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Patrick Coffin: "[T]hat the 2013 [Conclave] Election may be Invalid is... a Gorilla in the Room"

The former Catholic Answers radio show host Patrick Coffin did a interview with Bishop Rene Gracida on the evidence of "activity... canonically illegal" at the conclave that elected Francis which casts "the validity of the papal election... in doubt."

After the interview, Coffin on his website wrote:

"[T]he reaction of most Catholic pundits to the notion that the 2013 election may have been invalid is met with guffaw or a "that's crazy talk." It's a gorilla in the room whose existence needs to be acknowledged before it can be dismissed as harmless."
(, "83: Pope Francis and the Crisis of Confusion - Bishop Rene Henry Gracida," no date given)

The Pope John Paul II conclave constitution "Universi Dominici Gregis" which ruled over the Francis conclave states only the cardinals can interpret that conclave document and therefore pass judgement on if it was a valid or invalid conclave.

For this reason Bishop Gracida has called on a group of cardinals appointed before that conclave by either Pope Benedict XVI or Pope John Paul II to investigate the 2013 conclave as well as to investigate the validity of Benedict XVI's resignation.

We are not Protestants or Sedevacantists so we must do as Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales said:

"[T]he Church must either deprive him, or, as a some say, declare him deprived, of his Apostolic See."
(The Catholic Controversy by St. Francis de Sales, Page 306)

In the mean time we must do what the following Pope and saint said:

- Pope Pius IX: "If a future pope [or antipope] teaches anything contrary to the Catholic Faith, do not follow him. (Letter to Bishop Brizen)

- St. Bellarmine: "[I]t is lawful to resist the pope [or antipope]... who attempts to destroy the Church."
(, "Resisting Heretic Popes," 2018/10)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Aqua said…
The Gorilla in the room is Pope “Emeritus”.

As long as Catholics accept this, our current path will never change.
BrotherBeowulf said…
Yep. He’s the Pope one and only.

Emeritus. That gorilla is puff and mirrors. That dawg won’t Vigil of Saint Laurence

I’m so glad Socci implores unity with the Pope—Pope Benedict. I absolutely agree.
Yes Fatima is most relevant today in these times of apostasy in the Church.

It would be accurate to describe these our times as the Great Apostasy.

Therefore, Fatima wherein Our Lady gave the diagnosis—and the cure —is the most relevant I daresay of all Marian apparitions.

It is inaccurate however to sum up Fatima without reference to the Third Secret, pace @cultul.

In the Third Secret—which has not been fully revealed but has been revealed piecemeal by reputable eyewitness Cardinals like Ciappi, Oddi and Capovilla, and others—describes the Apostasy in the Church and in all likelihood describes a false pope leading the people into a church of Hell. See eg Zavala; also Socci, “The 4th [sic] Secret,” which canvasses several eyewitness accounts all of which confirm the Great Apostasy in the Church.

Look at Antipope Francis and tell me who it could it possibly be!

Look at our fem bishops who in a scant two generations have destroyed the faith in the hearts of millions—the vast majority of men and women formerly Catholic if one reads the myriad signs of the times including the apathetic response to abortion here in the U. S. & worldwide and the recent Pew survey on belief in the Real Presence.

Not to mention the legion of fag bishops of the despicable ilk of McCarrick Bernardin Deardon

And their acolytes—faggots like Donna Wuerl, Malone, Queen of the Nole Gregory, Fats Tobin and Blanche Cupich. Their specialty: murdering souls.

Bottom line: they—by whom I mean Antipope Francis and his ilk and minions including the vast majority of the Catholic hierarchy—have no faith.

That Benedict is Pope is only consoling insofar as at least he is Catholic, and in a metaphysical and mysterious way.

Abdication of responsibility with his abdication of the power of the office? Yes I tend to agree with you—seems like a bad call from our perspective.

Yes I also agree Pope Benedict made a mistake in resigning as he did in particular by attempting to split the ministry into active and contemplative, and by extension in praising and supporting the Antipope as pope. No doubt errors.

Yet like Job, where was I when the Lord God Jesus Christ King created the universe?

Perhaps Aqua’s oft-sounded theme of the silent suffering Pope bears note here. I propose: Was Christ going to the slaughter silently an abdication?

Benedict’s path has not yet run its course. We owe him our prayers love and respect regardless—or rather especially now because of—any mistakes he may have made in these perilous times.

One great benefit however is the (almost Neitzchean) “unmasking” of Francis and his party for what they are: the will to power, nothing more, of the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church.

I’d invite everyone’s review and consideration of Pope Benedict’s April 11, 2019 Apostolic Exhortation.

Highly relevant to the tumultuous times not mention the sole pastoral act to issue out of Rome in the past six years!

Not only does Pope Benedict name the source of the crisis—homosexuality in the priesthood seminaries and by obvious extension the hierarchy—but he closed his letter with an extended meditation on . . . Martyrdom.

Humanly speaking only the Immaculate Heart can save the day. We are invited to fight with Her in the ways She indicates @ Fatima.

“Rejoice O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”

Where’s one going to follow Francis the Pope of Stang? He’s only going one place that same Hell he claimed last Easter “doesn’t exist.” And if it does there’s no shortage of ‘conservative’ fembishops to sell you that no one is actually in it. Not even Judas, which point like most of their schtick runs counter to the very words of the Word.
BrotherBeowulf said…
That Dawg Emeritus...won’t hunt.
Aqua said…
Brother B: I would be very interested to know, all those who pray for the intentions of their Pope at Holy Mass, which specific intentions of Pope Francis they are praying for, and to what extent are they actually following him and to where? Not in general. Specifically: which intention; which theological agenda? Just one. Pick the best. Any takers?
Michael Dowd said…
"Pope" Francis is a usurper, a heretic, and a devils helper. Benedict XVI is still Pope. This should be clear to all.
Islam_Is_Islam said…
Bro Beowolf, Aqua, and Michael Dowd: Agreed, agreed, agreed. Reality is that Pope Benedict's 'pope-ness' for various reasons is not clear to all. Despite that reality, actions and words to move toward the resolution of the debacle that is Francis can be followed. Besides praying and sacrificing and with holding funds, we can make requests. Will you join me in requesting an examination of Pope Benedict's renunciation declaration?
Tom A. said…
The real gorilla is vatican 2.
Tom A. said…
And the Novus Ordo
Tom A. said…
Both are modernists.
Tom A. said…
And modernism.
BrotherBeowulf said…
Yes. Great idea.
Islam_Is_Islam said…
Bro Beowulf: Thank you!
Islam_Is_Islam said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Islam_Is_Islam said…
@Tom A: It seems to me that Vatican II can be declared null as other past councils have been and the NO will go the way of its proponents and adherents--attrition due to death. The faithful (whoever they claim for their pope) have the right to request an examination of the declaration of renunciation in an attempt to resolve the doubts surrounding it. Since there are reasonable doubts, will you request an examination?
Islam_Is_Islam said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aqua said…
Islam-Is Islam: Could you briefly expand on “declared null” and “declaration Of renunciation”? That would be helpful to me to understand.
BrotherBeowulf said…
Destruction, rape and pillage of Holy Mother Church, Bro. A.

Or relatedly leading as many folks into Hell—which doesn’t exist of course—as possible.

Mocking God and Our Lord and Lady seem to be a close third.

Happy Feast of St Laurence and St Philomena!

And let us rejoice this Saturday with our beautiful Lady, who presents us the choice: Francis or Fatima!

“Rejoice O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world!”
Islam_Is_Islam said…
Aqua: An example of a nullified council is the Council of Hieria. It is my understanding that it was at first accepted in 754 AD and then later condemned and nullified at the 767 AD Lateran Council. The primary subject matter, Iconoclasm, reflected the rise of Islam in the Middle East and the censorship of Islamic blasphemy laws in regards to icons and other holy images. Various other reasons are given for the council's invalidity, but again my understanding is that what was once declared valid in 754 was later declared null--perhaps a potential precedent for Vatican-II.

As for my words "the declaration of renunciation", I refer to the Latin of Pope Benedict's Feb 11, 2013 address where he said, "Quapropter bene conscius ponderis huius actus plena libertate declaro me ministerio Episcopi Romae, Successoris Sancti Petri, mihi per manus Cardinalium die 19 aprilis MMV commisso renuntiare ita ut a die 28 febraarii MMXIII, hora 20, sedes Romae, sedes Sancti Petri vacet et Conclave ad eligendum novum Summum Pontificem ab his quibus competit convocandum esse."

A precise English translation that takes into account the use of the subjunctive mood and its possible translation (and therefore would be good to be examined) is: For this reason well aware of the seriousness of this serious act I DECLARE (to which the two 'Infinitive with subject in the accusative clauses' are related--"renuntiare" and "convocandum esse" in italics above) THAT I renounce the ministry of the Bishop of Rome, Successor of St. Peter, entrusted to me through the hands of the Cardinals on the 19th day of April 2005 AND [I declare] THAT a Conclave for electing a new Supreme Pontiff is to be convened by those to whom the competence belongs, provided that the See of Rome, the See of St. Peter BE VACANT from the 28th day of February 2013.

Apparently evidence of the possible role of the subjunctive mood comes into play with the use of vacet and the grammatical construction that uses ita ut. While Latinists apparently have put the subjunctive-mood-possible translation regarding the use of vacet to rest, the main point for me to use the phrase "declaration of renunciation" is that BXVI declared that the ministerio Episcopi Romae was renounced (renuntiare) not resigned or abdicated.

I hope that helps to clarify what I mean. Thank you for asking.
Debbie said…
Thanks for this. Very helpful,
Aqua said…
Yes. Thanks for this, I_I I. Very interesting. Helpful. There’s some meat in those bones. I’ll need to re-read that a second time to fully understand.

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