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Media Witch-Hunt of Pell & Cover-Up of Pope Francis's Sex-Abuse Scandals

-Updated July 2, 2017- The media witch-hunt attacks on Cardinal George Pell seems to be making a fair trial more difficult. It is hoped that a fair trail can prove Pell's guilt or innocence. In 2002, Pell was accused of "inappropriately" touching two men, 40 years in the past, in a swimming pool. The Cardinal was cleared of the charges. (Catholic League, "Cardinal Pell Deserves Fair Hearing," June 29, 2017) The 2002 alleged inappropriate behavior charges are similar to media charges made against conservative Bill O'Reilly that appeared lightweight compared to the gravity of the liberal Clinton's alleged sexual crimes which the mainstream media covered-up. The media similarly is covering-up Pope Francis's sex-abuse cover-up scandal while it applied its witch-hunt attacks on Bishop Robert Finn. The so-called cover-up of conservative Bishop Finn appears lightweight compared to the gravity of the liberal Pope Francis's scandalous act of

"Nake Corruption": Pope Francis "Practically" Controlled by German Bishops in Attempt to Destroy Malta Knights on April 27 reported that a internal document of the Knights of Malta revealed that financially corrupt Malta Knights enlisted the help of "dissident Germans" lead by Cardinal Marx to bring about their return to power using German financial leverage to "manipulate" Pope Francis. After their full return to power they intend to destroy the Knights according to the article. The piece farther reported: "'German bishops practically control the Vatican because they are so rich and the Vatican is so poor'...The document implies that Von Boeselager was able to convince Cdl. Marx along with figures of influence in Rome to manipulate the Holy See into deposing Festing and reinstating Von the heart of the maneuvers to oust Festing was a sweetheart one Ariane Slinger, a wealthy Swiss  lawyer" Festing had to be removed because he was "concerned about the ethical implications" and refused the corrup

Collusion: Are Russia & Pope Francis Proping Up Venezuelan Dictatorship?

-Updated August 26, 2017- Are Russia's Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis ties getting closer because they are colluding or plotting to prop up the brutal Venezuelan dictatorship? A week ago, Francis sent his Secretary of State to Russia. At the same time, a leader of the Russian opposition accused Putin of propping up the Venezuelan tyranny. According to PanAm Post: "Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalni has taken Vladimir Putin to task for financing Nicolas Maduro's brutal regime; he has assured that the Kremlin will not recover the USD $8.8 billion granted in credit to Caracas." (PanAm Post, "Russian Opposition Denounces Putin for Sustaining Venezuelan Regime with Loans, Credit," August 19, 2017) A few days ago, Zenit reported that Francis's Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin said: "Russia 'can help' Venezuela in this 'difficult moment.' 'I think that Russia can contribute to the negotiations.'" (

What is Francis's Strategy for his Gay Mafia Agenda?

Pope Francis strolls hand in hand with the anti-gangster and gay rights advocate Fr. Luigi Ciotti. -Updated September 4, 2017- On September 1, Crux reported that Pope Francis said: "Let's call unions between the same sex 'civil unions.'" (Crux, "'I consulted a psychoanalyst,' Pope Francis reveals in new book," September 1, 2017) The gay/lesbian dissenting New Ways Ministry said: "Pope Francis has never, as pontiff, stated his endorsement of civil unions so flatly. (He did support civil unions as a compromise to his opposition towards marriage equality... As pontiff, he did make a ambiguous statement about civil unions...)." (New Way Ministry Bondings 2.0 Blog, "Pope Francis Allows for Civil Unions for Lesbian and Gay Couples," September 2, 2017) The gay movement New Way Ministry endorsed Francis's apparent endorsement of the civil unions of cohabiting homosexual couples. On June 3, 2003 the then Cardina

Is Soros Through Kushner Infiltrating Trump White House?

Is President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner in cahoots with George Soros and the Democratic party? The Jewish Business News (JBN) on January 31 ran the headline: "George Soros Backed Jared Kushner Venture Cadre With $250 Million" The Real Deal said that "Soros has had a long and productive relationship with the Kushner family" according to the JBN January 31 article. If Kushner is in cahoots with Soros, the first item on the agenda would be to oust conservatives. The second agenda item would be to get Democrat and Soros operatives into the Trump administration. The third agenda item would be to get Trump to break his campaign promises. The New York Times on April 12 claimed conservative Stephen Bannon's White House "job may be in danger" because of longtime Democrat Kushner's growing control of the Trump adminstration. Another longtime Democrat is in cahoots with Kushner to oust Bannon who is the most impor

Pope Francis, Cuba and Leftist ALBA attempt to Prop Up Dictator Maduro

Today, Reuter reported that "Venezuela's leftist, regional allies pledged to support...President Nicolas Maduro." Cuba and the leftist ALBA of 11 Latin American countries vowed to prop up the dictator as massive anti-Maduro demonstrations demanded democracy. Before the Leftist countries pledged support, Pope Francis, also, attempted to prop up the dictator. The Miami Herald on February 8, in headlines, said: "Pope Francis, get out of Venezuela. You're only making things worse." The Herald said that Francis's mediation effort "has legitimized that country's authoritarian ruler Nicolas Maduro, throwing him a lifeline when millions of protesters were demanding his resignation on the streets in October 2016." Maduro officially became a dictator on December 6, 2015 when he stripped all "major powers from the National Assembly." The Herald article ended by saying: Pope Francis... stop being an obstacle in the restoratio

Betrayal: Trump turned into Hillary threatens World War III with Russia

In October, Trump said: "Hillary wants to start a shooting war in Syria, in conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia which could lead to World War III." Trump betrayed his campaign promise in bombing Syria because he heard Russian enemy Turkey's so-called unbiased report on who launched the chemical attack. (Info Wars) The President saw "unbiased" CNN narrative pictures on TV and believed Shajul Islam who was a "primary spokesman and source" for the chemical attack narrative. Islam had been jailed in the UK on charges of aiding ISIS. (Mahound's Many experts say that it could have been ISIS that launched the chemical attack not Syrian President Assad. They say Assad would have to be suidical to do it while ISSI had nothing to lose and everything gain by the attack. Syrian Catholic Bishop Khazen denounced the Trump bombing: "One thing that baffles, in the face of the U.S. military attack on Syria territory, is the speed wi

Change: Does Francis believe in Nothing & Eternal Death according to G. K. Chesterton?

- Updated December 4, 2020 The Vatican II school of the Nouvelle Theologie (New Theology) appears to be central in Francis's thinking. This theology emphasizes becoming over being. Francis says Cardinal Walter Kasper is "profound." The National Catholic Reporter called Kasper "the 'pope's [Francis's] theologian.'" His theology is one extreme example of this school of thought. Kasper appears to not believe in being, but only in becoming because of his Hegelian philosophy. The philosopher Thomas Stark said that one of Kasper's central beliefs is "historical process," that is man's historical becoming or change. Remember that Francis's two favorite words are process and change. In "German Idealism and Cardinal Kasper's Theological Project" for The Catholic World Report, Stark wrote: "Kasper's...'spirit' that--Kasper himself says--is not identical to the third divine person, but is

Pope Francis, Child Porn, Gay Scandals & the Vatican Approved Porn Sexual Predator-Like Program

-Updated November 24, 2017- This week the National Catholic Reporter reported that Pope Francis created a new department for Cardinal Pietro Parolin's Secretariat of State. The Vatican expert John Allen at Crux said of Parolin "that there's no single figure in Pope Francis's Vatican today more trusted, or more powerful." (Crux, "More and more Parolin's face of authority in Francis's Vatican," August 10, 2017) The Reporter in the article didn't reveal that one of Parolin's top diplomats is "sought in Canada for child porn charges" according to CTN News. (CTN, "Vatican diplomat sought in Canada on child porn charges," September 29) CTN's article said that Monsignor Carlo Capella is accused of "accessing, possessing and distributing child pornography" in Winsdor, Canada. "Capella's boss" is Parolin who is head of the Secretariat of State. The monsignor was "a high-ranking prie