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Karl Denninger shows that "masks are bankrupt as we knew all the way back to 1981 with Neil Orr's seminal study... operating rooms where masks were not in use had decreased infection rates -- in the same hospital"

American technology businessman and a founding member of the Tea Party movement Karl Denninger shows that "masks are bankrupt as we knew all the way back to 1981 with Neil Orr's seminal study... operating rooms where masks were not in use had decreased infection rates -- in the same hospital":

The Insanity of 'Zero Covid'


"Zero covid" was always medically and physically bankrupt.  Even masks are bankrupt as we knew all the way back to 1981 with Neil Orr's seminal study on the matter in operating rooms where everyone was a trained professional.  …

Yet the results were what they were: The operating rooms where masks were not in use had decreased infection rates -- in the same hospital.

This study spurred several others, including one where they put micrometer-sized spheres in the masks before people donned them.  They then found them in the wounds of the patients, which proved that (1) whatever the physician or nurse had in their mouth, nose and lungs was getting through and around the mask and (2) it wound up on and in the patients.  This should have settled the debate immediately, …

Back in 2020 I pointed out the likely reasons for this outcome and that masks had a high probability of increasing risk rather than abating it, …

Nobody can claim to be ignorant of any of the basic facts; your car has an air filter because micrometer-sized dust particles are where basically all of the wear your engine takes come from. …

All such filters -- in your car (for both air and oil), in your furnace, in a dehumidifier if you have one, in your vacuum cleaner (the bag and/or exit filter in a bagless unit) and more are designed to flow air through them in only one direction for this exact reason.  The "clean" side of the filter is always the same from the time it is installed until it is discarded and backward flow is never allowed because if it is you will expel some of the trapped material back into the allegedly "clean" space.  Turn your furnace filter around and re-insert it and you're about to have a huge cloud of dust come out of the vents!

Yet a mask that does not have an "exhaust valve" inherently does this every time you breathe.  It thus transports whatever it traps to other places and then releases the trapped material in the new place.  …



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