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Is this a conspiracy theory?: "Many Republicans, such..Mike Johnson, are evangelicals who worship Israel more than God. Netanyahu..Evangelicals are invoking Biblical prophecies to stir Israelis and Americans into eschatological insanity"

TodayMany Republicans, such as House Speaker Mike Johnson, are evangelicals who worship Israel more than God. Netanyahu and American Evangelicals are invoking Biblical prophecies to stir Israelis and Americans into eschatological insanity. Biden is discredited, and polls show that his public support is too low to permit his reelection.

The Israeli-Hamas conflict is running into trouble with the US Democrats.  Their “diversity-multicultural-open border” policy has brought Muslims into the US and into the Democrat Party and members of Congress.  Someone is getting through the neocon barrier around Biden as we can see from Biden’s efforts to dampen down the conflict, delay Israel’s invasion of Gaza, and warn Israel away from repeating Hamas’ atrocities.  If Biden succeeds in restraining Netanyahu and Putin succeeds in restraining Iran/Hezbollah, the plot will have to settle for second best.

What would second best be.  It would be  bombing the Gazans out of Gaza into the Sinai Dessert into tent cities.  Israelis are already talking about this.  In other words, the Gazans who survive would become refugees outside of Gaza.  That would only leave a few isolated Palestinian villages in the West Bank, from which the remaining Palestinians would be driven out by the Israeli settlers.

So it is possible for Israel to destroy Gaza without invading, which, as matters stand, is the trigger for Iran/Hezbollah’s entry into the conflict. What we don’t know is whether Putin can keep Iran/Hezbollah restrained if the consequence is the demise of Gaza and all hope for Palestinians.

We also don’t know if Biden and the Democrats can prevent the Republicans, who are now aligned with the neoconservatives in behalf of Israel, from egging on the war.  

Many  Republicans, such as House Speaker Mike Johnson,  are evangelicals who worship Israel more than God.  Netanyahu and American Evangelicals are invoking Biblical prophecies to stir Israelis and Americans into eschatological insanity.  Biden is discredited, and polls show that his public support is too low to permit his reelection.  Trump was recently described by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz as “the most pro-Israel President in history.”  This leaves us with the question:  Will Putin/Biden’s attempts to contain the conflict prevail or will the Republican/evangelical/neoconservative/Netanyahu efforts to widen the conflict prevail?  Time will tell.


Anonymous said…
Protestant free examination is of the same origin as the Zionists who adhere to kabbalah. This means exchanging divine commandments for human precepts. Luther does not respect the degrees of hierarchy and authority of biblical interpretation, as he had an egalitarian and liberal mindset. Hence, he hated the papacy. And this heresy is linked to Gnosis which says that everyone has a divine seed in the center of the soul. In this way, Luther advocated impenitence, without fear of eternal damnation. We must have the charity to tell the truth to our neighbor. In order for truth to triumph in this world tormented by lies.

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