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Could Socci be Implying "the End of the World" is near if the Pope doesn't Consecrate Russia by Name?

The respected Catholic scholar Dr. Peter Kwasniewski in reviewing the Antonio Socci book "The Secret of Benedict XVI: Is he still Pope?" said:

"Socci['s]... careful analysis... above all, the interpretation [of] canon lawyers... argue that the resignation lacks several conditions for validity."

In the last page of the book, Socci's "careful analysis" of the lack of Benedict XVI's "resignation... validity" brings him to the conclusion that we must:

"United to Pope Benedict [not pope emeritus Benedict]."

In Twitter on July 26, Socci wrote:

"Bergoglio [not Pope Francis]... is dismantling the Catholic Church."

The world renowned Fatima expert Socci at the end of the book revealed from little known "documents" that quotes from Fatima Seer Jacinta Marto have her "speaking about":

"[T]he 'end of the world' if people 'do not do penance and change their lives.'"
(The Secret of Benedict XVI, Page 152)

The book on page 155 says "at Fatima there was great insistence on RUSSIA, on CONSECRATION":

 "[A]t Fatima there was great insistence on Russia, on consecration and conversion of Russia. [Fatima seer] Sister Lucia said, in the dialogue of 1957, that "Russia will be the instrument to punish the entire world..."

"Here, then, is the greatness of the design of Benedict XVI: in an insane historical moment."

The greatest exorcist of our time said Pope John Paul II wanted to consecrate Russia by name but did not do so as Our Lady of Fatima asked:

"Fr. Gabriele Amorth, who at the time was the chief exorcist of Rome [said]. 'I was there on March 25 [1984] in St. Peter's Square; I was in the front row, practically within touching distance of the Holy Father... John Paul II wanted to consecrate Russia, but his entourage did not...'"

"'... His Holiness consecrated the world on his knees, he added a sentence not included in the distributed version that instead said to consecrate 'especially those nations of which you yourself [Our Lady of Fatima] have asked for their consecration.' So, indirectly, this included Russia. However, a specific consecration has not yet been made.'"
(Church Militant, "Pope John Paul II Wanted To Consecrate Russia by Name But Didn't," May 23, 2017)

This is my conjecture formed obviously on incomplete information on the mind of Socci, however I assume he knows the importance of the consecration and knows that Russia hasn't been consecrated by name. With these assumptions, it seems it could be possible that Socci may be implying that the "end of the world" may be near if the Pope doesn't consecrate Russia by name as John Paul II failed to do.

It is obvious who he thinks is the Pope as he said in the last page of his book. He said that we Catholics must be:

"United to Pope Benedict."

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church. Jacinta said we must do penance and change our lives. Offer the sacrifice of praying more and going to Mass more as well as fasting more at least in very small ways, without neglecting or interfering with your state in life, for the Pope to consecrate Russia by name and for the restoration of the Church.


Aqua said…
It has always amazed me how God appeared as prophesied and at the end, he had only five faithful remaining at the foot of His Cross. God, and even those closest - those who walked and talked and dined and slept and performed miracles and heard *everything* - didn’t truly believe ... strongly enough to act as they ought under trial. They missed it, somehow. Palms on Sunday. “Crucify him!” on Thursday. Walked sullenly away on Friday. “Whatever.”

And if they could, so could I. How is that possible?

We see it here with this false Pope. We knew this was coming. We see it clearly as it is happening now. All the signs are as clear as crystal. Yet, the world full of Catholics and especially those in authority and closest to the center deny it all. “And anyway, it’s not for us to decide. Accept whatever they say. The Pharisees and rulers of the Temple say X, so X it must be. Maybe one day, they’ll change their minds and declare it Y. Either way. The other guy is just a crazy old man doing crazy old man things. The new guy is a heretic apostate, but they said he’s the guy, so be it”.

And we do nothing. One day, perhaps, our heirs will mediate on our sins and failures to see and do.

The Pope needs us. He is up the mountain alone, suffering for us ... *just as he said*. God is deeply, grievously offended, connected to the world through His Vicar in prayer and contemplation, judgement gathering force as the Faithful follow false teachers and insult our Holy Father who intercedes for us.

“We Catholics must be united to Pope Benedict”.

We can choose. We must choose. It is no excuse to say the Pharisees made us do it. We must choose right, and we have all the tools (*Grace*) that we need to do so. Unite with Pope Benedict XVI. Pray for him. Pray to God for mercy with the Holy Father.
Constantine said…
A minor correction to the comment above: the Apostles and followers did not run away from The Christ. They kept a distance for fear of being taken too. But not just fear. Christ told them at the Last Supper that it was not their time yet. But they would later, also drink of the same Chalice. So it was both some fear, but also out of obedience. St.John was underage, and considered too young and not mentally mature and responsible for his actions enough to kill him. Women at the time, were also considered as not intelligent enough to understand deep theology and philosopy-studied only by men. It was also not proper to kill a woman for errors in faith. Women were expected to be emotionally attached to their men, but not to the details of their philosopies or politics or theology.
cultul said…
Our Lady asked for 4 specific things at Fatima:
1. Stop sinning and do penance
2. Pray the rosary, particularly prying much for the Holy Father, the bishops and priests
3. Make the 5 first Saturdays in reparation for sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary
4. The pope was to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate heart - a request that she specifically requested of Sr. Lucy at Tuy, Spain on June 13, 1929.
NONE of her requests have been heeded fully.
Michael Dowd said…
After all we have been shown by Our Lady of Fatima it is clear that nearly all her predictions about the failure to follow her direction have come to pass. The devilish climax was the bogus installation of Bergoglio as "Pope" who appears to be a creature of the devil. Benedict remains the real Pope. The denouement will be some form of world wide devastation with the Catholic Church as we know it today swept away. I think a renewed Catholic Church will follow, much smaller, non-political and materially poor but spiritually strong.
Kathleen1031 said…
I do not wish to cast a negative light on the hope anyone may have in these days of madness. I also generally understand the Fatima apparition and appreciate it's relevance today, as well as other Marian apparitions.
That so many Catholics are in doubt about who is pope is evidence of an untenable situation. We are in doubt for excellent reasons.
If BXVI is still pope we are in worse shape than we thought. He praises Bergolio. Unless he is being forced to say such things, he has expressed gratitude for Bergolio's care and kindness, and even expressed his agreement with Bergolio on various matters. We have a pope who abdicated, left the papacy and us in the hands of a destroyer. I can't now look at him as our hero, but I also don't blame Catholics who do. What are the sheep supposed to do when wolves close in. They grow confused and they scatter. Even if we have no shepherd in sight, God still has us in His sight and will not leave us.
God help us, Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.
BrotherBeowulf said…
Vigil of Saint Laurence

I’m so glad Socci implores unity with the Pope—Pope Benedict. I absolutely agree.
Yes Fatima is most relevant today in these times of apostasy in the Church.

It would be accurate to describe these our times as the Great Apostasy.

Therefore, Fatima wherein Our Lady gave the diagnosis—and the cure —is the most relevant I daresay of all Marian apparitions.

It is inaccurate however to sum up Fatima without reference to the Third Secret, pace @cultul.

In the Third Secret—which has not been fully revealed but has been revealed piecemeal by reputable eyewitness Cardinals like Ciappi, Oddi and Capovilla, and others—describes the Apostasy in the Church and in all likelihood describes a false pope leading the people into a church of Hell. See eg Zavala; also Socci, “The 4th [sic] Secret,” which canvasses several eyewitness accounts all of which confirm the Great Apostasy in the Church.

Look at Antipope Francis and tell me who it could it possibly be!

Look at our fem bishops who in a scant two generations have destroyed the faith in the hearts of millions—the vast majority of men and women formerly Catholic if one reads the myriad signs of the times including the apathetic response to abortion here in the U. S. & worldwide and the recent Pew survey on belief in the Real Presence.

Not to mention the legion of fag bishops of the despicable ilk of McCarrick Bernardin Deardon

And their acolytes—faggots like Donna Wuerl, Malone, Queen of the Nole Gregory, Fats Tobin and Blanche Cupich. Their specialty: murdering souls.

Bottom line: they—by whom I mean Antipope Francis and his ilk and minions including the vast majority of the Catholic hierarchy—have no faith.

That Benedict is Pope is only consoling insofar as at least he is Catholic, and in a metaphysical and mysterious way.

Abdication of responsibility with his abdication of the power of the office? Yes I tend to agree with you—seems like a bad call from our perspective.

Yes I also agree Pope Benedict made a mistake in resigning as he did in particular by attempting to split the ministry into active and contemplative, and by extension in praising and supporting the Antipope as pope. No doubt errors.

Yet like Job, where was I when the Lord God Jesus Christ King created the universe?

Perhaps Aqua’s oft-sounded theme of the silent suffering Pope bears note here. I propose: Was Christ going to the slaughter silently an abdication?

Benedict’s path has not yet run its course. We owe him our prayers love and respect regardless—or rather especially now because of—any mistakes he may have made in these perilous times.

One great benefit however is the (almost Neitzchean) “unmasking” of Francis and his party for what they are: the will to power, nothing more, of the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church.

I’d invite everyone’s review and consideration of Pope Benedict’s April 11, 2019 Apostolic Exhortation.

Highly relevant to the tumultuous times not mention the sole pastoral act to issue out of Rome in the past six years!

Not only does Pope Benedict name the source of the crisis—homosexuality in the priesthood seminaries and by obvious extension the hierarchy—but he closed his letter with an extended meditation on . . . Martyrdom.

Humanly speaking only the Immaculate Heart can save the day. We are invited to fight with Her in the ways She indicates @ Fatima.

“Rejoice O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”
BrotherBeowulf said…
“If BXVI is still pope we are in worse shape than we thought.”

@K-1031–I don’t believe so. Silent suffering and possible martyrdom of Pope Benedict. He may actually believe he succeeded in “splitting” the papal ministry and by extension the Papacy itself. He may not; meaning he may have no illusions as to who Francis truly is: Antipope. He may have first thought the former and shifted to the latter view in light of the destruction and devastation Antipope Francis has so rapidly and maliciously wrought with glee.

I do not know.

Nonetheless it is clear that Pope Benedict is the Catholic while Antipope Francis is not but rather has been attempting from the beginning to destroy Holy Mother Church with every act and fiber of his being.

While Pope Benedict tries here and there to remind Catholics of the Faith (Card. Meisner eulogy e. g.) and act like the good shepherd, as for example his underestimated April 11, 2019 Apostolic Exhortation as I call it, which I also see as the only pastoral Pontifical act to issue out of Rome in these past six desolate years.

Hence, Fatima.

“Rejoice O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”
BrotherBeowulf said…
But are we in bad shape? Yes that is clear.

That’s why I invoke the Immaculate Heart.

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