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Flashback: Mark Shea & His Patheos' Lap Dog are Good for a Few Laughs until we Remember they're Complicit with Francis's Sex Abuse Cover-ups

Mark Shea and a lap dog of his Scott Eric Alt have been on the attack at Patheos which Wikipedia says is a "spirituality site" that includes "Catholic, Progressive Christian, Nonreligious and Pagan Channels."

The two leftist "Progressive" collaborators over the last few days have been attacking the Catholic aggregator website Canon 212, Cardinal Raymond Burke and Catholic Patrick Coffin so it seemed like a good time to shine the light on Shea and his friend which for me can be amusing at times.

I found it ridiculous and at the same time laughable in the contrast between the two when the Catholic philosophy scholar Edward Feser judiciously and painstakingly embarrassed the boorish yet obtuse Shea. Please don't mistake obtuse with obese which, also, describes Mark; it means annoyingly insensitive and slow to understand.

It was amusing because the arrogant Shea apparently wasn't aware that he was making himself look ridiculous over and over again. Feser is right when he says that Shea is "deranged," but because Mark is so self righteous and obtuse I found it good for a few laughs. Here are, at times, the funny posts with a brief summary:  

"Not too long ago, Catholic writer Mark Shea and I had an exchange on the subject of capital punishment.  See this postthis one, and this one for my side of the exchange and for links to Shea’s side of it.  A friend emails to alert me that Shea has now made some remarks at Facebook about the forthcoming book on the subject that I have co-authored with Joe Bessette.  'Deranged' might seem an unkind description of Shea and his comments.  Sadly, it’s also a perfectly accurate description."

Shea recently said "Mike Lewis of Where Peter Is... is getting a bunch of hate from the guy who runs Canon212."

The ironic thing is that "hatred" and "incoherence" are the words that best describe Shea as Feser illustrates:

"Needless to say, religious people can be guilty of the same thing, which brings me to my other example.  As my longtime readers know, Mark Shea is what you get when you marry the letter of Catholicism to the spirit and style of New Atheist polemic.  Take your average rant from one of Coyne’s or P. Z. Myers’ teenage combox dwellers and replace the shrill and superficial secularist content with some shrill and superficial theology, and you essentially have your typical Shea blog post or Facebook entry.  Very different targets, but the same venom.  Though at one time he devoted his efforts to writing helpful works of popular apologetics, Shea has in recent years become utterly obsessed with left-wing politics, and with demonizing any of his fellow Catholics who do not share his politics.  And unlike Coyne, he is no longer even occasionally interesting.  He has a little bag of talking points, epithets, and caricatures he’s mostly borrowed from others (“Right Wing Noise Machine,” “Christianist,” etc., Always All In Caps) and robotically pulls one or two out of the bag and flings them at whichever person is the object of his hatred on any particular day.  Snore."

"... Shea and other left-wing Catholics tend to take the view that the contemporary Church has much deeper moral understanding than the Church of the past did.  In particular, they hold that the views expressed by Pope Francis and other contemporary churchmen on topics like capital punishment, torture, religious liberty, interreligious dialogue, divorce and remarriage, feminism, homosexuality, social justice, etc. reflect a deeper understanding of the demands of the Gospel, and of the dignity of the human person, than was possessed by churchmen of the past.  When modern popes and other churchmen apologize for the sins of the historical Church, or suggest (as Pope Francis has) that churchmen of the past had 'a mentality more legalistic than Christian' and a 'concern for preserving power and material wealth' that 'prevented a deeper understanding of the Gospel,' these progressive Catholics applaud, and regard such actions as evidence that today’s Church has matured morally, spiritually, and doctrinally." 

"In short, if anyone is plausibly accused of thinking that contemporary Catholics are the 'Greatest Catholics of All Time,' it is Shea and Catholics of like mind.  Like Coyne, Shea is criticizing people he dislikes for an attitude that in other contexts he takes himself, and approves of in others."

"What explains such incoherence?  The answer is that hatred blinds the intellect.  More precisely, and as I discussed in a blog post on wrath and its daughters, anger that is excessive or otherwise disordered has as one of its byproducts what Aquinas calls “clamor” or “disorderly and confused speech.”  Anger has the function of prodding us to make things right when in some way they are not – when there is some injustice to be redressed, some error to be corrected, or what have you.  When guided by reason, anger can result in coherent speech and action, but in a wrathful person anger comes to dominate reason, and he lashes out incoherently.  If he’s frenzied enough, he may even lash out with a condemnation he would in other contexts regard as a commendation."
Next, we get to Shea's lap dog Scott Eric Alt. A commenter at the website Daffy Thoughts tells us about Mark and his lap dog as well as how supposedly Catholic and pro-life Alt is: 

"Catholic Layman February 23, 2019 at 4:45 PM

Mark Shea is Mark Shea's biggest fan outside of Scott Eric Alt of course. Scott is very close to being his number 1 fan. The guy applauds everything Shea does. Quite hilarious to watch. Reminds me of the old cartoon dog. Are we friends George?"

- "CatholicLaymanJanuary 30, 2019 at 8:04 PM

Here is another member of that Patheos group Scott Eric Alt (Don't call me leftist) even though I support everything on the left and what he said about abortion.

Scott Eric Alt shared a post.
2 hrs ·
Ye Olde Pro Life Movement has done its
stated goal no favors by portraying women who have abortions as selfish, instead of (1) having compassion on the fear and poverty that leads the LARGE majority of women to abort; (2) advocating *public* assistance programs to help women who find themselves in these circumstances."
Alt in his recent post attacking Cardinal Burke made himself look ridiculous when he wrote: 

"CWR: Some people are saying that the pope could separate himself from communion with the Church. Can the pope legitimately be declared in schism or heresy?
Burke: If a Pope would formally profess heresy he would cease, by that act, to be the Pope. It’s automatic. And so, that could happen.
CWR: That could happen.
Burke: Yes.

noted at the time why Burke was wrong. In the first place, the Church has dogmatically taught that a pope can not “formally profess” heresy. (To hold that such a thing is possible is itself a heresy, if we’re to believe Vatican I.)"

Vatican I Expert Fr. Chad Ripperger, PhD, in his book "Magisterial Authority" shows Alt to be 100% wrong and even "proximate to heresy":

"[T]reat[ing] all papal statements as if they are infallible... is proximate to heresy because it rejects the precise formulation of the conditions of infallibility as laid out in by Vatican I... by essentially saying that the pope is infallible regardless of conditions."

"... Worse still, those who were to follow a pope who was in error in a non-infallible teaching which is taught contrary to something that is infallible is not, therefore, excused."
(Magisterial Authority, Pages 5-14)

Next, Alt attacks Patrick Coffin for saying:

"Some Catholics are wondering if it’s permissible to investigate whether or not the 1995 Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis by St. John Paul II [Actually, UDG came out in 1996.], who laid down the norms for future papal conclaves, whether those rules were violated and whether or not the whole election of Pope Francis might be invalid. Is there any foundation to that speculation?"

Burke  told Patrick Coffin there are "grounds... for calling into question the validity of the [Francis] election" and, moreover, said "I don't think I have the facts, and there have to be facts, to prove that."
(Patrick Coffin show, "Dubia Cardinal Goes on Record - Raymond Cardinal Burke," 19:55 to 21:46)

After this, Shea's lap dog apparently claims it is impossible for a supposed pope to be a antipope, but again the evidence goes against him and again he is wrong:

St. Bernard of Clairvaux single handedly investigated if the supposed Pope Anacletus II was a pope or a antipope.

St. Bernard found in his investigation that despite the fact that Anacletus received a majority of the votes of the cardinals he was a antipope because the previous Pope made a conclave constitution that said the majority of "a commission of eight cardinals should... choose the next Pope" and not the majority of the cardinals.
(Warren Carroll's "The Glory of Christendom, Pages 36 to 37)

The renowned Catholic historian Carroll Warren wrote:

"Papal election procedures are governed by the prescription of the last Pope... A Papal claimant not following these methods is also an Antipope."
( library/ homelibr/antipope.txt)

Next, Alt apparently claims there is no possibility that Pope Benedict XVI's resignation was irregular (in for example if he resigned because of pressure or duress thus possibly making it invalid) and then writes:

"Then Mr. Coffin raises another possibility... But what if Benedict’s resignation was irregular?"

"...“Burke is too close to the schismatic rails,” says Dr. Goldstein. Indeed. He’s dangling his toe in the waters of schism."
But, even the obtuse Alt's beloved pro-Francis Cardinal Walter Kasper and liberal canon law expert Nicholas Cafardi must be "too close to the schismatic rails' for saying that it is "difficult, if not impossible" for a pope to resign "if a political faction in the Church is trying to force it."
(Reuters, "Can the pope's accusers force him to resign?", September 3018 and LifeSiteNews, Cdl. Kasper: A 'forced resignation' of Pope Francis would be invalid,"  January 30, 2019)

Dr TaylorMarshall narrates the duress or pressure that Benedict was in at the time in his August 27, 2018 YouTube video "Dr. Taylor Marshall ties together Vatican financial scandal with homosexual activity":

"[T]hose three cardinals expose moral rot, sexual deviancy, that is paired with financial irregularity."

"This is what moves the pope to resignation. And just to make sure there is enough pressure on him to do it and do it quick something funny goes on with the Vatican Bank beginning on Jan 1, 2013."

Finally we get to the serious problem with Shea and his lap dog which isn't funny:

Why are Shea and Alt complicit in Francis's sex abuse cover-ups?

In 2002, Shea wrote about the problem:

"[R]ankest clericalism... not protecting innocent children from sexual predators... Bishops [that includes the Bishop of Rome presently Pope Francis] who repeatedly and knowingly lied to victims and exposed still more victims to the depredation of these men [sex abusing priests] should face the consequences of their actions."
("Shaken by Scandals: Catholics speak out about priests' sexual abuse," Page  102-103)

If Shea and Alt aren't hypocrites and complicit then they needs to call for Francis to "face the consequences" of "expos[ing] more victims to" McCarrick, Murphy-O'Connor, Zanchetta, Inzoli, Grassi, Pardo and the "sexual abuse" predator priest list goes on.

The latest being on Jun 10, when Crux reported a "personal friend" of Francis was charged with "aggravated continuous sexual abuse":

"Argentine Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta... was charged with 'aggravated continuous sexual abuse committed by a minister of a religious organization'..."

"[He was charged] by the prosecutor’s office in the Argentine northern province of Salta. The bishop was charged with “aggravated continuous sexual abuse committed by a minister of a religious organization. Zanchetta, the former bishop of Oran, was accused of “strange behavior” in 2015 when a diocesan secretary found pornographic pictures on the prelate’s phone. The images included gay porn featuring young men, but not minors, as well as images of Zanchetta touching himself. They were allegedly sent to unknown third parties."

LifeSiteNews reported that "Zanchetta was a personal friend of the Holy Father":

"[T]he words of the priest who signed the second document [testimony], "Zanchetta was a personal friend of the Holy Father."
(LifeSiteNews, "Pope Francis knew of Bishop's abuse years before Vatican posting, new document indicate," February 27, 2019)

Or when on September 24, 2018, LifeSiteNews reported that another "friend" of Francis was protected by him from a credible allegation when he blocked an investigation of a abused woman who credibly accused a group of priests including Francis's friend Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor.

The woman, also, accused, among the group of priests, the pedophile priest Fr. Michael "Hill [of] abus[ing] her in the late 1960s, there were several other priests present and involved. She claims that Murphy-O'Connor was among them":

"Pope Francis told Cardinal Gerhard Müller in 2013 to stop investigating abuse allegations against British Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, according to a highly-placed Vatican source who spoke to Marco Tossati. Murphy-O'Connor, as a member of the “Sankt [St.] Gallen mafia,” played a pivotal role in getting Jorge Bergoglio elected Pope in 2013."

"...The lady who accused Murphy-O'Connor himself of abuse, claims that when Hill abused her in the late 1960s, there were several other priests present and involved. She claims that Murphy-O'Connor was among them. She, who then lived in what is now the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, had entered in the early 2000s into an agreement with the Diocese and received £40,000 payment for the abuse of Father Hill."

And yet more, the Deus Ex Machina blog in a post titled "This Might Sound Crazy, But this Question Needs to be Asked" said that Francis's inner circle is a "WHO’S WHO of the homo-mafia":

"It appears as if it’s a WHO’S WHO of the homo-mafia in the upper echelons of the post-conciliar church."

I mean, it’s like Francis has a LIST of names of the worst HOMOHERETICS in the post-conciliar church and is promoting them, with their entire entourages to the highest levels of the government of the Vatican."

Moreover, the blog had a video to illustrate the point:

"[T]his here caught the ever gazeful eye of this humble blogger, not to mention his news feed filters:"


The Catholic Argentinian website the Wanderer on October 23, 2014 posted "Unmasking Bergoglio" where it said "Bergoglio [Francis] always had the 'gay agenda'" and bestowed "constant protection that he lavished on many homosexual priests":

"Bergoglio always had the "gay agenda" among his plans... It is a question of asking the Buenoairean clergy about the constant protection that he lavished on many homosexual priests."

"... Cardinal Bergoglio as Primate... of the Argentine Episcopal Conference... "[had a] "star"... of the Argentine Episcopate. The great theologian... of the poor [Archbishop Juan Carlos Maccarone]."

"Until... in March 2005 a video appeared in which the archbishop appeared having sexual games with a young man... Pope Benedict XVI... immediately removed [him from his]... position [as bishop]."

"The reaction of Bergoglio"

"By a letter that Maccarone himself directed in [to] his bother bishops, it can be easily deduced that the entire Argentine episcopal gang knew of his weakness... And, in spite of that, they promoted him to the episcopal office."

"... Bergoglio... issued a statement in which he expressed his 'gratitude' to the former bishop [Maccarone]."

"... The spokesman of the arzobipado porteno went out to say... the [sex] video corresponded to "the private life of Bishop Maccarone."

Jimmy Burns in his book "Francis, Pope of Good Promise" after referencing that "Maccarone resigned" because of the "videotape showing the bishop having 'intimate relations'" wrote:

"Bergoglio's own spokesman, rather than focus on Maccarone's political links with Kirchner, jumped to the bishop's defense claiming he had been set up."

"... Fortunato Millimaci, a Buenos Aires sociologist [said]... 'This means that the idea of the Catholic Church as a moral reference of a Catholic nation is very strongly in doubt... It shows that a double standard exists within the Church [of Bergoglio] itself.'" (Pages 231-232)

Francis's inner circle since leaving Argentina is largely composed of the gay lobby and those who covered-up for them:

Business Standard, September 19, 2017:

Francis's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith perfect Archbishop Ferrer will go to trail for "complicity in alleged cover-up" of paedophile priest.

The Telegraph, July 19, 2013:

"Pope's [Francis's] 'eyes and ears' in Vatican bank [allegedly] 'had string of homosexual affairs'... [Battista] Ricca is a trusted confidante of the Pope"

LifeSiteNews, March 7,2018:

Francis's closest advisor in the C9 papal inner circle Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga left in charge of his Honduras archdiocese his close confidant Bishop Juan Pineda "accused of 'abusing seminarians, having a string of male lovers.'"

National Catholic Reporter, April 29, 2014:

Francis's close advisor in C9 papal inner circle Cardinal "Errazuriz [and his]... successor... [Cardinal] Ezzati" "Chilean cardinals close to pope stained by abuse cover-ups" of priest sex abuser of Juan Carlos Cruz.

The Remnant, September 12, 2017:

Francis's confidant Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio's Secretary has homosexual orgy in Vatican:

"Secretary to the powerful Cardinal Francesco 'Positive Realities of Homosexuals'... [Coccopalmerio's Secretary] Capozzi was arrested for hosting a raucous drug fueled homosexual orgy."

BBC, August 29, 2010 & LifeSiteNews, September 16, 2017:

Francis collaborator invited by Pope to be number two representative in family synod "Belgian Cardinal Danneels condoned sex-abuse silence."

The Week, January 3, 2017:

"Pope Francis and his cardinal allies... known to interfere...  on abuse cases... Consider case of [serial sex-abuser] Fr. Mauro Inzoli... Francis returned him to the priestly state."

Vebuumdei.blogspot, June 23, 2014 & Catholic Monitor, April 18, 2017:

Francis strolled hand in hand down the street with gay activist Fr. Luigi Ciotti at a anti-gangster event.

Chiesa, December 16, 2016:

Vatican expert Sandro Magister said Francis has a "number of homosexual priests in the inner circle of his closest collaborators and confidants." 

There are still more Francis sex abuse cover-ups not listed in this post which you can find if you do a "Francis sex abuse cover-ups" search of this website.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Note: I rarely delete, but any sick demonic comments of the disciples of Mark Shea will be deleted as soon as I am aware of them. So, don't waste your time posting. I sincerely feel sorry for you and am praying for you. Sadly, you apparently are a reflection of Shea.


Nandarani said…
Thank you for this post. Wow, the internet really is subject to the brilliance of the devil in fomenting anger, emotion, competition, accusation, etc. and those who play along lost their connection with serious Catholicism long ago in my opinion. Thank goodness I have 100% avoided social media - a tremendous sucker of time, energy, mind. Mark... wow. The post helps me to understand much more about him. ...canon212 does a very good job as news aggregator. It's the only place I'd run across MShea and the impression I have of him aroused a kind of pity.
Mike Harrison said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
m dachshund said…
Your writing is somewhere between an upchuck and a sneeze.
Aqua said…
Doggy - be proud of a mind that produces insight like that.
For a blogger whose font choice makes you look like a wannabe infomercial writer, you sure spend a lot of words trying to normalize borderline schismatic, conspiratorial radtrad mouth-foaming in an vain effort to paint Mark Shea and Eric Scott Alt as deranged Catholic leftists. It’s like watching a Chihuahua nip the ankles of an Alpha male Timberwolf.
Fred Martinez said…
Thanks disciples of Mark Shea's school of argumentation. No arguing of points, but only "hatred" from Shea's "little bag of talking points" This is funny stuff.
Way to go, Fred!

You’re flushing the fags out of the terlet—or rather, the woodworks.

With nary a word from the lot of them, no dispute at all on the substance (for the Sodomfolk know their own and stand by them), that being—

Francis, in the memorable words of Archbishop Viganò, is the de facto head of the clerical Homosexual Network Strangling the Church.

That’s a fact.

In whatever font, and I’ll dance on Francis’s coffee table in La Casa Della Fag-a in my Luccheses and tell him so.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us! Immaculate Heart, Triumph.

And may we with her—

“Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, thou alone hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world!”
Fred Martinez said…
Also, I thought the disciples of Shea weren't supposed to be racist. Note the analogy of the
White Mark Shea as "an Alpha male Timberwolves" and the Latino Fred Martinez as "a Chihuahua nip[ping] the ankles of the Aryan White "Alpha male" Superman.
The very analogy shows our critic needs a better psychiatrist
That’s one sick puppy. But you could say the same about the entire court of Francis beginning with the man himself, or Jorge El Loco as I fondly call him.

Bunch of queens and poofs from Austen Ebony or Ivory or Ivereigh on up.
m dachshund said…
With all do respect, Fred, nothing in your post remotely resembles an argument.
m dachshund said…
Francis' sex abuse cover-up? I was wondering if you were complicit in JP2 and B16's sex abuse cover-ups, as you were such a prominent Catholic speaker back under their reigns?
As it’s Francis or Fatima (whether one wishes to acknowledge Francis as head of the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church, or deny same, like @MH & @Dachs—the LapDawgs 2.0) and today being the 102nd Anniversary of the 4th Apparition to the Three Children, I invite the consideration of the Catholic men among us to the occurrence of the miracle on this day in 1917 A. D.

“On August 19, at about four o'clock in the afternoon, Lucia was with Francisco and another cousin at Valinhos, a property belonging to one of her uncles, when the atmospheric changes that preceded the apparitions of Our Lady at Cova da Iria began to occur: a sudden cooling of the temperature and a waning of the sun.
Feeling that something supernatural was approaching and enveloping them, Lucia sent for Jacinta, who arrived in time to see Our Lady appear – heralded as before by a bright light – over a holm oak slightly larger than the one at Cova da Iria.

Lucia: What does Your Grace wish of me?
Our Lady: I want you to continue to go to Cova da Iria on the thirteenth of each month and to continue to pray the Rosary every day. On the last month, I will perform the miracle for all to believe.
Then Our Lady’s face became more serious, and even upset.
Our Lady: If they had not taken you to Ourém, the miracle would have been even greater.
Lucia: What does Your Grace want done with the money that the people leave at Cova da Iria?
Our Lady: Have two portable stands made. You and Jacinta with two other girls dressed in white carry one of them, and let Francisco carry the other one with three other boys. The portable stands are for the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. The money that is left over should be contributed to the chapel that they shall build.
Lucia: I would like to ask you for the healing of some sick persons.
Our Lady: Yes, I will cure some during the year.

Becoming sadder, she recommended anew the practice of mortification, saying lastly, 'Pray, pray much, and sacrifice for sinners, for many souls go to hell because there is no one to sacrifice and pray for them.'

As usual, she then began to rise toward the east. The seers cut boughs off the tree over which Our Lady had appeared to them and took them home. The boughs gave off a uniquely sweet fragrance.”

From Sr. Lucia’s Diary as quoted in America Needs Fatima

Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.
Aqua said…
So, reading carefully Mike, Frank and Doggy for their core argument I find they have none. Insults, they have. Profanity. Anger. Some filler words to make it all look more substantial than it is. Not a scintilla of Catholicism, unfortunately.

Mike, tellingly, is triggered by the very words of Our Lady herself, (beautiful meditation, btw, Brother B).

This is the field of play. As in the Church, also in the World. We are surrounded by angry, emotional people who need Christ desperately.

Returning to the words of Our Lady, in paraphrase: “Look to the East and the rising sun”. Do not let anyone distract us from this.
Aqua said…
Frank: Catholic blogs delete comments like no others in my experience. That being said, it seems reasonable to delete comments from a Catholic blog that are profane and occasions of sin for innocent readers. Some of these visitor comments from Scott’s Patheos blog certainly qualify as that. Content minimal. Anger maximum. Profanity subtext.

BTW, Mark Shea blocked me years ago for simply raising a point he couldn’t answer. He blocked me after posting an angry profane paragraph at me. Gross. I haven’t used profanity ever. Just ask hard questions. Permanently blocked by Shea for asking hard, legitimate questions.

Never heard of Scott Alt before being linked to him via Canon 212. I read his piece and left a comment thanking him for his unintentional recommendation of Patrick Coffin. True, that was not the point of his piece, but that was my own takeaway. Blocked for that nice, friendly comment.

Lefty Catholics can’t tolerate opposing views. I can disagree with *actual* Catholics on their blogs and have extended conversations on the most controversial topics. Good stuff. Exchanges lively but friendly. Edifying. Leftist blogs are defined by blocking all who disagree. Leftists block. Always.

Maybe you can take your frustration against blocking (you seem to have had plenty of comments published here btw) back to your regular blogs and open them up for a more lively debate. I find them really boring in their enforced uniformity and avoid them for that reason. Enforced group-thought does not interest me.
Thanks, Aqua.

As you know I believe Fatima is the key to our times.

Have a great weekend and St Bartholomew’s day.


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