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Is the Architect of Obama's Campaign (and VOTF Founder) Anti-Catholic?

Is the architect of Obama's campaign and VOTF founder a anti-Catholic who bullhorns Catholic children? Read below to find out.


By Fr. Robert J. Carr

At the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston for several years innocent Catholics were verbally and emotionally harassed every Sunday for doing nothing more than attending mass. Some were called "The Cardinal's Whore", they were called traitors, pedophiles. They were threatened, they were told which door they could and could not enter and exit. Children were screamed at by men with bullhorns Catholic children and adults were harassed.

The organizer of these protests was a certain Marshall Ganz a democratic party strategist and the architect of the Barack Obama campaign. He was also seen outside the cathedral along with Mary Jo Bane of the Clinton Administration who is also a close associate of Hillary Clinton.Both teach at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Harvard supplied the media equiptment for the protesters to record their actions.

Ganz's intention as stated by the organization he formed was to stage a coup of the Catholic Church.
As I tell the Democrats who complain about my words: "There were no Republicans out there." Ganz used as his guidelines the book Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, which, by the way, praises the Devil and gives the recipe on how to attack the Church. Ganz followed it step by step. One of those protesters who was also a staff member (volunteer) of VOTF, the organization Ganz was behind, wrote me the following in a hate mail:

LIAR!!! The church will crush itself . . . you don't need us pagans! hahaha.
I will be there to dance on the ashes and salt the earth.
By the way I was outside your cathedral from 2002 on WHERE'S MY CHECK??

As for your misinformed idea that the Catholics supported the NAZI's you are wrong there too. Deutsche Welle (DW-Voice of Germany) reports that in the elections that brought the NAZI's to power 85% of Catholics voted against the NAZI's whereas 85% of non-catholic Christians voted for the NAZI's. Catholics throughout the regime, again according the DW, were outspoken against the NAZI Policies including the anti-semitism. (,2144,2920787,00.html)

Further the vast majority of non-jewish prisoners in the concentration camps were Catholics including many priests. (source: John Loftus, who at the time worked for the US State Department and also broke the story that the US Government hired NAZI war criminals to spy on the Russians.) The tactics I just described used against Catholics in Boston were also used against them in the Soviet Union and in NAZI Germany and I can safely assume China. You may check out the book He Leadeth Me by Walter Czizek where he describes these persecutions in one paragraph in the book.

Oh by the way among the protesters harassing our parishioners was Larry Phelps' group as well.

Please make sure you have your facts straight before you quote me again. To the moderator of this board from MSNBC, you too need to have your facts straight before you allow someone to attack me like this. God forbid that MSNBC or even NBC news would ever tell the story of the suffering of the parishioners at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross at the hands of Marshall Ganz, or the connection between Marshall Ganz as disciple of Saul Alinsky, and the Howard Dean campaign, the Barack Obama campaign and the rest of the Democratic Party.
Fr. Robert J. Carr, Somerville, MA (Sent Wednesday, December 26, 2007 9:49 AM)

Ann Coulter--On the Mark with Godless

6/10/2006 - 6:00 AM PST

By Fr. Robert J. Carr
Catholic Online

The Parochial Vicar of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston during the priest abuse crisis, I found myself in the midst of a movement that was bigger than a concern of safety of children. Indeed, it became apparent in no time at all, that we were dealing with a well organized operation that had connections to Harvard University, Boston University, Boston College, Hearst-Argyle Television and the Boston Globe. It also had a connection to one other organization whose members cringe when I affirm their involvement—The Democratic Party. The goal, to overthrow the Roman Catholic Church and replace it with a state friendly Church forcing the real one underground a la China.

This became clear after watching protesters, some of them paid, who harassed and verbally abused innocent children and adults with sexually charged words ("Children keep your hands on your privates, there are priests in [the Cathedral]", "You are entering the House of Rape." "You are the Cardinal’s whore." Spoken to a lone black woman entering the Cathedral to attend mass.) Innocent parishioners were labeled pedophiles, another defending the Church was spat upon by a protester. (The protester at another time held a sign that said Power Corrputs, we found out later she was a public school employee. She also sent me a gloating e-mail when she learned that inner city teens were killing each other on Boston streets.)

Yet, further investigation revealed that this movement rooted itself at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and had, among others, Mary Jo Bane, and Marshall Ganz as leaders in this vicious anti-Catholic attack. Bane, who calls herself a Catholic is a former member of the Clinton Administration. She is most famous for her call for children to be plucked from their families to be brought up by the government to ensure perfect equality in society. Ganz, a union organizer and strategist for the Dean Campaign, used his status as faculty at Harvard's Kennedy School and money from the Carnegie Foundation to promote the community organizing that was the harassment of innocent Catholics in Boston and elsewhere.

There were others, David D'Alessandro chairman of the Board of Boston University who called for a political movement against Archbishop O’Malley and thereby tipped his hand as to his involvement in the plot to overthrow the Catholic Church. He is Boston Mayor Thomas Menino's "go to guy". The mayor like every elected politician in Massachusetts, especially Boston remained quiet when innocent Catholics were being bashed. Menino now finds himself in the midst of a mess in which teens are killing each other in his city, the place that harassed innocent faithful in the interest of the safety of rich, white children in the suburbs. Yet, he made it virtually impossible for Catholics to play a part in stopping the violence, so the violence does not stop.

We discovered most, if not all of this, by the end of 2003. It was all confirmed on June 6, 2006 when Ann Coulter published her book Godless.

Reading her prose, I see that she also discovered that there is an organized vicious pagan, anti-Catholic, anti-faith attitude that has gripped the Democratic party and is seeking to snuff out religion and replace it with the doctrine taught at Harvard University. This can become the state religion because what is it they believe in at Harvard? Indeed, as Coulter points out, nothing but lies and vice and that is not illegal, especially in Massachusetts.

Coulter brings out through half her book the reality that the liberal doctrine is based on an atheistic understanding of Darwinism. Liberals hold this evolutionary theory as gospel because it allows them to reject God, she writes. She further illustrates that the liberal understanding of Darwin also creates a book burning attitude towards any science that discredits liberal ideas. After all, liberals remain blind to the fact that true Darwinism disproves atheism, not Christianity.

Coulter specifically illustrates her point using Surgeon General C. Everett Koop's efforts to promote safe sex practices and condom uses rather than indicate that AIDS was predominately found among active gay male populations. This refutation of the science is one of several examples that Coulter uses to show that liberals claim to be scientific except when science flies in the face of their agenda.

She gets the liberal tactics and agenda so right at each turn. Her most publicized criticism is in the case of her statements of the 9/11 widows. This is the act of using victims as a way of silencing disagreement, something she calls liberal infallibility. It is this tactic that has been used over and over again against the Catholic Church. Lawyer funded organizations such as SNAP promote their teaching that all priests are pedophiles while they keep America's eyes away from the fact that public school teachers' abuse accusation rate is almost 40 times that of Catholic priests. Yet, the media remains silent on public school abuse and continues to quote a small group of priest abuse victims, many of whom are an embarrassment to true victims who suffered in silence. A man who identified himself to me as the president of a Bay Area chapter of SNAP actually believed he would get away with stating that all Catholics are guilty of sex abuse. Indeed, I pointed out, his statements toward Catholics are similar to Osama Bin Laden's toward Americans. Yet, the lawyer funded SNAP make these statements because of the liberal infallibility doctrine that Coulter illustrates well in her book. Do you dare contradict a victim even when he speaks politically about things that are ridiculous and false?

The principle found in the 9/11 widows' issue she cites is the same one that says a victim or a family member of a victim of priest abuse not only has the right to seek justice, but to be rude, to harass innocent Catholics, to deny innocent Catholics the right to freedom of religion, to promote gay marriage in the Catholic Church, to demand women priests and to spit upon, verbally abuse, harass, threaten and emotionally abuse innocent Catholics and to slander innocent Catholic priests. This is despite the fact that most victims feel embarassed by the more vocal counterparts' actions.

Coulter highlights another aspect of the liberal toolbox—lies. Demonstrating in her chapter on what she calls the liberal sacrament of abortion, she shows how lies, lies and more lies are what liberals use to hide the truth of the reality of partial-birth abortion and the killing of innocent human life at any stage and any else they support that flies in the faith of common sense.

She does, however, demonstrate a lack of agreement with Catholics on the death penalty maintaining the Conservative arguments for its use.

It is clear that Coulter gets it. She has become the prophetess screaming not only that the Emperor has no clothes but that the liberals seek to silence people of faith. Their tactics are lies, they use victims speaking liberal doctrine who then call you heartless if you speak the truth and they use college professors who have no need to work a real job. Those who saw it at the Cathedral have been saying it since 2002. Now you can read about it yourself in her latest book.

In the 1860's Abraham Lincoln called Harriet Beecher Stowe the woman who started the civil war with her book Uncle Tom’s Cabin. I do not think Godless will be a spark to a civil war, but I do think it will be another nail in the coffin that buries Atheistic liberalism forever. After all, Lincoln also said that you cannot fool all the people all the time. The people are no longer fooled.

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