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By Skojec's Logic all Food must be Banned because it is "Possibly" carrying "Pathogens"

On March 20, One Peter Five's publisher Steve Skojec did a promotional post for the COVID hysteria campaign at his blog titled "R4R # 41: Coronavirus w/ Steve Skojec."  In the comment section, Skojec said:

"I've had discussions with folks who believe it's not possible for the host to carry pathogens. And there are some bishops who apparently agree:

"Bishop Eleganti in Switzerland... "

"This is incorrect, theologically, and needs to be addressed."

I have news for Skojec who apparently hasn't stopped eating:

Every last piece of food that he stuffs into his mouth "possibly" is carrying "pathogens."

For the good of humanity and to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, Skojec must stop putting on his tongues that dangerous food which is "possibly" carrying "pathogens."

Moreover, Skojec must widen his prohibition promotional campaign to include in his ban McDonald hamburgers, pizza delivery and grocery stores because those dangerous people who "possibly" may carry "pathogens" didn't keep social distance from the dangerous food which itself may "possibly" carry "pathogens."

Remember that what he said about the Holy Eucharist, the Food for the soul, is also true of all food.

According to Skojec's logic than all food must be banned because it is "possibly" carrying "pathogens" and if you don't believe this you are a heretic according to the Francis traditionalist creed because such a heretical belief is:

"[I]ncorrect, theologically, and needs to be addressed."

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and Church as well as for the Triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Also, pray an Our Father now for President Trump for the grace to do God's will in this crisis.


Fr. VF said…
A few months ago, there WERE a lot of laity, priests, and bishops declaring that microbes die on contact with the Sacred Species. Haven't seen this superstition repeated recently.
Aqua said…
Fr VF:

Transubstantiation: the conversion of the substance of the Eucharistic elements into the body and blood of Christ at consecration, only the appearances of bread and wine still remaining.

How is it superstition to believe one cannot be infected and killed by Our Lord?
MarkV said…
I agree! I'm interested in hearing an answer to the same! What does "sacred species" if not Our Lord, Jesus Christ? Body, blood, soul, & divinity? How is it that the substance be changed to that which is perfect and divine, yet be subject to physical evils? Are we implying the creator subject to the created? He has power over the devil, but not a pathogen??
If Fr. VF is an actual Roman Catholic priest, he needs to go back studying about the Holy Eucharist. It appears he does not believe in miracles nor the supernatural.
Asbury Fox said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Asbury Fox said…
You guys are forgetting the seond equation of Transubstantiation, that the accidents remain. That has always been taught in theology. The substance changes, but the accidents remain. There is the famous example that you can get drunk on the Precious Blood becase the accidents of the wine remain, which is alcohol. There is also the examples of priests being murdered in history by the poisioning of the chalice.

The substance changes into Our Lord, but the accidents of bread and wine remain. Don't leave out the entire theology.
Asbury Fox said…

Don't insult a priest because of your ignorance. You're the one that needs to study scholastic and sacramental theology on the Eucharist. Learn about substance and accidents.
Aqua said…
Asbury Fox,

We kneel in adoration of God Almighty who is present - body, soul, divinity.

Re-read the above definition. “... only the appearances of bread and wine remaining”. The “accidents”, as you say.

But we worship and adore Almighty God when He is elevated and received on our tongue.

You need to remember the essence of who we are and what happens on the holy Altar at Consecration. God is present with us truly and substantially.
Asbury Fox said…

I am not denying any of that. I believe all that, but in addition to that, I also believe that the effects of bread and wine remain in the accidents. I know that if I drink two chalices worth of consecrated Precious Blood, I will get tipsy, because the effects of alcohol remain even though the substance has changed.

Let's say the bread and wine have been consecrated, and right before you receive it, someone dips the Sacred Host in poison, or poision is mixed with the Precious Blood, will you die from the poison?
Aqua said…
Asbury Fox,

The matter of the Sacrament of the Eucharist is bread and wine. And the church is very clear, in Canon Law, in defining the two elements: “The bread must be made of wheat alone …. The wine must be natural wine of the grape and not corrupt” (Canon 924). Moreover, the Church adds that a “quantity of any other substance than wheat” in the bread, renders it invalid for use (meaning the Sacrament of the Eucharist cannot be confected with such bread). In a similar way, the Church says that “wine… cannot be regarded as valid matter, [if] extracted from apples or other fruits, or which is made chemically.” Additionally, if there is more water than wine in the mixture, it is equally invalid.

So, Christ is not present when the wine is "corrupt".

Christ *IS* present when the wine is not corrupt and consecrated according to liturgical formula,

Your example is perhaps the most heinous crime imagineable on earth. Christ would not be present and accomplice to such a crime. That is common sense and De Fide (thou shalt not murder) and to suggest it is possible could be construed as blasphemy. And Canon 924 confirms it. Christ is not present. And Christ is not at the beck and call of a murderer, an accomplice to the worst of all crimes (using Our Lord to murder ... again it seems blasphemous to suggest it is possible - which it is not). And thus: the *wine may not be corrupt*.

Alternatively, Corona viruses are normal in life. They have existed since the beginning of time (8,000 years science says). Our bodies process these germs every season. They go into us by the billions. They are dealt with internally by our amazing God-given bodies. Then they go out of us by the billions. *Sometimes* our bodies can't deal effectively and we become symptomatic. And sadly, 2 out of 1,000 (.02%, .0002) succumb - usually the elderly or the generally unwell.

So, your example does not fit as an analogy. Christ does not coexist with poison, especially poison placed for the purpose of murder. Viruses are natural and servants to our living and very present God.
Asbury Fox said…

I don’t support any restrictions on Mass because of Corona. That's not my argument. I was arguing against those who state that because of Transubstantiation, the sacred species cannot be contaminated, and it is not possible to get sick or die.

You ignored my argument of the sacred species being contaminated after consecration. Consecration has already taken place and any number of foreign agents can contaminate them by mistake or malice.

Murder through the poisoning of the Precious Blood has happened in history. It is the most henious crime and sacrilege, but it has happened. A recent example in Italy happened in the year 2000, when a sacristan murdered a priest by mixing herbicide with the wine. During Mass, the priest, Fr. Alfio Pappalardo, drank the wine with the herbicide and collapsed at the altar. You can search this story by looking up Rev. Alfio Pappalardo. God allowed it because he is not going to interfere with free will and he wasn't going to suspend the laws of nature. He would have had to create a miracle and personally enter human history. That is not how God works. He doesn't stop murders, rapes, thefts, and evil from occuring on a daily basis.God doesn't suspend the laws of nature even in the case of the Eucharist. If germs from saliva or snot fall into the Precious Blood, and I get sick, God is not going to magically enter time and human history to stop that from happening.
Aqua said…
God is not bound to a Host, dipped in poison by a demon from hell so that said demon can compel Christ to participate in murder. Demons cannot bind Christ to anything.

All you see is the Corona virus. Into the body it goes. You don't see Jesus Christ, Lord of all Creation (you do, of course, but not at the profound level required of a Christian). I don't contend the Corona virus is destroyed on contact with Our Lord. I contend Corona virus is subject to the mighty benevolent will of Almighty God who, according to the Anima Christi:

"is my sanctification, my salvation, He fills all my veins, He washes out my stains, He is my comfort, in whom I hide, never parts from my side, guards me when my foe assails me, calls me when my life shall fail me, He bids me come to Him above, with His Saints to sing His love ... world without end". How can this be if I cannot receive the Eucharist and Holy Mass is restricted and closed?

Christ enters us. The virus enters us. Of those two entrants - Christ will prevail, *if* it is His will. But ... it is *ALWAYS*, always, always His will that we receive Him and be willing to die for Him who died for us. It is NEVER His will that we are unwilling to risk death itself for His sake. Corona virus has a mortality rate of about 4/1,000 (.0004). It is relatively nothing. Certainly not like the martyrs unwilling to offer a pinch of incense to false gods or face CERTAIN (1,000/1,000 (100%) death. God bids us to risk everything for Him who takes care of us.

"Take up your cross and follow me". Follow to where, if not suffering and death (if that is His will).

"He who is not willing to lose his life for my sake is not worthy of me". (Willing, if that is His will).

"But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows".

Our sinful, suffering, angry, hateful, profane, murderous, dying world needs Our Lord, Jesus Christ and His Gospel of repentance, forgiveness, redemption, salvation more than anything in the world. And our Churches have gone dark, Our Lord hidden and witheld. The world is afraid of a seasonal virus, and Christians are afraid with them.! We Christians must "mount up with wings of eagles" and stop being so afraid, for "there is no fear in love" (I John 4:18)

"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint". (Is 40:31)

"Wait upon the Lord" means attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and receiving God in a state of Grace, because the Sacraments (like Confession) are all more powerful than a stupid virus, and nothing else ultimately matters than that. Our God reigns!

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