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Flashback: Why is 1P5's Skojec either Ignoring or Ignorant of Bishop Gracida's "Meaningful" Effort to remove Francis?

On Monday, OnePeterFives' Steve Skojec said:

"Francis is just doing his thing without any bishop contesting him in any meaningful way, and the walls are tumbling down in the city that we love, and the doctrines are being categorically contradicted."

Skojec is wrong.

There is one "bishop contesting him in... [a] meaningful way." Bishop Rene Henry Gracida explicitly said Amoris Laetitia is in error and to resist sacrilege Communions. On December 2, 2017, he became the only bishop to resist the Amoris Letitia sacrilege on his official website declaring Pope Francis is teaching error:

"Francis' heterodoxy is now official. He has published his letter to the Argentina bishops in Acta Apostlica Series making those letters magisterial documents."

Bishop Gracida send me this email after receiving this post by email: 'Unambiguously Pope Francis Materially Professes Death Penalty Heresy: Cd. Burke: "If a Pope would Formally Profess Heresy he would Cease, by that Act, to be the Pope. It’s Automatic":



He knows Pope Francis's teaching on the death penalty is heresy, but wants all faithful Catholics not just to bemoan the heresy, but to act and do the following:


I consider the Bishop the new Athanasius so I obeyed orders immediately and send his post which is a open letter to all the priest and religious orders including one priest in Rome who is a top cleric in that order on my email list except a few for prudential reasons. My bishop is part of the pro-gay bishops networks so I didn't send him the post and I don't know any bishops except Bishop Gracida.

I have great respect for Steve. I even wrote a piece showing I consider him to be of one the three top lay heroes in the resistance: "The Dark Lord, his Servant the White Wizard vs. the Hobbit Steve, the Gray Wizard Frank, the Elf Queen Liz & the Rag-Tag "Band of Bloggers" that is the Resistance":

But, I am very disappointed in Skojec for either ignoring or being ignorant of Bishop Gracida's "meaningful" and direct effort to remove Francis for possibly "never validly [being] elected" the pope or else remove him from the Petrine office for heterodoxy.

I know Steve briefly wrote about a short interview that the Bishop did in May, but most of the article was on another subject:

"But as the Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas, Rene Henry Gracida, noted in a recent interview, what we have is anything but clarity:"

 'Even though Francis has made heretical statements, he has cleverly also made orthodox statements on the same subject thereby making it virtually impossible to define him as a heretic.'
"For Gracida, this means that we’re faced with another question: was Francis ever validly elected at all? This is, of course, a potentially dangerous rabbit hole, because conclaves are governed by secrecy, and there is almost no way to prove such a thing, but Gracida raises what all of us — those on every side of the papal validity debate — can see with our own eyes:"

 'Claiming heresy on the part of a man who is a supposed Pope, charging material error in statements about faith or morals by a putative Roman Pontiff, suggests and presents an intervening prior question about his authenticity in that August office of Successor of Peter as Chief of The Apostles, i.e., was this man the subject of a valid election by an authentic Conclave of The Holy Roman Church?  This is so because each Successor of Saint Peter enjoys the Gift of Infallibility.'
 'So, before one even begins to talk about excommunicating such a prelate, one must logically examine whether this person exhibits the uniformly good and safe fruit of Infallibility.  If he seems repeatedly to engage in material error, that first raises the question of the validity of his election because one expects an authentically-elected Roman Pontiff miraculously and uniformly to be entirely incapable of stating error in matters of faith or morals.'
"I am not, as I’ve said before, persuaded by the arguments for the invalidity of the election of Francis based on intepretations of Universi Dominic Gregis that are less-than-certain. That said, it would be a mistake, I think, to rule them out entirely — particularly after research in The Dictator Pope indicated that Cardinal Bergoglio may have been more complicit in the conspiracy that led to his election than was originally clear. And as Bishop Gracida notes, the inconsistency between the protections of the papal office as we understand them and the reality of the lived pontificate of Francis raise questions for which we do not have satisfactory answers."

Maybe Skojec thinks when he wrote after Gracida's brief interview "I am not, as I’ve said before, persuaded by the arguments for the invalidity of the election of Francis based on intepretations of Universi Dominic Gregis that are less-than-certain" that he put away Gracida's analysis of Pope John Paul Il's Universi Dominici Gregis, but he hasn't.

Steve needs to read the new long and theologically precise and detailed open letter of Bishop Gracida which is a analysis of Pope John Paul Il's Universi Dominici Gregis which appears to establish the "legal conclusion that Monsignor Bergoglio was never validly elected Roman Pontiff"  and calls the cardinals to "Address... [the] probable invalidity":

The open letter is brilliant.

Bishop Gracida although 95 years old is mentally sharper that most Catholic journalists and so-called Catholic intellectuals.

Skojec gave blogger Ann Barnhardt's analysis of the papal validity a long article. The only bishop in the world contesting Francis in a meaningful way deserves as much.

Steve and all his theological experts need to answer Gracida's theologically clear and precise arguments and either clearly and precisely counter them or put pressure on the cardinals to put into action the needed canonical procedures to remove Francis if he was "never validly elected" the pope or else remove him from the Petrine office for heterodoxy.

Francis is not orthodox so there are only two things he could be:

1. A validly elected pope who is a material heretic until cardinals correct him and then canonically proclaim he is a formal heretic thus deposing him or

2. a invalidly elected anti-pope who is a heretic.

The point is whether you think using all the information available 1. is the objective truth or 2. is the objective truth you must act.

You must as the Bishop says put: "pressure on the cardinals to act" whichever you think. 

There are many ways to put pressure such as pray and offer Masses for this intention, send the Gracida link to priests, bishops and cardinals, make signs and pray the rosary in front of their offices as we do in front of abortion clinics. Use your imagination to come up with other ideas.

Bishop Gracida is calling the cardinals to "[a]ddress... [the] probable invalidity" before they attempt to depose him from the Petrine office for heterodoxy. But, just as importantly he is calling all faithful Catholics to act and not just bemoan Francis's heresy:


P.S. For those of you who are only focused on the McCarrick and worldwide pro-gay bishops network sex abuse scandal. Even the middle-of-the-road Fr. Z just said:

"Sweep all the bishops off the chess board, and Pope Francis gets to replace them. All. Of. Them."
(Fr.Z's Blog, "The sky is crying," August 8, 3018)

I wrote recently that Francis's inner circle and his pro-gay bishops network makes the immoral Borgia popes and their inner circle look like choir boys.

As a priest recently said even if we get the Church or state to remove all the bad men, Francis is only going to replace them with worst men.

Remember most of the C9 cardinals who are the most powerful of his inner circle are allegedly implicated in sex abuse cover-up. 

The only solution to the greatest crisis in Church history is to remove Francis, his inner circle and the pro-gay bishops network.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church and for Catholics to not just bemoan heresy, but put pressure on the cardinals to act.


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