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Neocon Imperialism Destroying American Brand.."being subjected to a degree of gaslighting that is unprecedented since..anti-Trump campaigns of the Russia Hoax & now the developing China Hoax"


Renato said…

This is not a question of partisanship on any side, but a sample whose facts reveal the truth.

Wauck confirms something that is evident today: the whole world is watching an Israel lobby that dominates America and can force more degrading action on the representatives of the American nation.

I think this is tantamount to claiming that the U.S. has totally lost its sovereignty.

Soon after the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 with the cooperation of the British, the American nation slowly entered the eschatological era of world domination. Because soon after that, President Kennedy, a clear defender of American interests, was brutally assassinated in the year 1963; because there was another interest that was Zionist within the country, in the example of the war industry that also developed weapons for this new state, in addition to the cooperation of George H. W. Busch's CIA.

We can look for a recent historical fact, which is September 11 in the year 2001.

Two passenger planes crash into the Twin Towers and another into the Pentagon. Nearby witnesses said internal explosions were heard in the two towers. But no forensics were done at the scene; The iron frames were sold to a millionaire company that marketed them as table forks. And there was never an honest forensic examination of the Pentagon building either. Aside from a ridiculous statement that a terrorist's passport was found fully intact despite the immense fire...

The modus operandi is the same and so are the agents.

We will witness that the president at the time was also a Busch, who was very connected to the CIA, that on the day he was quietly in a school holding a book upside down. And we know obviously that there was a war interest behind it as well.

Netanyahu himself, the current prime minister of Israel, said that the Zionist state benefited from it. And they claimed that the Americans are naïve and support the Israeli cause.

So it was no coincidence that the red cattle were from the state of Texas that were taken to Israel for the construction of the Third Temple...

But Wauck does not describe that Putin is also a Zionist. He is influenced by the same sect that Netanyahu pursues a messianic utopian mission. Putin lobbies Israeli, and he is also dominated by them.

U.S. representatives should break with this Zionist agenda for the good of the nation itself; The simple Jewish settlers have nothing to do with it. They should be aware of the Jewish mentors who wish to end humanity's existence on earth; But they should not be attacked with the same hatred. It is an interest in revealing the truth for the good of humanity.

And the sincere Catholic desires only the conversion of all of them.


Renato said…
We can note that the Busch family is very connected to the state of Texas, which a member of the same family financed Hitler, who was also a Zionist, through Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. They were all members of the Skull and Bones society. President Kennedy denounced the interference of these secret societies in the government, because he thought only of the interest of his country.

Renato said…
An oversight was written above: the red cattle from Texas were taken in order to be sacrificed in the Third Temple, not for the construction of it. Thus both Kennedy and the innocents inside the Twin Towers were sacrificial offerings to Moloch, according to the Zionist will that is Kabbalist. The modus operandi is always the same...
Renato said…
Antony Sutton on the Orde Of Skull and Bones.

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