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@FeserEdward Whatever you think of his conclusions, no one can reasonably dismiss arguments grounded in scholarship of the kind Prof. Rist is well known for. This promises to be a book that will have to be engaged with seriously by Catholic thinkers of all stripes.

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Whatever you think of his conclusions, no one can reasonably dismiss arguments grounded in scholarship of the kind Prof. Rist is well known for. This promises to be a book that will have to be engaged with seriously by Catholic thinkers of all stripes.


Anonymous said…
The papacy isn’t the problem. The problem is that Freemasons infiltrated the Vatican last century and have surrounded the true popes. From their leadership positions, they have watered down what gets taught in seminaries and have caused multiple scandals which people blame VII for. Now they installed the false prophet, and every time he does something scandalous and evil, he pretends he does it in the name of VII, which did not teach error but logically developed doctrine. For example, VII did not teach communion in the hand and all the true popes treated it like an abuse. Their goals is to convince Catholics that Catholicism is a false religion. Another goal is to convince Christians that the antichrist is Jesus Christ when they make him emperor of the new world order. People do not distinguish between Vatican II and what modernists call “the spirit of Vatican II”. They canonize every pope since VII to convince people that the VII Church is a false church, while at the same time building the one world church on top of the counterfeit rock.
Anonymous said…
Some say that Benedict XVI made a mistake in substance in the abdication, as required by canon 322.2. He was to abdicate the office, but he chose the ministry. But Benedict XVI's Normas Nonnullas on Some Modifications to the Universi Dominici Gregis, John Paul II's apostolic constitution, does not modify Article 77:

“I decree that the dispositions concerning everything that precedes the election of the Roman Pontiff and the carrying out of the election itself must be observed in full, even if the vacancy of the Apostolic See should occur as a result of the resignation of the Supreme Pontiff, in accordance with the provisions of Canon 333 § 2 of the Code of Canon Law and Canon 44 § 2 of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches”.

It continues to be valid, therefore, as something providential. Because if we don't trust in divine providence, then we'll say it's failed us.

If we use this line of thought, then we will say that the divine inspiration to the last popes erred, through the drafting of the apostolic constitution.

You see, the gravity of such a thing. I could go deeper, but it's enough that it's all dark.

So there is evidence through various Latin scholars in Italy who say that Ratzinger was aware of what he was doing. And several other scholars from other fields as well.

We are in dark times against the Church. The Catholic cannot make himself partisan to Cionci or Minutella; He, however, must analyze everything around him. We, therefore, must opt for the good of the papacy and the Church allied to the truth.

Anonymous said…
There is a typo about canon 332.2, in article 77 in the same constitution in the English language. In this translated language it says 333.2, not 332.2. I put it to check in Latin:

“77. Quae de actis electionem praecedentibus et de ipsa Romani Pontificis electione hactenus dicta sunt, ea omnia servanda esse declaramus, etiam si contingat vacationem Sedis Apostolicae per renuntiationem Summi Pontificis occurrere, secundum can. 332, § 2 « Codicis Iuris Canonici » et can. 44, § 2 « Codicis Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientalium ».


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