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Cdl. Burke's Choice: Be Another St. Bernard or be a Useful Idiot

If Cardinal Raymond Burke believes that the Amazon Synod "document is an apostasy" and he knows Francis is the force behind the "apostasy" document then in the name of the red hat which symbolizes martyrdom that he wears he must act despite the consequences.
(LifeSiteNews, "Cardinal Burke: Amazon synod working doc is 'apostasy', cannot become Church teaching." August 13, 2019)

Is Francis the driving force behind the Instrumentum Laboris Amazon Synod document?

Only a idiot (a person of low intelligence) would say Francis is not the driving force behind the document.

Although another type could say the above:

A useful idiot that is one who is unwittingly assisting a totalitarian agenda without comprehending that he is cynically being used by the totalitarian agenda's leader.

So for all the idiots and useful idiots who might claim Francis isn't behind the document here are Francis's words where he says he can numerate and even categorize the Instrumentum Laboris agenda.

When he was asked if ordaining men is a main purpose of the document:

"Absolutely not," he [Francis] said.

Is is simply a number of the Instrumentum Laboris."
(LifeSiteNews, "Pope insists Amazon Synod will focus on environment, not married priests," August 14, 2019)

Cardinal Burke is not a idiot so he knows that Francis is the driving force behind the document and the Synod.

So if Burke is not a idiot or a useful idiot and believes that Francis is the driving force behind "apostasy" then he must act.

First, he must issue the correction as he said he would if Francis didn't answer the Dubia questions.

Next, since he told Patrick Coffin there are "grounds... for calling into question the validity of the [Francis] election" and, moreover, said "I don't think I have the facts, and there have to be facts, to prove that" then he must act on those statements.
(Patrick Coffin show, "Dubia Cardinal Goes on Record - Raymond Cardinal Burke," 19:55 to 21:46)

He must call an investigation on Francis's conclave to find the "facts" on if Francis is a pope or a antipope.

Cardinal Burke must by himself if need be act like St. Bernard of Clairvaux who single handedly investigated if the supposed Pope Anacletus II was a pope or a antipope.

St. Bernard found in his investigation that despite the fact that Anacletus received a majority of the votes of the cardinals he was a antipope because the previous Pope made a conclave constitution that said the majority of "a commission of eight cardinals should... choose the next Pope" and not the majority of the cardinals.
(Warren Carroll's "The Glory of Christendom, Pages 36 to 37)

The renowned Catholic historian Carroll Warren wrote:

"Papal election procedures are governed by the prescription of the last Pope... A Papal claimant not following these methods is also an Antipope."
( library/ homelibr/antipope.txt)

Put in simple terms, Cardinal Burke has a choices: Be another St. Bernard or be a useful idiot.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Note: I want to apologize to Cardinal Burke because in the original post I wrote he "apparently is not a idiot." I deleted "apparently" because it is obvious that he has high intelligence. I am sorry that I didn't clean or edit that out earlier.


Therese said…
Cdl. Burke is in a difficult position, as is Müller. An acknowledgement of the schism (that already exists) will harden the lines on both sides; is he hoping that more of the hierarchy will openly join him before this occurs? It is shocking that so few bishops have defended the Church against the Bergolian machine--this thing would be over already if they had, and what is most disturbing of all, they know it.

Surely they must move before this circus of a 'synod' takes place.
Therese said…
Here's another thought: after Francis and his lieutenants depart for Amazonia, Sister Doorkeeper (preferably the tiny but formidable nun from San Pancrazio), simply locks the gates behind them!
Aaron Aukema said…
I listened to His Eminence's conversation with Patrick Coffin, and I'll be honest, I don't think he truly knows which direction to turn. He didn't outright condemn the idea that the "conclave" was rigged, and he didn't condemn the idea that Benedict is still the pope. Perhaps he believes both are true (meaning that while Benedict is still pope, the cardinals DID conspire to get Bergoglio into the office). I think he is, indeed, waiting for others with which to have these conversations, because the ramifications are immense.

I look at my own circles, and the shockwaves of 12 Cardinals stating 1) that Francis is in heresy, 2) the "conclave" was rigged, and thus we are "sede vacante", or 3) Benedict is still pope, and Francis never was would be extremely intense, and lead to massive amounts of confusion.
Fred Martinez said…
"Jesus said... the truth will set you free." John 8:32
Aqua said…
“The wicked run when no one pursues, but the righteous shall roar like a lion”. Prov 28:1
As to Card. Burke and other orthodox cardinals and bishops, if they had the basic courage simply to resist Francis and his pernicious agenda, openly called him a heretic, and openly took the risk of schism and/or excommunication, they would be able to topple the Pope and turn the page of this infamous and blasphemous pontificate. But they are simply too scared to do so.
Therese said…
"...the shockwaves...would be extremely intense, and lead to massive amounts of confusion."

Aaron, we would find out pretty quickly who is on our side. That's essential information.

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