic. Without a permanent and unelected deep state, the whole scheme would dry up and fundamentally falter.

The pandemic response is what finally exposed the administrative state to the general public, and gave rise to a next-level mass movement determined to stop this robbery of the American idea. That’s where we are today: a tremendous and existential struggle between the people and the deep state, exactly as portrayed in every dystopian novel. Get that and you understand most every headline in the American press today.

A reminder that lends credibility to Tucker’s argument: Only 2% of Americans have had themselves injected with the latest mRNA meds.

And it’s not just the United States. This great struggle is taking place all over the world. It’s a battle between the elites and the people. The former have all the power but the latter have the passion and the ideas. What happens now really depends on an iterative series of steps that seemingly have nothing to do with the big picture but actually they do.

The election of Jim Jordan as speaker of the House is part of that grand struggle, one of many more to come in the years ahead. This is why there are so many people determined to stop it from happening. If someone like this can be third in line to the presidency, where does that leave the permanent bureaucracy in D.C. and all the interest groups for whom they carry water?


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