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"Please Share this Article with everyone Calling for Panic and Shouting about New Lockdowns"

Abraham Lincoln once asked an audience how many legs a dog has if you count the tail as a leg. When they answered “five,” Lincoln told them that the answer was four. The fact that you called the tail a leg did not make it a leg.
- Thomas Sowell

The subjective reality Supreme Court recently declared that the "fact that you called the tail a leg [does] make it a leg" in its ruling for transgenderism and homosexuality, Bostock v. Clayton County.

As will be shown everyone who believes the leftist media COVID-19 propaganda are now living in the "if you call a man a woman then its a 'fact' Supreme Court ruling that overturns God's objective reality for subjective "reality."

So, we learn that the "spike" in COVID-19 cases in Texas may in part be because a Texan court ruled that "if you call a "subjective fever and... headache and you live in Collin County, you now meet the qualifications to be a probable COVID" which is counted as a "factual" COVID:

Thanks goes to Collin County Judge Chris Hill for blowing the whistle on what appears to be a move in mid-May to redefine what was a “Covid” case to open the door to a massive increase – all to match the mainstream media line that a “second wave” was on the way.

In a Commissioners Court hearing for Collin County on May 18th, it was revealed that while previously the determination of a Covid “case” was a confirmed test result, the definition was suddenly changed to count “probable” cases as “cases.” At the same time, the threshold for determining “probable” was lowered to a ridiculous level.

As Judge Hill said at that May 18th meeting, “If you have a subjective fever and you have a headache and you live in Collin County, you now meet the qualifications to be a probable COVID patient. It is remarkable how low the standard is now.”

Even worse, once a “probable” case was determined based on possibly unrelated subjective criteria, up to 15 people in possible contact with that “probable” case were also listed as “probable cases.” And “probable cases” were considered cases.

Repeat that farce across Texas and is it any wonder there was a “spike” in “cases”?

Also, Governor Abbott’s claim that hospitals were being over-run by Covid patients was refuted by the Houston hospital directors themselves, who said they were nowhere near actual capacity and in fact were about the same level as they were last year.

Not only is "Governor Abbott’s claim[ing] that hospitals were being over-run by Covid patients" so panic because everyone is going to die, again, but the leftist mainstream media is streaming this narrative from the roof tops. Rush Limbaugh showed this a false narrative:

Dr. Scott Atlas is a senior research fellow at the Hoover Institute on the campus Stanford University in Palo Alto. I saw him on television yesterday. He said as coronavirus cases continue to increase, health officials and Democrat politicians seem to be using that statistic to fearmonger and justify orders to reclose.

Scott Atlas said that he’s done more than a superficial analysis of these numbers, and after looking at the all the numbers associated with COVID-19, he doesn’t get scared. He said, “When you look all over at the states who are seeing a lot of new cases, you have to look at who is getting infected because we should know by now, that the goal is not to eliminate all cases, that’s not rational, it’s not necessary”...

... And here comes the piece de resistance: “Furthermore, Dr. Atlas emphasized the fact that the death rates are not going up, despite the increase in cases. “And that’s what really counts, are we getting people who are really sick and dying, and we’re not, and when we look at the hospitalizations, yes, hospitals are more crowded, but that’s mainly due to the re-installation of medical care for non COVID-19 patients.”

Do you realize how you’re being lied to about this? If you see a story that ICUs are overflowing, it’s not because of COVID — 15% average ICUs, COVID-19 patients. Eighty-five percent ICUs, non-COVID-19. Everybody’s falling for it. Don’t feel bad. How would you not fall for it? When you have these massive reports of new cases, record numbers of new cases. “Oh, my God.” Then you find out hospitals are overflowing, ICUs overflowing, you could be forgiven for assuming it’s all COVID-19, but it isn’t.

 Dr. Atlas studied Texas as an example, he said, “90+% of ICU beds are occupied, but only 15% are COVID patients.” You’re being led to believe that Texas is overflowing with death and cases and — oh, my God — it’s out of control, and they shouldn’t have opened up. No, what’s happened is the number of COVID-19 was low enough that they could open the hospitals up to cancer screenings and elective surgeries that were shut down for two months during the lockdown.

So again, Texas, 90% of intensive care unit beds are occupied. Oh, yeah, but only 15% are COVID-19 patients. Eighty-five percent of the beds occupied, intensive care in Texas, are not COVID patients.

Dr. Atlas says, “I think we have to look at the data and be aware that it doesn’t matter if younger, healthier people get infected, I don’t know how often that has to be said, they have nearly zero risk of a problem from this.” The young and healthy have a nearly zero percent risk of a problem, so if they’re getting infected, Dr. Atlas says, it doesn’t really matter. It’s gonna happen. We can’t stop people getting it. There’s nothing we can do to stop it. It’s a virus. There’s literally nothing that could be done.

That’s another thing. They’re making it look like there’s all kinds of things we could be doing but Trump doesn’t know what to do, and Trump doesn’t care, he doesn’t love you, Trump doesn’t care if you get sick, so Trump is not doing anything. There’s nothing anybody can do. All Fauci and Birx can do is say social distancing, wear a mask. But that’s not gonna stop the spread.

If you don’t want to get it, become a hermit. If you don’t want to get it, wear the mask, do whatever you can to avoid people that are high risk. Individual responsibility here has a lot to do. But that’s another thing. We have practically driven individual responsibility out of the American behavioral network. Individual responsibility, isn’t that white supremacy? Yes, individual responsibility is just a nickname for white supremacy, white privilege.

Well, I don’t want to be a racist so I guess I better not be self-reliant. That’s exactly right. Self-reliance is exactly what built this country. Racism and bigotry, homophobia. “The only thing that counts,” Dr. Atlas says, “are the older, more vulnerable people getting infected. And there’s no evidence that they really are.”

The death rate is falling. It is not rising. And then the piece de resistance, as Dr. Atlas pointed out in his latest study of the data, the hospitalization length of stay is about half what it was in March and April for COVID-19 patients.

Is there more scientific statistical evidence that Rush is right?

Renowned statistician Dr. William Briggs, who is a consultant and adjunct Professor of Statistics at Cornell University with specialties in medicine and philosophy of science, confirms that Mr. Limbaugh is right:

So far, since the start of the insanity, there have been 35,512,916 tests. Call it 36 million.

This plot is the number of daily tests. On 5 July, for instance, there were 654,489 new tests. I repeat, this plot is the number of new daily tests by day. 650 thousand reported tests per day!

If your jaw is not dropping, you have not understood this plot. It is not total tests. Testing is increasing everywhere, day by day. Testing is going nuts. Testing is out of control. Testing is rampant.

Testing is at insane levels and only growing 
Why is this important? I’ll tell you: because we hear from every propaganda source that we are seeing a “surge” and “spike” and “record” new “cases”. 


It would be a shock if we didn’t see a surge in new “cases” with all this testing!
Pardon my screaming, but we have gone, as the phrase has it, stark raving mad. I am beside myself with frustration trying to explain this to people who are so panicked they can’t listen to reason.
Now look at this picture, the official weekly dead according to the CDC (as of 2 July for week ending 27 June, the latest data available Monday morning):

Notice anything? You might not have reached the apex of probability like I, the Statistician to the Stars! have, but surely you can see the most salient point. DEATHS ARE DECREASING, EVEN AS NEW “CASES” “SURGE” “SPIKE” “SOAR” “SET RECORDS”.

Here, next, are the reported daily deaths, according to the media (as of 5 July, COVID Tracking Project)—which longtime readers know are always about 10% higher than the CDC’s figures.

There is more variability than the weekly data, given the daily nature. You can see the weekly cycle, and the occasional spike because different localities and states report at different times. In any case it’s clear DEATHS ARE DECREASING, EVEN AS NEW “CASES” “SURGE” “SPIKE” “SOAR” “SET RECORDS”!
They are decreasing even in data we know is too large, compared to the CDC. 
There are some refinements, niceties, and fine points to make about this, which will be done below, but for now, this data shows the latest phase of the panic is absurd.

Everybody is Karen shaming about masks—wear one or die, you murderer!—which might have made some kind of sense at the beginning or peak of the crisis. But now with deaths dropping to zero, and with testing out of control, it’s nuts. 

The whole damned thing is nuts.

What is accounting for this tremendous increase in daily tests? Something must be causing it. Are people flooding in to be checked in ever greater numbers, are government programs to mass check coming on line, or are these the result of routine hospital checks as people return to seek usual care after the initial panic? These questions must be answered.

Please share this article with everyone calling for panic and shouting about new lockdowns.

And by the way, if you want to learn more about calculus please read Dr. Briggs' "Calculus AP Editon." reported:

"Renowned authors, William Briggs and Lyle Cochran have built from the ground up a program specifically for AP Calculus teachers... In collaboration with more than 90 academic experts and classroom practitioners the authors' balance rigor and intuition."
(, "Common Core State Standards - Pearson")

Finally, here is the Coronavirus Ten Commandments for all you who reject God's objective reality and are in the subjective reality religion of the eternal and almighty Virus:

1. I am the eternal and illness almighty, thou shalt not have not have any illness unless it's me.

2. Thou shalt not take the name of the illness almighty in vain by claiming anyone dies of any other illness.

3. Remember to keep unholy the Sabbath day because of the sacred social distancing even though thou shalt set it aside for the sake of the sacred abortion or for the sake of paying at the sacred store cash register.

4. Honor thy government's lockdown and banning of the Mass and all Christian religious services.

5. Thou shalt not be killed unless it is added to the sacred government coronavirus death toll.

6. Thou shalt not commit adding to the death tolls of other illnesses for all deaths shalt only be added to the coronavirus death toll.

7. Thou shalt not steal numbers from the illness almighty sacred death toll even if they die from other illnesses.

8. Thou shalt not bear true witness against the illness almighty.

9. Thou shalt cover-up any deaths that are not attributed to the illness almighty.

10. Thou shalt cover-up that almost no one knows of a neighbor who has died of coronavirus unless they were already sickly and old.

Is there scientific evidence that viewers of the leftist media are in the subjective reality religion of the eternal and almighty Virus?

Renowned statistician Dr. Briggs, who is a consultant and adjunct Professor of Statistics at Cornell University, confirms that viewers of the leftist media are in the subjective reality religion of the eternal as well as almighty Virus and believe in the the Coronavirus Ten Commandments and not in God's objective reality:

"[P]eople are being recorded as dying from other things at a smaller rate than usual. Either coronavirus deaths are being juiced, or people aren't dying of other things at the same rates and being killed instead by coronavirus."
(, "Coronavirus Update X: Juicing the Numbers, Prolonging the Pain," April 21, 2020)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Unknown said…
Bravo! I live in Texas and I am disgusted with King Abbott. Too many folks fall for this and it is sad to see and hear.
My question is WHY? Not why Democrats but WHY would a Republican make such a fool of himself and lie to the people. Close bars, close outdoor recreation, FINE up to $1000 business that allow customers in the store without masks. Oh but let all the construction workers work on the highway construction WITHOUT MASKS!!!!
King Abbott is either really dumb and lied to (a paper tiger), a traitor (secret D), or is being blackmailed. There is no other explanation. I am disgusted with all of the Texas politicians and we are retirees who are seriously looking at COLD S. Dakota where you can live freely and with common sense. God Bless you and please pray for the Consecration of Russia ~ our only way out of this.
The Bear said…
Ghat explains Bear’s confusion over “COVID Cases” and “confirmed cases.” Because it seems that a positive test result would be a “case,” so what’s the difference between a “case” and a “confirmed case.” The Bear figured the difference was between a positive test result and some made-up BS. Thanks for sorting this out.

Now all you have to do is explain the Houston version of Covid Cases Overwhelm Hospital ICUs story.
Fred Martinez said…
The anecdotal evidence of Houston hospitals looking like war zones is a straw man fallacy when we an look back to images of the 2018 flue outbreak with very similar images of hospital war zones.
(Daily Mail, "Flu drives hospitals into "war zone" conditions: Tents on the streets in California, 'state of emergency' in Alabama, and Boston is using Gatorade to plug shortage of IV drips," January 17,2018)

Why didn't the flu outbreak hospital war zones of 2018 require the destruction of the United States economy and the banning of the Catholic Mass?
Jake said…
Jon Rappoport reports here that although a couple of labs have CLAIMED isolation of the 'new' virus, apparently there has been no complete study (that means adhering to rigorous research standards, with appropriate sample sizes to yield statistically significant results) of the so-called 'novel' virus. I have read about this lack of verification from several other reporters both in and outside scientific circles. I have yet to see one myself. So we don't even know if this really exists, except in the minds of panicked MSM bobbleheads and bureaucratic promulgators of private corporation CDC 'guidelines' - which federal, state and local officials take to be gospel, translating them to 'orders', 'mandates', and everything else 'official' sounding, EXCEPT LAW.

Add to that the admission by the manufacturers of the 'test' that they have a false positive rate of up to 80% ! Dr. Mikovits, in the only surviving segment of the movie Plandemic that hasn't been hacked to obvilion, explains that the PCR tests do NOT distinguish between coronaviruses, and there are three dozen known, and 30 mutations of the Wuhan lab version by now. They also can't give us any idea of WHEN the patient had contracted whatever the test is responding to - so it could have been contracted decades before the test. I've also read that it can't distinguish between coronavirus and influenza, and that if you've had a flu vaccine, it will also respond to that, as well.

So, essentially, we have no reliable raw data from which to draw ANY reasonable conclusion. But it's now obvious to anybody with eyes and a few functioning neurons that the takedown of the world's economy was NEVER about a cold (or flu), it's about the introduction of the next level and style of world rulership, population reduction, and the attempted elimination of the last remnants of spiritual warriors standing against evil.

For now, I recommend reading/watching about the detrimental effects of wearing masks (physical, mental and spiritual) and printing out the medical exemption card available here (among many other sites):

Note - the fines imposed by the DOJ for organizations violating the ADA and HIPPA reg's have increased since June 19th. The penalty for first offense is $96,384 and for subsequent violations it's $192,768. See

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