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Bugnolo is not a "Never Trumper"

On July 18, Br. Alexis Bugnolo came into the Catholic Monitor comment section apparently accusing President Donald Trump of being for "the deep state":

If Trump is against the deep state, why did he not clean it out?
If Trump is against the Covid hoax and for Making America Great Again, why did he destroy the US economy with a lockdown_
If Trump is against Gates, why did he move 1.8 billion from WHO to Gavi?

And finally, if Trump did do all these things, why do you think his retweet of Vigano's letter means that both of them are not working for the deep state?

("Does the Francis/Soros Deep Church & Deep State want to "Eradicate" Vigano & Trump?") []

On July 20, the Catholic Monitor did a post "Apparently Never Trumper Br. Bugnolo vs. Fr. VF & Catholic Monitor Readers" in which it said:

The From Rome editor, apparently a Never Trumper, Br. Alexis Bugnolo came into the Catholic Monitor comment section seemingly accusing those who support President Donald Trump of suffering "from group think."

The Monitor wrote "apparently a Never Trumper, Br. Alexis Bugnolo."  Merriam-Webster's definition of the word "apparently" is:

" [I]t seems apparent used to describe something that appears to be true based on what is known."

On the basis of Bugnolo's statement " if Trump did do all these things, why do you think his retweet of Vigano's letter means that both of them are not working for the deep state" it appeared to the Catholic Monitor that since he thinks "Trump... [is] working for the deep state" that "it seem[ed] apparent... to describe something that appears to be true based on what is known" that Bugnolo was "apparently a Never Trumper."

Today, the Monitor received a post in its comment section from Bugnolo stating despite his apparent statement that Trump is "working for the deep statethat he is not a "Never Trumper":

"To call me a Never Trumper is pure calumny and libel, as everyone who knows me can testify."
The Catholic Monitor apologizes to Br. Bugnolo for writing that he was "apparently a Never Trumper" because he apparently said Trump is "working for the deep state." 

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Justina said…
It's regrettable that Brother Bugnolo us so overreactive. "Libel?" "Concern for your soul?" All because the Catholic Monitor used a fluid, not-easily-defined slang term which could have been refuted quite politely instead? Brother might not be a Never Trumper (whatever that means), but he is an Always Righter (meaning that nobody else gets to say anything, whenever he's around).

Aqua said…
I think it is appropriate to always be aware of group-think and guarding one's beliefs from being affected by the "madding crowd".

As a defensive measure against a truly evil opponent that wishes the end of America and violence against those who love their country (especially the most defenseless among us - they seem to thrive on intimidation and outrageous acts), it is natural to gravitate toward the group occupying the defensive position. Still, we Catholics especially must retain our sense of reason and faith amidst the chaos. We must see Christ amidst the smoke of political battle and not let the emotion of the crowd carry us to places we really can't go and remain Catholic. We must be willing to be the voice that guides an unreasoning conservative crowd following Trump if his policy and leadership are against conservative (and in our case, Catholic) principles. And they may well be. The shut-down was his decision. That was the most horrible, destructive singular decision in the history of our nation. And I don't mind saying that at all.

If that is what Br. Bugnilo meant (I haven't followed this thread) I agree with him.

Justina said…
There is certainly such a thing as groupthink, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize it is going on all around us and is to be assiduously avoided, but anyone (including the learned Brother) who thinks the Catholic Monitor characteristically participates is failing to follow not only this thread, but also pretty much anything that is happening at all.
Aqua said…
As I mentioned above, I am a strong Trump supporter, but separate clearly and cleanly on the topic of shutdown and to the extent he supports them - masks.

This 2 minute talk by an Irishman on trial is the best I've heard I why the Covid Doomsday Cult scam and the masks that come from it are not just wrong but ... evil. We must resist them with all due diligence. Great video. Only 2 minutes.
Justina said…
On the strength of Aqua's recommendation, I will watch.
Mark Millward said…
Aqua does it again - balm to bruised egos! Well said.

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