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Flashback: Why are Voris' Church Militant & Opus Dei pushing the Coronavirus Hysteria?

The Spanish website called Sin Miedo de al "Opus Dei" which translates in English to Without Fear of "Opus Dei" stated in Spain that the leftist media and apparently the Opus Dei "conservative" media have united to push the coronavirus hysteria:

"[T]here is not a single Spanish media in which there is a dissident voice... No one dares move a finger or open their mouths to say that there is something strange in so much quarantine and interruption of activity [by lockdowns]."
(Sinmiedoalopusdei, "Architecture of Oppression," April 11, 2020)

Why is the supposedly conservative Opus Dei media in Spain according to this Spanish website pushing a narrative that is destroying the country's political freedom, economy and banning the Mass?

Coincidentally, Michael Voris' Church Militant apparently is also pushing the coronavirus hysteria which it calls the "Wuhan Pandemic."

Randy Engel, a long time investigative researcher into the homosexual sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church and specifically into Opus Dei's part in the scandals, reported that "Voris promotes and defends Opus Dei."
(New Engel Publishing, "All the Men behind the Opus Dei Curtain" By Randy Engel)

Why is the supposedly conservative Catholic Voris apparently pushing a narrative that is banning the Mass?


Aqua said…
After scanning CM’s SSPX “sex-scandal expose” (it’s a form of pornography - I couldn’t bring myself to read it in detail) I have come to the firm conviction these people are a detriment / dangerous to the Faith. No attempt to get the other side of the calumny. Interview the accused - offer them the opportunity to respond in defense. Just a hit piece designed to cover a Holy Order with excrement.

I think CM and their Opus Dei sponsors are fearful of the cracks appearing in the Vatican II wall.

Sorry boys, it’s coming down. This hit piece of scandal porn will do nothing to stop SSPX and the unstoppable return to Tradition by faithful Catholics throughout the world.
"Why is the supposedly conservative Catholic Voris apparently pushing a narrative that is banning the Mass?"

Even more suspect is Voris' recent attack against the SSPX, the one Catholic group amidst this crisis that is actually trying to provide the sacraments to the people.

Ordinarily, I take Voris with a grain of salt, enjoying his work in spite of his unreasonable views on the Society and his questionable past. But this is all very suspicious, and smells of something insidious.

Aqua's above statement that this was an uncalled "hit piece of scandal porn" sounds more correct than not, and I'm starting to feel there are puppet strings involved in this part of the Catholic world.
Fred Martinez said…
I'm glad Catholics are starting to connect the dots not only of Voris, but of Skojec, the pro-abortion eugenicist
Michael Savage, Alex Jones and the increasingly easier to identify controlled opposition.
Fred Martinez said…
And don't forget Voris and Skojec collaborator Virus Trad Tim Gordon.
The crimes may be akin to pornography. Not the reportage of the crimes. Not the first allegation of systemic coverup by higherups at the SSPX.

This article notes Randy Engel's Rite of Sodomy, where Archbishop Lefebvre came in for criticism for failure to oust a know predator in another case.

Does the email chain from the SSPX spokesman and U. S. distruct superior look fake to you?

It doesn't to me.
Fred Martinez said…
Does it say what page in Engel's book? She send it to me years ago.
Yes, Mr. Martinez, in the second installment of the series: page 964, of Mrs. Engels's book:

"Fr. Morello, the superior of La Reja seminary, had intended to expel Urrutigoity. In her book The Rite of Sodomy Randy Engel affirmed:

'Unfortunately, the planned dismissal of Urrutigoity by Fr. Morello never took place as the seminarian had the support of Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta, the SSPX District Superior and other influential priests.

'Instead of being expelled, Urrutigoity was sent to the Priory of Cordoba (Argentina) [over 400 miles away from La Reja] where he received the necessary recommendations that enabled him to transfer to the SSPX seminary in Winona [USA]. By this time Fr. Morello had been posted to Santiago, Chile, so he was temporarily out of the picture.' (p. 964 - bold added)."

From Part II of Series, which may be found here:

Brother Bugnuolo finds the charges as recounted by Ms. Niles credible. As do I.

Nonetheless, I will look forward to how the SSPX hierarchy (as well as priests in the rank and file) responds. I'd say at a minimum, it's time for a new spokesman.
Aqua said…
Brother B: “Reportage if the crimes” will include an honest effort to present the other side and let those fellow Catholics systemically accused of the gravest of all crimes before God *to defend themselves*.

Pornography is the portrayal of the sex acts of others for the sole purpose of personal sexual arousal.

Reporting porn is the portrayal of an act of others for the sole purpose of personal rage arousal.

This hit piece drips with condescension and hatred - toward SSPX specifically and their Apostolate of orthodox fidelity generally. In that context are accusations of the mist serious of crimes AND the conclusion that the Order itself is complicit and thereby rotten; their orthodoxy thus just a hypocritical shield to protect them in their ongoing depredations.

All of this ... without interviewing the accused (the SSPX Order, systemic accomplices). They just hang a bunch of serious accusations around the entire Order’s neck.

This piece connects “two separate threads” (their words), “Liturgy and sex crimes”. I find that outrageous. Damnable.

One light is burning in the entire darkened world: SSPX Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. All the Sacraments readily available. And CM does this. It’s disgusting.

Both sides. Talk to the accused. Give them the courtesy of response, defense. CM should do this or they are exposed as deceivers and frauds.
Mr. Martinez, Even more interesting is the link to Professor Bond's letter, asking the excellent question how Fr. Urrutigoity could be kicked out of one SSPX seminary for soliciting a student, and thereafter ordained at another, Winona(!).

There is also a further reference to Mrs. Engel's work (Page 963) in Part I of the series, showing Archbiship Lefebvre was directly handed a dossier on Urrutigoity, here:

@Bro A--

I share your disgust and revulsion on reading the article. The allegations may well be true, that was the greatest horror. I have daughters. You do too. Had it been one of our sons pulling that trigger I think we'd have a different perspective.

Meanwhile, ChurchMilitant tried to get SSPX's side, or at least say they did. The email chain supports their claim.

They asked the SSPX, and got no response. The email chain reflects that the SSPX decided not to answer. As CM also writes toward the end, and I almost did not get there either:

"All throughout our research Church Militant was faced with repeated stonewalling from SSPX leadership, either given outrageous reasons why they would not answer our questions, or choosing to say nothing at all."
Fred Martinez said…
Thanks Brother Beowulf.
Jude said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jude said…
I do not have a horse in this race. I have no allegiance either to Voris or to Opus Dei. That said, I have read many books and articles by Randy Engels and I have found her reporting full of inaccuracies and outright falsehoods. Her scholarship is, at best, shaky. Her agenda--with which I would mostly agree--has tainted her research. Her writing is not reliable.
Aqua said…
My disgust is with the CM “reporting”. It very much reminds me of how Cardinal Burke was treated by the Aussies. *Everybody* knew, KNEW, he was guilty, guilty, guilty! Evidence? Lacking. “Doesn’t matter - he’s a monster! He doesn’t deserve it”!

*One week* after Easter, SSPX (alone) bravely carrying our Lord forth in a dark world to the suffering Faithful ... now they’re just a bunch of sex pervert pedo-criminals covering up for other sex perverts in a Trad Cult (her words), their Liturgy used as cover to further their deceptions and depravities.

These are Priests of God. This Holy Order is established as an anchor in orthodoxy - Truth. And this reporter is blasting unsubstantiated sex crime charges against them, across Christendom. Without presenting a defense, the other side.

The glee with which this is done, I find that the most repulsive of all. Her tying together of their orthodoxy and Traditional Liturgy (!) with their *alleged* systemic sex crimes is nauseating.

These are Priests of God. Let them have their day in court, *IF* charges are ever filed, *IF* a trial is ever granted, before fellow Catholics pile on and destroy these men as something they have not been proven to be: pedo sex pervert rapists.

*Innocent - until proven guilty*. We’d all like that standard, don’t you think? Can we not grant that to our Priests? Too much to ask?

Instead of writing a hit piece article, file charges in court. Back it up in a meaningful way. Put everyone under oath, and shine light on the darkness in a trial. That’s how we do it.

What a circus!
Those of us who know Opus Dei and have family members who are numeraries and super numeraries in Opus Dei, know how Opus Dei regional directors are proficient and so well trained in manipulating consciences. They make sure their members avoid bringing up certain topics in discussions like politics (whether inside and outside the Church). I call it the Pay, Pray, and Obey, mentality, and it is a heresy called "fideism" where you are told that you will never know the Truth about things of this earth since the Divine Truths are beyond reality, and you must only keep the focus on the Divine Truths alone in order to be a saint.

This is far from what Saints ever did.
I think we need to look at the bigger picture.

If you accepted Vatican II you were ordained. If you did not you were not, unless you went to a group like the SSPX.

But men, whether Catholic or not, still are tempted as men, and whether they fall or not is their own responsibility, even though Jesus Christ is there for Catholics with the grace to resist temptation.

Male clubs generally protect their members rather than rock the boat. Having clout in the club is frequently the cause of overlooking faults, sins and crimes.

These scandals should encourage us to rededicate ourselves to Jesus Christ and demand justice for all, while not destroying good institutions which are populated with many honest men.

However, corrupt leaders need to go, even if they are bishops. Its an act of self defense for the Church to punish them and remove them from ministry.

Moving priests around rather than defrocking them is not new. It has been done ats least as far back as the 13th century, and probably further.

Now there is enough evidence to show that this way of handling the problem is not of God and does not protect the Church.

A lot more priests will be exposed for pedophilia, until the end of time. And there is always a lot more sin out there than we could care to know of.

But for the sake of children's protection, I do not see why we should be blaming anyone but the perps in this case and their handlers.

Corrupt priest are not the organization, they are a disease in the organization.

Don't take scandal therefore. Let us pray for everyone, victims and perps and handles, and not forget the 10s of thousands of faithful whose faith is shaken to the core in these days.

Aqua said…
Living in the realm of gossip is exceedingly unhealthy, which is what this all is. The Bible and the Catechism has much to say about gossip, slander and false witness. Maybe these charges are true. Maybe they are not. But their publication and their connection to the Holy Order (not a club) itself and the glee with which they are connected to their orthodoxy and Traditional Liturgy is offensive.

“.... So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire! And the tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. The tongue is set among our members, staining the whole body; setting on fire the whole course of life, and set on fire by hell .... but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. With it we bless our Holy Father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God.” (James 3: 5-10 abr)

I fully recognize that crimes, grave, the gravest of them all, have been and are committed by Priests everywhere. But to conclude, as this article does, that the Order itself is rotten, using Liturgy and orthodoxy as a cover for criminal predations against children, smearing the Order and its individual Priests as systemically criminally abusive, is the worst kind of calumny. They are all under suspicion, now. Which is the intent. That is what gossipers do.

And it just amazes, how easily and quickly Priests get thrown under the bus. The intent was to smear SSPX as a systemic criminal abuser of children - their Liturgy and Orthodoxy used as criminal accomplices (the “two threads” - Liturgy/sex crimes - mentioned in her conclusion).

I understand the individual sinner (I am among the worst); sometimes these commit crimes, heinous crimes. Anyone can be forgiven while life yet remains I reject the general smear. That smear, the general smear and wide A public application of sin beyond the proven sinner is what got me so upset.

And I would just caution everyone to be very careful about accusing our Priests unless we know all the facts. Which this article does not present. At All.

Vitae said…
Mr. Martinez, I think you shouldn't lump Alex Jones in with the virus-tyranny enablers. It's true that he thought the disease was a real danger back in January (I have a guess as to why, but it's probably of little interest to anyone), but since then he's been vociferously denouncing the whole situation as a hoax, and a pretext for ruining our country, and Western civilization as a whole. He does allow differing opinions to be aired, and maybe you've only seen Mike Adams spouting his pro-medical-tyranny views on his network. Adams is definitely controlled opposition, whether he realizes it or not. Jones has some big blind spots regarding the True Faith and he's pretty confused about the meaning of the Sixth Commandment, but I have to say, he's invaluable in exposing the tyrannous cabals that wish to subvert not just the Church, but all humanity, into a new openly-satanic society.
Fred Martinez said…
Do some research on both of Jones frequent guests fake conservatives Adams who to this day is pushing the Bill Gates coronavirus hysteria and pro-abortion eugenicist Savage whose from wife had two abortions. Jones and Adams did this same scam before 2000 claiming the end of world unless you bought their products.
Aqua said…
Breaking News: Summorum Pontificum is being reviewed by the Holy See, CDF, in consultation with the world’s Bishops.

The TLM and orthodox Catholics are sustained tenuously, a mere thread.

Context for the current set of unsubstantiated charges against the SSPX and their missionary efforts to the world gone dark. Now, just a little bit darker.
Unknown said…
The enemies of Church are in fifth gear towards Daniel 12,11!
Fred Martinez said…
Typo alert: ... Savage whose former wife...
Aqua said…
The SSPX response to the CM *allegations*.
Montejurra said…
The naked bare cross without Jesus Christ Crucified thereon is the seal of Opus Dei. A cross inscribed in a circle: the Cross embracing the world - sanctity in the middle of the world. The absence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Son of God, on the cross is conspicuous. The Opus Dei conspirators, who labored tirelessly to convert the government of once Catholic Spain into the Communist State that it is today, methodically removed from Spanish society all reference points in its public life to the Catholic history, the Catholic unity and the Catholic identity of Spain.

The end results of this criminal dethronement of Christ the King throughout the world at large has been the enthronement of blasphemies which perfectly correlates with the Conformist-Compatiblist agenda to morph the Catholic Church into the Talmudic chaplain of the Luciferian New World Order.

Which takes us back to the latest foray of Church Militant vs. the SSPX. Michael Voris is soft on Opus Dei stemming from his previous dalliances with the Prelature that financed his enterprises. Opus Dei is viscerally opposed to the Council of Trent that is the organic charism and constitution of SSPX. There is no love lost between Opus Dei that identifies with the City of Man (the world) and the SSPX that at least formally identifies with the City of God and the salvation of souls. Aside from this longstanding animus between the two, there is the apparent perfidy on both sides with respect to clerical sexual abuse: neither side appears to consider sexual abuse a crime and, additionally, neither side views themselves as complicit in the crimes when they cover them up. This is a real problem, the refusal by both sides to recognize grave offenses against God and man that merit severe punishment. Whether they want to admit it or not, each time a priest or nun or brother sexually molests someone else they do it to Christ.

This malignant and obstinant refusal of Opus Dei, among others of their Talmudic ilk, to be Christ-centric in all aspects of their spiritual life is an abcess on the Mystical Body of Christ that only aids the Anti-Christ, -- it needs to be lanced and drained as soon as possible.

The Opus Dei focus is a Talmudic emphasis on sanctifying work in the world, not on the Catholic sanctification and salvation of souls and the consequent Social Reign of Christ the King. This whole intrinsically distorted sanctification of work is Talmudic, a forward projection from the Marrano family background of Josemaría Escrivá who founded Opus Dei. Opus Dei from its founding was not and is not Catholic. Michael Voris does not understand that.

Talmudic Opus Dei and corrupt clergy are a severe Divine chastisement because we sinnners have not been sufficiently Catholic. Opus Dei, along with the Society of Jesus, needs to be permanently closed down - - Our Lord Jesus Christ does not need either of them to refashion His Church into a Talmudic chaplain for a divinized humanity under the aegis of a Communist World Government-United Nations.

As for the SSPX, fidelity to the Mass of All Time and to the Council of Trent precludes the complicit cover-up of very serious crimes and offenses against the Divine Majesty and Rights of Christ the King and against the rights which all human beings possess from Almighty God. If the accused priests are guilty of crimes, then they deserve to be punished civilly and Ecclesiastically, and Yes, excommunicated from the Catholic Church; otherwise, there is no justice. And this leaves untouched the further resort to the Millstones....

Justina said…
I think you mean Pell, not Burke, right?
Aqua said…
Justina: I did mean Cardinal Pell. Thank you for the correction. Kind of important.

Most sites allow me to edit. Others don’t. This one, not.

If I had the time, I would check everything more carefully than I do. Out of respect, I should. Thanks.

That being said - the *mania* that sucked Cardinal Pell into the gaol, absent any credible evidence against him, seems to be a symptom of another, more deadly infectious disease ... of the spiritual variety. On full display with CM and its many defenders, against this Godly safe-haven of a missionary SSPX Order.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brother, It wasn't a haven for Michael Gonzalez. And many another kid. The SSPX lay counselor is in jail for a hundred years. Got'st to flush the foxes out of the henhouse. The wolves must go, whether the name is McCarrick or ends in SSPX.
Well-said Montejurra!

I just came from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In public. In a church. With a very devout and good young SSPX priest. I can only imagine the cross these allegations are for him.

It occurred to me there that the SSPX leadership, in contrast to the padre just noted, doesn't get it.

They are missing a couple of key facts. First, an overall pattern of conspiracy seems to be the common thread in every case in the Voris report.

There's zero concern for the victims, all for cya, or save it, more to the point.

Also, that their top brass is seen busy consulting with a dopey 30-something lay spokesman rather than a seasoned St Thomas More type gov't affairs and criminal defense lawyer. For they miss one more thing that you Montejurra, nail: If guilty, justice demands punishment.

Were I their lawyer, I would thank Mr. Voris for his report. It may well have saved lives; lives the SSPX are vowed to protect.

Therefore, I would urge the SSPX to issue a statement vowing to bring to justice any SSPX priest, religious, employee, donor or parishioner who raped a child or seduced a woman under his care, and anyone who knew about it and did nothing.

I would also advise: the U. S. superior and district chief, resign, immediately, completely--get thee to a nunnery, or a scullery--you're busted to private dishwasher porter for several decades--if it is the case, as appears probable, that they even remotely appeared to or actually engaged in a cover up; Complicit Clergy Kills.

As in many a scandal from Watergate onward, the coverup is often worse than the crime.

I would advise the SSPX address every case directly (as they promised to do) and as to those under criminal investigation, say so, which would impose discretion and a certain inability to discuss the case in deference to the rights of the accused. This would not preclude full cooperation w L. E. which they also assure us is their intent.

Facta, non verba, please. Your Order is at stake.

And please, stop taking legal advice from your spokesman.

Our Lady and Her Immaculate Heart, as the good SSPX priest said, will triumph. May his superiors hear him.
Justina said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trg said…
Alex Jones led a protest against the lockdown this past Saturday. You are right about Mike Adams. He's nuts. I wrote that we are going to be eating each other by summer. I unsubscribed from Natural News due to his fear mongering on this virus. I read he had a scan with Y2K in the 90's.
Trg said…
Mike Adams wrote not me. Typo.
Michael Dowd said…
Opus Dei has supported CM for many years. The last time I talked with Michael Voris I asked him if he was a member of Opus Dei and he changed the subject and didn't answer the question. Later CM claimed he was not a member. At the time I was a Cooperator in Opus Dei and asked the Regional Director if Church Militant was OK to watch. He said yes and said they did good work.

So, I conclude that OD and CM are affiliated in some way.
Fred Martinez said…
Can you give me more info on OD?

Can you give me more info on Voris' connection to OD?

Michael Dowd said…

I have no further information than that provided. You might check with Randy Engle.
Fred Martinez said…

Can you tell me your exact conversation with Voris above, but more importantly your personal experience with it as compared to traditional Catholicism?



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