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For Virtue Signaling Banning the Mass Francis Trads is Frank Walker the new Trump?

British conservative Daniel Hannan said:

"Virtue signaling is competitive. When all your friends are anti-Trump, you have to go further."

After President Donald Trump took office the liberal virtue signaling was very competitive with them, calling him every name in the book with death threats as well as 12,000 Tweets for his assassination and the famous Kathy Griffin's beheading Trump photo.

After Canon 212 publisher Frank Walker made a headline which he later admitted he made a mistake on it appears that banning the Mass Francis traditionalists decided to join in the liberal-like behavior in a frenzy of virtue signaling against him.

The Francis trads like the liberals are very competitive in their virtue signaling. Remember, when all your friends are anti-Walker, you have to go farther.

The banning the Mass Francis traditionalists have issued numerous name-calling Tweets against Walker and I am wondering when one of them is going to have a beheading Walker photo.

When the leader of the Francis trads Steve Skojec continually insulted and finally mocked Ann Barnhardt's looks, the non-Francis traditionalists said Skojec was a wimpy misogynistic coward and forgot about it. There was no virtue signaling competition.

Getting back to the liberals virtue signaling against Trump, it didn't stop with the president, but included his supporters.

The leader of liberal virtue signaling herself Hilary Clinton called Trump supporters "deplorables."

The banning the Mass Francis trads led by the leader of virtue signaling himself Skojec are becoming Hilary Clinton-like calling Canon 212 readers "stupid" and "that miserable crowd."

It appears that Canon 212 readers are the new "deplorables."

It seems that almost all the virtue signaling against Walker is coming from so-called traditionalists who agree with the Francis bishops banning of the Mass.

Might a lot of the name-calling effeminate virtue signaling be about destroying Walker's movement in Canon 212 against banning the Mass as the liberals virtue signaling is about destroying Trump's attempt to restore America?

Are the banning the Mass Francis trads who support martial law, now, that the Trump White House is saying they are not considering a "nationwide lockdown" going to become never Trumpers and vote for Joe Biden?

Are the banning the Mass Francis traditionalists the new seamless garment so-called "pro-lifers" who think stopping Coronavirus is more important than the Mass despite the fact that the country most successful in defeating the virus, Taiwan, still allows Mass?

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Also, pray an Our Father now for President Trump to receive the grace to do God's will in the present crisis.


Justina said…
I used to have some respect for Timothy Gordon. After his degrading tweet directed at Frank Walker, no more.
Nathan said…
Ignore it and move on. It's all so childish
Unknown said…

Fred Martinez said…
Nathan and Ivan,

That's one of the points. Non-Francis traditionalists don't get into virtue signaling competitions. We fight for God and the things of God, not the virtue signaling of group think against individuals unless those individuals' ideology is wrong. Remember that many thought Hitler was idiotatic and childish and ignored him as well as his dangerous ideology which led to the Holocaust. I will move on when the public Mass is restored. Does the Mass matter to you or are you also banning the Mass Francis trads?
Stephen Lowe said…
+1....same here. I am a deplorable without issue.
Alexis Bugnolo said…

When Marxists lost control of the narrative, because their lies are exposed, then they try to take it back on the level of the most base emotions. Devils do the same thing to souls.
Trad Inc. is desperate it will only begin to turn on itself, cannibalizing one another with more blame games. Wait for it and grab your unsalted Lenten popcorn...
Novella Nurney said…
People acting in an utterly deplorable manner,namecalling,labeling,libeling others that do not fall in lockstep with thier particular "brand O'trad" as " Deplorables " IS deplorable (and ironic). It is amazing to observe these Ubertrad cliques decry "modernism" whilst staunchly obeying the modernists.
Unknown said…
Fred,you must be kidding me, right? Does the Holy Mass Sacrifice matter for me?For the record, This earth can keep standing without the sun, but without the Holy Mass not for one single day. Personally, I have banned protestant novus ordo a years ago, and forever. But of course, not from the corona-mass-hysterics reason. But from the reason which is that the only Sancta Missa that really matters is the Mass of All Ages,- the TLM.If you ask me, in this time-situation now, or any other so, the restoring of the novus ordo will not help at all. What certainly will help is restoring of the Sancta Missa, the TLM, plus abrogation of the novus ordo, at once and forever, in the whole Unam Sanctam Catholicam,- worldwide.- That will be a real big game-changer.
Living in the W-Europe where lock-downs are already in force for the weeks, where all the churches are already closed down by the faithless hirelings, where it is forbidden to be in a group greater than three persons, where it is obligatory to keep distance from another person a minimum of one and a half meters,... in spite of all the efforts of the devil and his servants, and lukewarm to death scarred so-called shepherds, fortunately for me as well as for some others, who were given a great amount grace from our Lord, such as yesterday, we were able to attend The Holy Mass Sacrifice, the TLM in a small but beautiful chapel, and to receive the Most Holy One in the Eucharist, in the only proper and worthy way of our dear God, our Creator and our Savior.
I think many Catholics are being exposed to the horrible online behavior of the Steve Skojec/Timothy Gordon crowd, which is a good thing since to follow such people blindly is not good.

I wonder if their pastors are aware of the behavior, as it surely reflects poorly on traditionalists in general. Apparently not, since the behavior has become worse in recent months.

Calumniating and causing public scandal is surely not what their pastors would advocate. It makes one think.
Aqua said…
Skojec and his Posse don’t like free interchange of opinions, because it dilutes his own ability to monopolize the market of ideas. And he’s so very, very wrong. And he’s about to lose his business of opinion mongering because he is in the process of being eviscerated in the Catholic sphere for leading us astray in so many, fundamental matters of faith and life.

I turned his channel off long ago. His current bloviating on turning off our ability to communicate so we can only listen to him; to go along with his hero shots smoking cigars and drinking fine whisky are quickly condensing his once fine contributions into that of a wayward bully.

Sorry to see how things went with you Steve. I truly am.

I hope this time of collective physical and spiritual crisis (both at the same time !!) will burn away all causes of dissension throughout the Church and bring us Faithful back into true unity under Jesus Christ and he Blessed Mother. Ignore all else. Look only to them.
Aqua said…

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