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Why is Archbishop Schnurr "Banning Public Devotion" to Our Lady of America & its Purity Message apparently supported by Cardinal Burke?

Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr "bann[ed] public devotion" to Our Lady of America seemingly supported by Cardinal Raymond Burke. []

The National Catholic Register last year reported that Cardinal Burke apparently supported the apparition of Our Lady and St. Joseph:

This year marks the 60th anniversary of St. Joseph appearing to a nun in Ohio during March, 1958. He appeared during the continuing apparitions of the Blessed Mother under her title “Our Lady of America.”

These private revelations to Sister Mary Mildred Neuzil (known earlier as Sister Mary Ephrem) in Ohio were fully known  by Archbishop Paul Leibold who was Sister Mary Ephrem’s spiritual director from the time he was Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati until he died in 1972. He gave his imprimatur to her initial booklet and its reprinting published with the revelations she received.

While he was an archbishop commissioned to examine Our Lady of America, Cardinal Raymond Burke detailed significant facts about Archbishop Leibold’s approval of the devotion to Our Lady of America and his active promotion of the devotion.

“Archbishop Leibold was always clear that the approved devotion had its origin in private revelation received by Sister Mary Ephrem over many years,” Cardinal Burke wrote in his 2007 official assessment, noting this devotion was already canonically approved.

With that foundation, let’s look at St. Joseph’s appearance and what he said and taught...

... There should be no doubt the Holy Trinity wants us to know St. Joseph more and more. As Mariologist Mark Miravalle says on video discussing St. Joseph’s appearance, “Joseph is to be honored like no one except our Blessed Mother. Second only to Mary should the honor in our hearts be designated for St. Joseph.”

He stresses the First Wednesday devotions, and sums everything up by telling us something we should immediately adopt and realize: “Honor St. Joseph. It will make our Mother happy.”

The official website is: More on Our Lady of America to come. []

In 2007, the independent Catholic scholar Richard Salbato revealed that the apparition of Our Lady and St. Joseph is calling on America to embrace purity:

 Our Lady of America

Purity Torchbearers of the Queen

Richard Salbato 11-09-2007

Some say it will take a miracle to turn America around to purity. America is known throughout the world, especially in developing nations, as a beacon of impurity. Since the 1960s Hollywood has produced and exported pornography, both subtle and explicit, around the globe.

However, just prior to America's descent into the sexually quagmire of the 1960's, a nun in Rome City, Indiana began receiving messages from heaven; messages from "Our Lady of America." From the start, those messages called for purity. The first words that Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil) heard from the Lady on September 26, 1956 were:

"I am Our Lady of America. I desire that my children honor me, especially by the purity of their lives."

Essentially, the messages teach that purity in love is pleasing to Jesus and call for reformation of lives regarding purity, a change that is impossible without great love for God. They also warn that if reformation does not occur there will be great suffering.

In what some today call a prophetic warning, given its timing in relation to the moral destruction of the sexual revolution, Sister Mary Ephrem recorded these words in September 1957:

"My beloved daughter, what I am about to tell you concerns in a particular way my children in America. Unless they do penance by mortification and self-denial and thus reform their lives, God will visit them with punishments hitherto unknown to them."

Peace, say the messages, will be restored to America once the nation embraces purity.

"My child, there will be peace, as has been promised, but not until my children are purified and cleansed from defilement, and clothed thus with the white garment of grace, are made ready to receive this peace, so long promised and so long held back because of the sins of men."

(This peace was promised at Fatima in 1917)

The challenge of responding to the messages from heaven does not rest with the faithful alone. The bishops of America have a role to play as well. "Our Lady of America" asked that a statue in her honor be placed in the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

Church Approval

Devotion to the Mother of God under the title of "Our Lady of America" was approved in 1963 by former Archbishop of Cincinatti, OH, the late Paul Francis Leibold. And since then, many other bishops have taken part publicly in the devotion.

The most recent bishop to take up the cause is St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke, one of the leading bishops in the fight for the culture of life in the United States. On May 31 of this year, Archbishop Burke, a renowned canon lawyer, issued a letter of approval about devotion to "Our Lady of America". The Archbishop of St. Louis sent a copy of his letter to all bishops in the United States.

During the month of August, 2007, the statue of Our Lady of America was on display at the Basilica of St. Louis.
(See Archbishop Burke's letter: )

WASHINGTON, DC, August 13, 2007 (

History and Message

Sister Mary Ephrem died in 2000, and the sole living member of her convent in Ohio. Sister Mary Joseph Therese, had this to say of purity and for her hopes once the statue is placed in the National Shrine.

"We encourage any priest or Catholic youth leader to ask the young people to carry this message of purity," she said on August 10. "After the Bishops of the United States have that procession, and place into the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the statue of Our Lady of America, holding out the lily of purity, then a formal program will go forward to enlist many, many, young people as 'Torchbearers of The Queen.' "

Sister Mary Joseph Therese said that once the statue is enshrined in the National Shrine in Washington, and the call to purity heeded, great graces from heaven are expected to flow through America.

The messages said that the National Shrine would become "a place of wonders." If heaven's wishes are followed, said Sister Mary Ephrem "greater miracles than those granted at Lourdes and Fatima would be granted here in America, the United States in particular."

Lourdes, France and Fatima, Portugal are known world wide as sites of miraculous physical healings. Numerous medically unexplainable healings have taken place at those locations where the Mother of Christ is said to have appeared.

However, the miracles destined for America are to be not "miracles of the body, but of the soul." Considering Hollywood's current state, one such miracle could be the remaking of America into a beacon of purity for the world.

That sounds very much like a possibility, at least according to the messages.

According to Sister Mary Ephrem's messages, heaven seems to have America in mind for a particular role in spreading purity. "My child, I entrust you with this message that you must make known to my children in America. I wish it to be the country dedicated to my purity . . . I desire, through my children of America, to further the cause of faith and purity among peoples and nations."

To learn more visit:

Purity Torchbearers of the Queen

We American Catholics must start a movement among the young and the old, a real organized movement called “Purity Torchbearers of the Queen” and I am more than willing to help in this movement. We can lead the world and even save the world. Just American Catholics alone, one of the largest blocks of voters in America and the world, could save not only America but the world. Convert the almost hundred million American Catholics to the cause of purity and then spread that thoughout the world. We can be a light of purity to the world. We may not be an impure society but we are one of the best societies when it comes to faith. I know, because I have been in 34 other countries, some of which have churches on every block with no one attending Mass.

Why America

America is facing this life-and-death challenge because of the Western world's demographic collapse and mass Muslim immigration into Europe, which threatens to turn parts of Europe into majority-Muslim countries by mid-century. Meanwhile, rising European and Islamic anti-Americanism may soon force America to confront the enemies of civilization without help from anyone else.

Much of the Western world will not survive the 21st Century, and much of it will effectively disappear within our lifetimes -- including many if not most European countries. The New Order in Europe and the world depends on whether America can summon the will to shape at least part of the emerging global picture.

If not, then we will see the end of the American moment and the beginning of the new Dark Ages: the return of much the planet to a primitive state.

Described with wit and wisdom by Mark Steyn, author of “America Alone”:

Why Libya's Qaddafi is probably correct when he says that "there are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquests"
Why the progressive Left can be in favor of Big Government or population control but not both and how that mutual incompatibility is about to plunge Europe into societal collapse
The hidden reason that the problem of Islamic jihad has exploded across the world since 1970
The disquieting implications of the fact that Islam is a religion, not a race or nationality as is commonly claimed in the West; and an explicitly political religion at that
Why the liberal talk of finding the "root causes" of terrorism in the errors and excesses of Western foreign policy is so wrongheaded
How Europe's welfare states are helping to foster the rise of a globalized Islam
Dangerous consequences that are likely to come from manifestations of "cultural sensitivity" -- such as the fact that U.S. guards at Gitmo must handle copies of the Koran only when wearing gloves because the detainees regard infidels as "unclean"
How the terrorist attacks in Madrid in 2004 and London in 2005 along with other events such as the murder of Theo van Gogh were the opening shots of a European civil war
Sobering facts about how advanced civilizational suicide already is in Japan and Russia
How mosques in the West serve as recruiters for the jihad and play an important role in ideological subordination and cell discipline
Why the Spanish government was so eager to appease the jihad terrorists after the Madrid bombings of March 2004
How oil isn't the principal Saudi export, Islamic jihad ideology is -- and our oil money bankrolls its spread
Europe's suicidal multicultural malaise -- and why jihadists understand that the Continent is ripe for the taking in a way that America isn't yet
How the ultimate victory of Islam in America can be avoided not by more government but by less: by government returning to the citizenry the primal responsibilities it has taken from them in the modern era
Suffused with Steyn's trademark wit and piercing insights, this book calls on us to summon the will to fight this great struggle for Western civilization. In America Alone, Mark Steyn provides an enlightening primer on just how bad things are likely to get, and what we must do now to ensure that our children and grandchildren live in the bright light of freedom.

In the mean time I have come across a devotion that could get us started. I consider this a way to prepare ourselves to be worthy of this movement.

By thy holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary,
make my body pure and my soul holy;
preserve me this day [this night] from mortal sin.

One of the greatest means of salvation, and one of the surest signs of predestination, is unquestionably, the devotion to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. All the holy doctors of the Church are unanimous in saying with St. Alphonsus Liguori: "A devout servant of Mary shall never perish."

The chief thing is to persevere faithfully until death in this devotion.

Can there be an easier or more adaptable practice for all than the recitation each day of three Ave Marias in honor of the privileges conferred by the Adorable Trinity on the Blessed Virgin?

One of the first to say the three Hail Marys and to recommend them to others was the illustrious St. Anthony of Padua. His special aim in this practice was to honor the spotless Virginity of Mary and to preserve a perfect purity of mind, heart and body in the midst of the dangers of the world. Many, like him, have felt its salutary effects.

Later on, St. Leonard of Port-Maurice, the celebrated missionary, had the three Ave Marias recited morning and evening in honor of Mary Immaculate, to obtain the grace of avoiding all mortal sins during the day or and night; moreover, he promised in a special manner eternal salvation to all those who proved constantly faithful to this practice.

After the example of these two great Franciscan Saints, St. Alphonsus Liguori adopted this pious practice and gave it his most ardent and powerful support. He counseled its use and even imposed it as a penance on those who had not adopted this good habit. The holy Doctor exhorts, in particular, parents, and confessors to watch carefully that children be faithful in reciting each day their three Hail Marys, morning and evening and recommended it to all the devout young or old.

It is this Saint who suggested adding the aspiration after each Hail Mary: "By thy Immaculate Conception, O Mary, make my body pure and my soul holy."

This practice has been revealed to St. Melchtilde with the promise of a good death, if she was faithful to it every day.

[See below.]

It is also written in St. Gertrude's revelations:

"While this Saint sang the Hail Mary, at the matins of the Annunciation, she suddenly saw spring out from the Heart of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, three bright flames which penetrated the Heart of the Holy Virgin." Then she heard the following words:

"After the Power of the Father, the Wisdom of the Son, and the
merciful Tenderness of the Holy Spirit, nothing approaches the
Power, the Wisdom and the merciful Tenderness of Mary."

His Holiness, Benedict XV raised the Confraternity of the Three Hail Marys to an Archconfraternity and accorded it indulgences.

Our Lady requested the daily recitation of three Hail Marys, revealing the following to St. Melchtilde:

"The first Hail Mary will be in honor of God the Father, Whose omnipotence raised my soul so high above every other creature that, after God, I have the greatest power in Heaven and on earth. In the hour of your death I will use that power of God the Father to keep any hostile power from you.

"The second Hail Mary will be in honor of God the Son, Who communicated His inscrutable wisdom to me . . . In the hour of your death I will fill your soul with the light of that wisdom so that all the darkness of ignorance and error will be dispelled.

"The third Hail Mary will be in honor of God the Holy Ghost, Who filled my soul with the sweetness of His love and tenderness and mercy . . . In your last hour I will then change the bitterness of death into Divine sweetness and delight."

During an apparition to St. Gertrude, the Blessed Mother promised, "To any soul who faithfully prays the Three Hail Marys I will appear at the hour of death in a splendor of beauty so extraordinary that it will the soul with Heavenly consolation."


With all my heart I praise Thee, Most Holy Virgin
above all Angels and Saints in Paradise, Daughter of
the Eternal Father, and I consecrate to Thee
my soul with all its faculties.


Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee!
Blessed art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of
Thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

With all my heart I praise Thee, Most Holy Virgin
above all Angels and Saints in Paradise, beloved Mother
of the Son of God, and I consecrate to Thee my body
with all its senses.

Hail Mary, etc.

With all my heart I praise Thee, Most Holy Virgin
above all Angels and Saints in Paradise, beloved Spouse
of the Holy Ghost, and I consecrate to Thee my heart
with all its affections, and beseech Thee to obtain for me from
the Most Holy Trinity all the graces necessary for salvation.

Hail Mary, etc.

PRACTICE: Recite morning and evening the Consecration and Three Hail Marys in honor of the three great privileges of Mary, together with this invocation at the end of each Hail Mary:

By thy holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary,
make my body pure and my soul holy;
preserve me this day [this night] from mortal sin.

Imprimatur: Feb. 7, 1963
Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York

Pope St. Pius X gave his Apostolic Blessing to this practice.

The devotion was raised to an Archconfraternity by Pope Benedict XV.

This devotion in its present form is from St. Leonard of Port Maurice.

Our Lady the Immaculate Virgin
Our Lady the Immaculate Virgin, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to support Our Lady's request to have her likeness, as Our Lady of America, placed in the National Shrine to The Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. and to support the preservation of the Holy Ground in Rome City, IN where the central messages of Our Lady of America were given and this special devotion began. OLTIV, Inc. claims no affiliation with any other group or website promoting this cause.

Leading the World By The Purity of Our Lives?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that newcomers to OLA find as one of the most intriguing and pertinent aspects of Our Lady's messages. What defines "purity"? How far does it extend in our lives? Is it just about our actions and interactions or does it go deeper to include our food and nutrition? What about our environment and energy choices?

What are the realistic chances for being successful at achieving "purity" in this day and age?

Let's suspend our faith-based reasoning for a bit while we consider the confluence of current events in the world today:

The world is on a VERY thin edge at the present moment. Pakistan is de-stabilized and currently presents the greatest threat to regional and world peace since WWII. With a nuclear weapons program and a fractured government authority, Pakistan has become the top target for insurgent groups looking to establish a stronger base in the region. If any of them are successful in gaining control of even a portion of these weapons, it is certain they will use them as they have long proclaimed.

The screenwriter's guild is on strike in Hollywood and the media is all upset because some of our television programs have immediately gone to re-runs because nobody is available to write new material. Given what has come out of these writers the past 10 years, THIS IS NOT BAD NEWS! When it comes to "purity", the screenwriter's guild is, quite possibly, the greatest threat to success in achieving "purity" in these United States. The moral decline in what is portrayed on our televisions and movie screens begins with this core group of writers. The producers call the writer's strike "irresponsible". Now, that's the pot calling the kettle black. These are both VERY DANGEROUS GROUPS!

Food is being recalled with greater frequency. E-coli is becoming so prevalent, one begins to wonder if it hasn't been present all along and we are just getting better at detecting it. Our vegetables are losing their nutritional value due to soil depletion. We are bombarded with nutritional supplements from various experts. Meanwhile, obesity levels amongst all our age groups is growing steadily. Our children are the fastest-growing segment and are expected to not live as long as their own parents due to their level of health. This is not "purity" and it cannot be tolerated. "Honey, we're killing the kids!"

Oil and gas prices are shooting up again. China is now using more energy than the USA and world prices are reflecting it. Pollution levels are shooting up too. Whether or not you believe in Al Gore's rhetoric concerning Global Warming, the facts regarding energy use and consumption are indisputable. WE MUST LOOK TO CONSERVE CURRENT USE AND EMPLOY NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES. Turn down your thermostat by 2 degrees and save 10% on your heating bills. Wash your clothes in cold water (let the detergent do the work) and save even more. Plan your errands or ask a neighbor to grab the few items you need from the store. I remember neighbors stopping by when I was young and saying to my parents "I'm going into town. Do you need anything while I'm there?" You don't hear this much anymore.

If one who just arrived on this planet were to examine the confluence of these various dilemmas from an entirely analytical perspective, they would easily discern that earthlings are in a big heap of trouble and their continuance of these same practices would be described as "willful self-destructive behavior". They do not change because they sense no hope. Hope is there, but it lies in working to achieve "purity" as OLA has asked.

With faithful eyes, we can see that OLA's message has come at a time most pertinent. As Fatima gave warning and remedy for the world situation in 1917, so has OLA's Rome City messages given warning and remedy for the current world situation.

We must work to make our lives "pure" on every level, not just on the interior. By striving for "purity" as individuals we will naturally draw others with us as we move through our daily lives. "Purity" may be seen as nonsensical to many, but to others, it is quite attractive and empowering. Do not let the first group distract you from your mission to lead the world by the "purity" of your life. Our survival may depend on it.

Even in the face of growing consent by US Bishops in different parts of these United States, Sylvan Springs is reportedly being told by the local Bishop D'Arcy that it is no longer permissible to offer sacramental services as part of its Friday Night Rosary services. This means no more Mass, Adoration, Benediction, or Reconciliation services for the pilgrims who travel, many times, great distances to come and pray and offer their devotion to this canonically-approved special devotion to Our Blessed Mother under the banner of Our Lady of America.

Oh, well! The prayer group has done well for over six years with no Mass. It WILL continue as Our Lady requested.

We are hopeful that this is only a temporary decree and that Bishop D'Arcy will soon rescind this order so that the faithful pilgrims will again have access to pastoral care while visiting this Holy Ground where Our Lady chose to first present Herself as Our Lady of America during September-November of 1956. Please pray for Bishop D'Arcy and the Friday Night Prayer Group.

Prayer is very important at this time. So are ACTS of faith.

Ask the Bishops to confirm Our Lady's request to be enthroned in the National Shrine.
Care enough to tell others of OLA.
Thank the Bishops for inviting the statue to their diocese.
Show your Bishops that you support this movement by voting with your feet (use the Chicago method: vote early and often) by visiting the beautiful Churches where the Our Lady of America statue is being displayed.

The November Bishop's conference is two weeks away. A quick look at the agenda published on their website ( ) doesn't show any time devoted to confirmation of Our Lady of America. Although much progress has been made in the past 24 months, it is still in its gestational phase and needs more time to mature so the Bishops will become fully aware of this special devotion.

Maybe the Bishops will have time to talk amongst themselves and maybe the statue will be on display again as it was at last year's event. This is a splendid opportunity to continue the momentum that has been achieved in 2007! Pray for the continued success of OLA.

Iran is calling for the complete annihilation of Israel and is proceeding with uranium enrichment.

Turkey is threatening to invade Northern Iraq.

Monks are being killed in Burma for protesting against a military government.

Russia's Putin isn't happy...AGAIN!

Catholic schools are being targeted by extremists...both abroad and right here in the USA.

The top "family" movies and programs in this country are based upon divorce situations and children are given roles whereby they appear to be more adult. In these situations, even the children are perceived as promiscuous.

The southern states are running out of water...FAST!

Lake levels throughout the midwest are dropping.

California is on fire. It may be a looooong time before it it out of trouble.

Experts still suggest the BIG earthquake can happen at any moment.

We are in hurricane season.

Notre Dame football tickets are cheaper than tic-tacs.

In other news, those who came to the Friday Night Rosary on July 27 will remember a young mother who brought her baby in search of Our Lord's healing. Before the mass and rosary, the community gathered around and everyone prayed along with Irv for Our Lady of America's intercession on behalf of this very fragile child. Almost 200 people were gathered around this little baby and his family.

Well, we received a report just last week that this same little baby who was brought to Sylvan Springs for a healing back on July 27 due to a hole in his 8 week old heart is now doing fine. The doctors determined the hole was no longer there (through no efforts on their part). Although they had no real answer as to how this could happen, they determined that the little boy should go home with his young mother and grow up to rides bikes and do all the stuff boys do.

I guess the news isn't all bad!

Pray for peace. 


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