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Steer Clear of VOTF, SNAP and CTLNYC Media’s “Forsaken” Documentary

We all know that VOTF and SNAP are homosexual or leftist front organizations trying to hurt the Catholic Church.

However, I just learned from a friend that the group called CTLNYC Media which is supposedly making a film about VOTF and SNAP activities is not to be trusted. A spokesperson for the film was "fabricating his identity" and “behave[d] erratically.”

The people involved with VOTF, SNAP and CTLNYC Media all need to make a sincere repentance and go to confession

As my friend said:

“All in all, it's a three ring circus and something stinks about it and if I were you, I'd steer clear of it.”

All Catholics should beware of VOTF, SNAP and CTLNYC Media. Please read the email below for more details.


Hi Fred,

I think I can shed some light. About a year and a half ago, I got a phone call from somebody who told me he was making a film about VOTF and SNAP activity who were unjustly accusing a monsignor of hiding, aiding and abetting a pedophile who I believe was the parochial vicar in the parish.

At some point, parochial vicar admitted to abusing the young girl to the monsignor who then turned him into the diocese, who called the police, etc. It turns out it was two lay teachers who knew about the situation and let the victim be further abused for quite some time before they took an action on it. My recollection is vague about how long these teachers knew but I want to say it was around a year. (Shockingly, the diocese is still employing these teachers!)

When the two teachers finally told the parents, the monsignor was notified and diocese and police were called.

Anyhow, Clohessey got into the picture and you will not be surprised to learn that he drummed up some small town shanty upper butt crack yahoos who were parishioners in the parish to go after - not the teachers mind you - but the monsignor.

This crew has been disrupting religious services for years and generally creating havoc. One of Clohessey's representatives who were riling this crew of parishioners up to disrupt religious services, etc., subsequently got arrested for public sexual perversion. Pot, meet the kettle!

I believe Clohessey, SNAP and VOTF tucked their tail between their legs and ran but the crew of parishioners continued to support the teachers who hid the situation - while going after the monsignor.

Typical nonsense. Luckily, as is typical, the monsignor has a good solid base of parishioners who are loyal to him and who are defending him through the injustices.

The person making the documentary that contacted me I later realized was fabricating his identity but at that time, I thought he was doing a noble thing and I still wanted to help.

I got some other high level people to review the situation and while they were interested, they wanted to know more details before they got involved. As I was trying to get those details, among the details, people wanted to know the actual real identity of the individual making the flick.

I had already arranged a meeting with some reputable Catholic leaders to help and as the meeting got closer, I called the "producer" and told him I was aware that he was not who he said he was and I had known that for a long time, that I was still supportive of the project but in no way could I let a meeting take place with other people unless he was going to reveal his true identity.

At that point, the man started to behave erratically. His behavior got wildly caustic and accusatory and I and my colleagues exited, stage right. Don't know who, what, when, where or why - but as a word to the wise, I would let the offer from CTL pass on by if I were you.


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New Documentary Film Titled "Forsaken" on Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis

Cross The Line

511 Avenue of the Americas Direct:
Suite 531 Toll Free: 800-940-6602
New York, NY 10011-8436

From: CTLNYC Media
Priority Email

Forsaken Documentary

Dear Mr. Martinez,

CTLNYC Media is an investigative news organization currently involved in the production of a documentary film titled "Forsaken" which has as its central theme the aftermath of a sexual abuse incident in a large Midwestern Catholic parish.

The focus of "Forsaken" is, however, quite different from other documentaries recently produced that deal with the sexual abuse crisis in the Church. Specifically, we are examining the effects of media attention and the efforts of groups such as VOTF and SNAP on those close to, but not implicated in, the sexual abuse crisis. We are documenting the damage done to parishes and individual ministry by the "rush to judgment" mentality and the hidden agenda of VOTF and SNAP. In addition, we are including the effects of this "clergy killer" mentality on Protestant and Jewish congregations, which we believe will give our film broad relevance and appeal.

"Forsaken" will feature commentary from such luminaries as Dr. Deal Hudson, Dr. Lloyd Rediger and Catholic columnist Matt Abbott along with interviews and footage of leaders from SNAP and VOTF.

Having read your August 2002 article titled "What is VOTF's Real Agenda?" published in Newsmax (which was referred to us by Mr. Abbott) we would like to request an on-camera interview for inclusion in "Forsaken." This interview can be scheduled at a time and place of your convenience, and a full list of interview questions will be submitted for your review (as well as input) prior to actual filming. There will be no surprise questions or "gotcha's!"

You can refer to our website, for a look at preview "mini" trailer that will give you a good idea of the content and production values associated with this project.

We look forward to hearing from (and meeting you in person) in the near future.


David Graham


Kate Bochte said…

You are right to warn others about CTLNYC and the so-called Forsaken Documentary. If you go on their web site, you will see that the phony film is actually about the pastor of St. Peter in Geneva Illinois, Monsignor Joe Jarmoluk. the complete title of the scam is "Forsaken: A Monsignor's Fight to Save His Faith".

The con artists behind all of this just use the whole VOTF and SNAP stuff in an attempt to rally support from people like you and Deal Hudson. CTLNYC tries hard to paint Jarmoluk as a some pro-life, orthodox priest. Carol McKinley jumped on the bandwagon last year on the CTLNYC message board, mocking me and others and defending Jarmoluk.

I was a founding member of St. Peter's Respect Life Committee. As the PRLC (parish repect life coordinator), I was responsible for getting projects and activities the committee wanted to do approved by Jarmoluk. For those two years, he refused to deliver a single "pro-life homily". Even on Respect Life Sundays, he always had an excuse. The entire month of October was always already booked. After approving a Spiritual Adoption project starting each January, he first had his associate priest come in and deliver the homily while he sat on the altar and, the following year, he was conveniently absent that weekend.

Shortly after becoming PRLC, I asked him for approval of doing the Cross Project on the front lawn. He said, "No, people might be offended". When I asked for clarification, he admitted that it was parishioners he was afraid of offending, not passers-by. I could go on about how Joe Jarmoluk sabotaged the Respect Life Committees efforts for more than two years but it's just more of the same.

He replaced me with a married couple because he wanted to "change directions of the commmittee". Neither of them were even on the committee before and simply repeated the same programs our committee had already done. Jarmoluk started approving all the projects he had refused me. It was obvious he was pulling a George Ryan - the now-imprisioned former Illinois governor who grabbed a cause (anti-death penalty) to rally support for himself as the exposure of his poor leadership damaged his public image and reputation. Ryan got a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. Jarmoluk got Bill Pott, the new PRLC who is banking on Forsaken in more ways than one.

As far as CTLNYC goes, Bishop Doran placed precepts upon Jarmoluk in 2006 to disassociate with the web site and documentary. There were other demands, as well, that Jarmoluk has defied. So much for his "vow of obedience to the bishop".

The character behind the web site who calls himself "Rocky" steals identities of other individuals. He pretended he was Bret Hamilton of the Philadelphia Flyers. The real Hamilton even told the Flyers someone was using his identity. He also uses names like David Graham, Kenneth Crowley, Thomas Morlan, and Thomas Farnsworth.

James W. Grice was convicted in Illinois, Missouri, and Texas for fraud, theft, and other related charges. Authorities estimated that he bilked "investors" out of more than $5 million in Illinois alone. He was given a 45-year parole in Texas but now apparently lives several miles from St. Peter parish in Geneva Illinois. Word is he's a former seminarian.

Matt Abbot was contacted by the phantom 'filmmakers' and did a column on Forsaken but was unable to find the source of funding for the 'film'. It was supposed to be out long ago "in theaters nationwide" and on "PBS's Bill Moyer's show". It's a scam.

I wish Carol McKinley had shown the same measure of discernment about CTLNYC and 'Rocky' as you have shown before defending someone she knew nothing about just because he was a priest and attacking people she knows nothing about. Her CTL posts made her look really foolish. She's not alone, however. Patricia Bainbridge, the Rockford Diocese's Respect Life director, gave Jarmoluk a pro-life priest award because someone told her he gave great homilies on the subject even after I told her of his uncooperativeness with our efforts.

You and your readers can find out more about CTLNYC, Jarmoluk, and Grice at
Geneva said…
Fred, I was completely dumbfounded when a friend of mine told me about your blog and the CTLNYC information you have written about here. I have never heard of you and so I read your personal information...and that you are a journalist. What I object to most Fred is that you did not do your homework. CTL NYC is a scam. That is correct. Your other information is incorrect. Kate Bochte is absolutely correct in what she shared with you.It is criminal how she, her husband, and children have been slandered, the cruel, hate-filled unchristian remarks made about her , her husband, children,being followed, where abouts reported,still has her home spied on and written about on this scam CTL NYC blog and internet radio show. I live in Geneva...home parish of St. Peter Church and school... where one of the victim's was abused by former Father Mark Campobello. The current pastor Monsignor Joseph Jarmoluk and a handful of St. Peter Parishioners are behind this anonymous scam CTL NYC. The only people who disrupted mass were those who verbally assaulted, harassed, stalked, fellow Catholics during Mass at St. Peter,in the church nartex,in the church parking lot, and in the Geneva Community.These insane people followed/follow fellow Catholics around Geneva in their cars photographing them, and recording them, spiing on them and their family members...and posting this information on the CTL NYC Blog and internet radio show. The perpetrators of these violent acts are those people who post anonymously on CTL for almost 2 years now. Fred did you know the Geneva Police had to come to St. Peter's Church because a man who is now head of St. Peter's Respect Life Ministry was harassing and stalking a woman who was trying to go to Mass ?? He had been harassing and stalking her for months while she tried to attend mass. This man has called her every name in the book and gone to her neighbors and lied about her, her husband and family.He has made up stories about her and her family and spread this to anyone who will listen to him. So much for the term Respect Life Fred... I am pro-life...from womb to tomb.To me that means I am to respect the life of all people from womb to tomb. I am to give each person their human dignity. This man who heads the Respect Life Ministry at St. Peter's, many believe, locked the bathroom doors so a woman parishioner who has a medical condition and needs to use the washroom frequently would wet her pants during mass.This woman was traumatized by this situation...and still is.The day this happened it was posted on the CTL NYC blog,(and CTL internet radio show), that they hoped this woman wet her pants...for almost 2 years they have posted cruel remarks about her, her physical size, her need to frequently use the washroom, her backside, her clothes,and suggesting she wear large diapers. They have also attacked her husband on the blog with demeaning, devaluing remarks...full of hate, and cruelty. This man,her husband, teaches religious education at St. Peter, and ministers to the sick. The people CTL NYC attacks and mocks daily are people who went to court and stood up for the victims of former Father Mark Campobello...who went to prison for sexually assaulting 2 girls in their early teens. These people being attacked by CTL NYC---they researched, studied and found out "The Charter To Protect Children and Youth" was not being followed by the Rockford Diocese with regards to the two victims of Mark Campobello.They stood by the victims and their families....that was their "crime". The pastor of St. Peter's and his small group of hate filled people created this blog and have posted false information(they are the anonymous bloggers with fake names) and slandered all the people you have read about on that disgusting blog. I was very offended Fred that you were going along with this and the current pastor of St. Peter. You do not have anything correct. You are completely misinformed.No one who suffers perversion was ever hired or sent to this parish by SNAP or VOTF to disrupt mass or anything at this parish as you suggested...that is false. You have been taken hostage by a priest and a group of people gone astray. Fred there are many, many more instances I could mention in which Monsignor Jarmoluk and his small group of hate-filled people have violated basic human decency and slandered good people. I pray for him and his little group every day.I pray that they turn away from the evil they are promoting and perpetuating.I pray they return to a sane respectful life based on scripture. They have caused a cancer in the St.Peter Parish & School and the Geneva Community by attacking and slandering the victims and their families, those who reported the abuse, the Mayor of Geneva, the Geneva Police Department, the Kane County State's Attorney's Office, and many,many fine people in the Geneva Community and members of St. Peter's Parish. Fred I hope in the future you do your research, study the issues you are pursuing to dialogue and write about before you put your pen to paper. Fred I hope you talk to real live people in person who are credible before you encourage and engage good people who are leaders to join you in a scam that has hurt many, many good people...some who are Catholic and some who are not. They are not "clergy-killers", "dissidents", "evil doers", nor have they committed "theological homicide" as CTL has proclaimed on its fictitious internet radio show/webcast and blog. These are very good people who love the Lord and plan on working all the days of their lives to rebuild and restore a broken church with God's graces and blessings, vision/enlightenment of Holy Spirit...creating bridges for dialogue, civility, respectfulness, and formats to encourage dialogue not only within the Catholic Church but with our brothers and sisters of other faiths, and in society. Fred many of us,(along with our family members), who have been slandered,lied about,mocked, devalued publicly--- we plan to continue to listen and be present to victims and survivors of not only sexual abuse but any abuse. We plan on being very active through the grace and light of God to work for and towards positive, healthy change in the Catholic Church and in society according to Our Lord's own words in Holy Scripture and the teachings of the Church before God calls us home.

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