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The Sheriff Fred, Big Cat & St. Corbinians Bear Letters Controversy

There has been another sighting of the great St. Corbinians Bear in the Catholic Monitor comment section. This latest Bear visit has ignited the controversy of if the correspondence between Big Cat (the mountain lion) and Sheriff Fred might be cleverly disguised forgeries of letters between the Bear and the Sheriff:

The Bear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Bear said…
The Bear highly recommends both "The Secret of the Rosary" and "The Secret of Mary" by St. Louis de Montfort, as well as, of course, his "True Devotion." His style is simple, sweet, and perhaps even naïve by today's standards, but he has Marian devotion dialed in like nobody else. I can't imagine anyone staying sane in today's world without saying the rosary of the Most Holy Virgin Mary while mediating on the mysteries. The Bear is a great believer in the s-l-o-w rosary.

Also, the Divine Office.

And you sure that's a Big Cat?
The Bear said…
Sigh. Removed by author due to duplication. The Bear always worries people will imagine all sorts of horrible Bearish things when they see a comment removed by him.
Fred Martinez said…
Dear Bear,

It is true that the letters between Big Cat (the mountain lion) and Sheriff Fred which were posted by the Catholic Monitor have a certain resemblance to correspondence between you and I. However, the content of your letter was cleverly disguised.

Sheriff Fred 
The possibly forged letters:

The Catholic Monitor has no intention of explaining how the following correspondence fall into its hands:  

Big Cat,

Ole Sheriff Fred would ride off into the sunset with Silver except the Lone Ranger was mad as a wet rooster. He told me that you went and indulged in your weakness for horseflesh. It looks like I gotta walk off into the sunset.
But, you don't get out of joining the my two man (or one man and one mountain lion) posse that easy. I here do deputized you as part of my posse. The Sheriff does bear firearms, but you don't have to worry because he is world famous for being the slowest draw in the West.

Nothing at hand. If you could just throw together your clever humorous mountain lion stuff about why the Big Cat was gone from the Wild West and why he is returning.

The Sheriff's style is journalistic commentary with straight evidence commentary. But, I do the devotional when I am inspired which is important. I have been told by readers they like my two Sheriff Fred pieces because they need a little comedy relief because times are so dark in the Church. Besides that, I just like having some fun. My comedy is pure ridiculousness, but your humor is light and yet insightful. If we did something with the mountain lion and the Sheriff it would be the Big Cat who would be the hero and SF the sidekick comedy relief. You would write the story and I would contribute some Sheriff dialogue unless you want pure ridiculousness. I am going to study the Fr. Brown stories and see if I can actually write something like that.

What is your cat style of writing?

Sheriff Fred

Sheriff Fred,

Being part of your posse would be something the Big Cat would feel is a bother and might disturb his catnap. Besides, us mountain lions are uncomfortable in large groups. In addition, there are not a lot of mountain lions in Dodge City and Tombstone. The Big Cat also doesn't feel comfortable around firearms.

The Big Cat is considering writing a story about his adventures in the Wild West which might finally get him the attention he merits. If you are serious about writing about my Old West adventures, can you tell me about you style of writing as a journalistic lawman?

You should be advised that the Big Cat has a taste for horseflesh.

Big Cat

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


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