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Raymond Ibrahim ‘The Left’: Born of the Lowest Circles of Hell..."clandestine evil from a supposed friend... Islam and the so-called “Left” — in this case, in the guise of the K-through-college education system.... Islamic institution of slave-soldiery"

‘The Left’: Born of the Lowest Circles of Hell

What’s worse, physical evil from an open enemy, or clandestine evil from a supposed friend?

One need look no further than to Islam and the so-called “Left” — in this case, in the guise of the K-through-college education system — to appreciate the distinction.

First, consider the Islamic institution of slave-soldiery. For many centuries in those southeastern European regions that were subjugated by Islam, especially in the Balkans, the Turks compelled Christian families to make an annual blood tribute of their own sons.

The Muslims would select the strongest, healthiest, and most talented young European boys, and then march them off to the Ottoman heartland. There, the youths would be forcibly converted to Islam, indoctrinated in the teachings of jihad, and trained to be — and rewarded for being — warriors par excellence. The Turks would then set loose these janissaries — meaning, “new soldiers” — on their former Christian kin, thereby perpetuating the cycle of conquest, enslavement, and conversion, always to Islam’s demographic gain and Christendom’s demographic loss.

As the author of Balkan Wars explains:

Despite their Christian upbringing, they [janissaries] became fanatical Muslims and earnestly maintained their faith as warriors of Islam.  This cruel practice of what today can be defined as the “brain cleansing” of the Christian populations of the Ottoman Empire is perhaps the most inhuman Turkish legacy.

As bad as all this sounds, in his recent review of Defenders of the West, William Kilpatrick made some interesting connections between past and present:

Thus indoctrinated, the youngsters [Christians-turned-jihadists, or janissaries] often developed a slavish devotion to Islam and their Islamic masters, and a deep hostility toward Christians. Although the institution of the janissaries was novel at the time, we have seen several similar examples in the modern era. Both the Hitler Youth and the Soviet-era Young Pioneers aimed to inculcate youngsters with beliefs and values that were often in opposition to those of their parents. Moreover, children who betrayed their parents to the authorities were held up as models for other youth to emulate.

The most recent example of an organized attempt to separate children from their families and from the faith of their families can be found no further away than your neighborhood school. All across the country, children are being indoctrinated to believe that gay is okay, that boys have the right to use the girls’ locker room, and that children can choose their own gender.

Some teachers and counselors even encourage children to believe that they have been assigned the wrong gender and offer to assist them in transitioning to their “true” identity. In the meantime, they advise the children not to inform their parents.


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