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Ex-FBI Special Agent: "The Covid Hoax, the WEF’s Great Reset/Davos, the Russia Hoax, and the current US/NATO war against Russia—is more in the nature of a means to an end"

The Great Reset” Conspiracy Flourishes Amid Continued Pandemic |  Anti-Defamation League

Mark Wauck, a retired FBI special agent and RealClear Politics as well as American Thinker contributor, has written an interesting piece, "The Real War: The World Banking Cabal Front":

This front is pretty much ground zero for the Ruling Class war against, well, the rest of us.

Recently I linked to an article by Barbara Boyd, who writes for the LarouchePAC. I should probably explain up front that I don’t belong to that or any related organization, and have declined offers to become associated. In any event, linking to Boyd’s article—which I thought made excellent sense within my own perspective—led to being sent Boyd’s latest article:

Yoda’s Evil Deluded Twin, Janet Yellen, Declares World Bankers’ Dictatorship

While some readers may be familiar with the developments that Boyd describes, I believe the article presents these events in a particularly readable way. In the past I’ve covered some of what Boyd describes in the context of the buildup to and the power centers behind the implementation of the Covid Regime—especially the gaming for pandemic controls. Boyd’s article focuses more on what could be described generally as the movement for a Green world economy. That movement itself, however—much like the Covid Hoax, the WEF’s Great Reset/Davos, the Russia Hoax, and the current US/NATO war against Russia—is more in the nature of a means to an end. As far as a move by the World Bankers to take over governance of the world, I’ve covered that in the context of the Covid Regime through the presentations of people like Richard Werner, Catherine Austin Fitts, Tom Luongo, and others. Again, I believe Boyd does an excellent job of organizing an overview of the aims of the people behind these related movements toward a world government directed by the banks. I say all this to justify inserting the greater part of Boyd’s article below—with additional comments and links (largely missing from the article).

In what follows I’ll suggest that much of this makes particular sense in the context of a human generated “pandemic”—blamed on China but actually instigated by the West—which led to massively oppressive social controls and the crushing of much of the West’s economic activity. That in turn led to the engineering of Trump’s removal from the presidency, and the Zhou regime’s two pronged globalist offensive: crushing the US energy sector and instigating a war on the biggest source of natural resources in the world, Russia, with the concomitant crushing of the EU economy. My view—and all, of course, are free to disagree—is that these measures, or measures that would lead to similar results—had long been planned.

So …

Boyd frames her article around an address that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen gave on 4/13/22 at the Atlantic Council. The address was billed as “On the Way Forward for the Global Economy”. Here’s how Boyd describes the general tenor of the address:

Yellen chillingly sketched the new “globalist order” she fantasizes will emerge from the Biden Administration’s provoked war with Russia in Ukraine ... It was a prelude to the International Monetary Fund and Group of 20 finance ministers and central bankers meetings this coming week in Washington and Indonesia, in which the globalist financier cartel hopes to further their plan for a world Green financial dictatorship.

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Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church by the bishops by the grace of God.




T said…
The so-called BRIC saviors are happy enough to participate in the Covid cult. In wrestling they have opposing factions, but the factions work together to make money from viewers.

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