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Why is Virus Trad Skojec saying he doesn't like Lockdown Culture when he Promoted it?

- Updated August 7, 2020

Tim Gordon in his podcasts says he wants to fight Alinsky inspired socialistic tyranny in the United States, but allows One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec to promote his campaign for Alinsky inspired socialistic coronavirus tyranny.

Why is Gordon who is supposed to be the great defender of the U.S. Constitution allowing Skojec to promote the globalists' COVID-19 unconstitutional totalitarian lockdowns and tyranny on his podcast? 

It appears that Francis Trads Skojec and Gordon might agree with the Jansenist heretics and oppose Pope Pius X's endorsement of frequent Communion.

In a podcast of Rules for Retrograde, Dave (although it might have been Tim because their voices are similar), in a conversion about the "early Church" and why apparently because of original sin infrequent Communion was seemingly good for the reason of the veneration  due to the Eucharist, said:

"The frequent reception of the Eucharist, as Steve [Skojec] I think was speaking about in the Mike Church Show, the frequent reception of the Eucharist is a really relatively new thing."
(Rules for Retrograde, R4R#43: Coronavirus & Catholicism w/ Steve Skojec," March 20, 2020, 18:00-18:11)

The Francis Trad Skojec who supported martial law, now, that the Trump White House is against nationwide lockdown is starting to say he doesn't like lockdown culture even though he campaigned for it.

 Is Skojec a type of new "conservative" seamless garment so-called "pro-lifer" who thinks stopping COVID is more important than the Mass despite the fact that the country most successful in defeating the virus, Taiwan, never stopped allowing Mass?

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Also, pray an Our Father now for President Trump to receive the grace to do God's will in the present crisis.

Note: Apparently Tim Gordon doesn't agree with Skojec's promotion of the COVID hysteria that has led to the lockdowns despite allowing him to promote his views on his podcast. This post was updated to reflect that and the Catholic Monitor apologizes for saying he agreed with the Skojec position. 


Tim gordon said…
No, genius, I (Tim Gordon) was arguing the exact opposite. Journalism much?
SV said…
Journalism much?

English please, not pidgin!
Tancred said…
Wow, what a bunch of smug asses.

Fred, can you link where Holy Steve the Grammarian supports Michael Savage in your post?
Fred Martinez said…
I suspect I may owe Mr. Gordon an apology. I will listen to the whole video today. If I misrepresented his position I will issue a retraction.
Tancred said…
Thug’s position is shilling blasphemous skateboards and pretending to be a cool Catholic on-line, and threatening to beat people up irl.
Anonymous said…
I heard Thug Tim joined BLM
Tarek said…
C’mon Tancred!
You know that most of the Doctors of the Church rode skateboards

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