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Why is Ferrera now Pretending that Archbishop Lenga doesn't Exist?

 In 2015 and 2016, it appears Remnant writer Chris Ferrara wasn't a Francis traditionalist. In 2016, the writer said:

"Perhaps a better approach is to amass the evidence and send it to every cardinal, demanding they convene [an imperfect council] and issue the kind of judgement Bellarmine contemplated in this situation: not that the Pope is deposed, but that he has deposed himself. Such a hypothetical conclave would offer the Pope an opportunity to explain himself."
(One Peter Fives' comment section, "If Francis is an Antipope, We Can't know it Yet," June 21, 2016)

In 2015, Ferrera said that Archbishop Jan Pawel Leng's statement that "It is difficult to believe that Pope Benedict XVI freely renounced his ministry as successor of Peter" was of "historic importance":

"We can assume that prudence constrained Archbishop Lenga not to point directly at the place where the trail of accountability ends. That aside, however, his later comments leave no doubt that he wishes us to know that the ultimate problem now confronting us resides precisely in the papacy.  First, a statement that is of nothing less than historic importance: statement that is of nothing less than historic importance:

'It is difficult to believe that Pope Benedict XVI freely renounced his ministry as successor of Peter. Pope Benedict XVI was the head of the Church, his entourage however has barely translated his teachings into life, bypassed them often in silence or has rather obstructed his initiatives for an authentic reform of the Church, of the liturgy, of the manner to administer Holy Communion.'" []

Why is Ferrera now pretending that Archbishop Lenga doesn't exist? 

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of the Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Alexis Bugnolo said…
Because since they John Westen organized The Council, which explicitly requires that no one criticize the approach of Schneider and Burke, and recruited all Trad Inc into it. Westen is an ex atheist he says. child pyschologist.
Debbie said…
Why is Ferrara pretending....? Probably for the same reason he publicly pretends to believe Bergoglio is Pope.
Justina said…
But why, Brother? I agree with your analysis, but what's in it for them?
Alexis Bugnolo said…
Justina, I think we cannot answer your question until we see a list of their major donors, and for that we would need an insider to blow the whistle.

I do know this, because I was an avid reader of the Remnant in the 90s. Matt Sr said that he was approached by a Jew who wanted to give him 25 to 50 thousand a year for his paper on the condition that he ran articles favorable to Israel. Matt objected and spilled the beans in an article in his paper. But several years later began runing articles about archeology in Israel. I see that Gloria TV which just lamented a lack of funding has just started to run articles about archeology in Israel, though I may be mistaken because I have not read Gloria before Oct 2019.

I think this money is Israel Intelligence sourced and is part of their narrative control objectives for the world.
Ferrara is not pretending. He is scared to death of offending his master Bergoglio, Trad Inc. and his lavender mafia superiors...

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