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Israel’s Judicial Reform Shows Growing Left-Right Divide Among Jews: "The success of the Israeli reforms could potentially have a cascade effect... heralding a major blow for proponents of deep-state governance everywhere"

Israel's Judicial Reform Shows Growing Left-Right Divide ...

The Israeli government last week passed preliminary approval for the nation’s hotly contested judicial reforms. For the first time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a coalition unanimous in its decision to pursue reforms, including two articulate, determined partners in the figures of Yariv Levin and Simcha Rothman, the current Minister of Justice and the head of the Israeli parliament (Knesset) Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, respectively.

Predictably, the 63-47 vote to advance the proposed reforms immediately drew large numbers of left-leaning Israeli protestors into the streets. If the reforms reach final approval, they would allow for a simple legislative majority to reject Supreme Court decisions that do not reflect the will of the people, as represented by their elected officials. Considering that since the late 1970s, most Israelis have tended to vote for right-wing or center-right parties, the Israeli left is facing the threat of losing a major component of its continued stronghold over the country’s institutions.

This threat is also the reason these reforms have drawn much interest from other corners of the world, including, recently, from U.S. President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The success of the Israeli reforms could potentially have a cascade effect internationally, showing that a progressive justice system could, indeed, be reined in, and heralding a major blow for proponents of deep-state governance everywhere.

The global significance of the Israeli reforms also helps to underscore another important trend noticed by numerous commentators in recent years: that political liberalism and economic globalization undermine national and religious loyalties in the name of ideological affiliations.]


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