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The Signs of the Times: And the Blindness of Traditional Catholics

By James Larson

When it is evening, you say, It will be fair weather, for the sky is red. And in the morning: Today there will be a storm, for the sky is red and lowering. You know then how to discern the face of the sky: and can you not know the signs of the times?” (Mt. 16:3).

“The men of Nineve shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it; because they did penance at the preaching of Jonas. And behold a greater than Jonas is here.” (Mt. 12:41, Luke 11: 32).

“And as in the days of Noe, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, even till that day in which Noe entered into the ark. And they knew not till the flood came, and took them all away; so also shall be coming of the Son of man be.” (Mt. 24: 37-39).

An extraordinary blindness and superficiality now reigns in the world of traditional Catholic media, and thus presumably, in the minds and hearts of virtually all of those who wish to be considered traditional Catholics. This superficiality reigns in regard to four  areas: 1) understanding the depths and threat of the current crisis within the Church; 2) a virtual total absence of the question as to why God is allowing this chastisement upon us; 3) an equally extensive failure by those who consider themselves orthodox and traditional Catholics to look to their own adulteries with this world as also being responsible for this chastisement; 4) the virtual universal failure to understand the “one thing necessary” for deliverance from the apocalyptic evil that is descending upon us.

The Depths of the Crisis
Having witnessed the words and actions of Pope Francis and his many collaborators and apologists in recent years, it was not difficult for the traditional Catholic media to predict that the Amazonian Synod was being prepared to overturn, or at least severely compromise, many traditional Catholic beliefs and praxis. Much was written in the weeks and months preceding the Synod about agendas for such things as a married priesthood, female deacons and priests, inculteration of pagan belief and practices (including worship), liberation theology, etc.

Since the closing of the Synod, most of this media attention has focused on the pagan events in regard to the Pachamama statues, venerated (and worshipped) in the Vatican Gardens (with the personal blessing of Pope Francis) and other places in Rome. The primary focus of the traditional Catholic media has thus come to focus on the horror of inclusion within the Church (especially with the blessing and justifications rendered by Pope Francis and other members of the hierarchy) of pagan worship and idolatry, especially associated with the secular agenda of an “integral ecology” which is to be identified with a worship of “Mother Earth”. All of this, in conjunction with Pope Francis’ embrace of the statement of the Abu Dhabi Declaration that “the diversity of religions is willed by God”, has of course also added fuel to belief that the ultimate goal of these efforts is the Masonic dream of one-world government and one-world religion.

The question, however, presents itself: What is the ultimate object of this idolatry and blasphemous unity? We would certainly be naïve to believe that, in justifying and blessing the Pachamama statues and the accompanying worship of it as some sort of Mother-Earth goddess, Pope Francis and his supporters are identifying such pagan worship as the end-point of their agenda. Nor do we reach the depths of this agenda by seeing it only as the Church surrendering to one-world Masonic ideals. Something much more perverse and occult has established itself deep within what Pope Pius X called the vital energy of the Church in order to explain this prostitution.

As explored in a number of our articles (individually linked below in our Course of Study), this something is the establishment of the Cosmic Evolutionary Theology of Teilhard de Chardin as the new theology within the Church.

It should have been obvious, especially as analyzed in our recently published article, A Love That Maketh A Lie: Amoris Laetitia and the Teilhardian Agenda, that the immediate target of all the horrific errors promoted by Pope Francis and his supporters is the well-defined Catholic doctrine concerning charity as applying to that state of the soul which is established in the friendship of God (sanctifying grace). It is of course totally illogical and self-contradictory to believe that there are conditions which would allow divorced and remarried persons to receive Holy Communion (thus committing the objective sin of sacrilege) if one believes in such a concept of the soul and its necessary possession of charity (sanctifying grace) for the reception of Holy Communion. The same is also true of such grave sins as homosexuality, so-called gay marriage, any inclusion of pagan idolatry and practices into the Catholic Church, the promotion of any objectively grave errors in regard to Catholic dogma, or of any objectively grave moral sins. Any pastoral policies promoting inclusiveness towards individual persons or religions living in such grave errors and mortal sin could only be embraced if the possession of charity has ceased to be viewed as a state of the soul, and instead has become identified with a universal unmerited and unconditional mercy considered as being necessary for inclusion of all human beings in an evolutionary ascent towards the Omega Point of Godhead. This is the fundamental heresy expressed in Amoris Laetitia. And it is the necessary conclusion of Teilhardian Cosmic Evolutionary Theology: a theology through which all Catholic philosophy, theology, and praxis must be transformed into evolutionary becoming at the total expense of the concepts of real being and fixed nature. In other words, while the immediate target for destruction is the concept of the human soul possessing a fixed nature which requires the possession of sanctifying grace in order for it to be in the friendship of God, the ultimate target is the immutable nature of God and His immutable Revelation. As Teilhard de Chardin wrote:

“What, on the other hand, do we find if our minds can embrace simultaneously both contemporary neo-Christianity and contemporary neo-Humanism, and so first suspect and then accept as proved that the Christ of Revelation is none other than the Omega of Evolution?”

It is Christ, in very truth, who saves, – but should we not immediately add that at the same time it is Christ who is saved by Evolution?” (The Heart of Matter, p. 92)

Such is the dynamic of what now descends upon us. It is the only possible explanation for the inversion of the Catholic Faith which now is being promoted at the highest levels of the Church. In being blind to this depth, traditional Catholic media, and members of the hierarchy and the Catholic intelligentsia whom they go to for wisdom on this crisis, are wading in the shallows while a tsunami is on the horizon.

But we have not yet penetrated to the depths of the present blindness, simply because we have yet to understand its causes.

Why Has God Done This?
If we truly believe that God loves the Church as His own Bride, and that Christ truly loves the Church as his own Mystical Body; if we truly believe that Christ is still being faithful to His promise “”Behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world” (Mt. 28: 20); and, especially, if we also truly believe in Christ’s words to Peter (and by necessary inference, to his successors in the Papacy) “Upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”, then we are faced with what should be the totally obvious question: “Why has God done this to us?”

Any serious study of the Church’s history reveals that the Church has traveled a road in constant tension between blessing and curse, renewal and decay, strength and weakness. God’s extraordinary gifts are received at certain periods of this history through saints, great Popes, Church Councils, grace-filled movements among the laity, etc. For a short while a renewal of the Church seems to be accomplished, and then decay rapidly sets in. Corruption of belief and morals set their teeth into the Church’s life, and God no longer seems to answer our prayers. St. James offers a very succinct explanation for this phenomenon: “You seek and receive not; because you ask amiss: that you may consume it on your concupiscences.” (James 4: 3). We tend to think of this as being true of worldly goods and blessings. But it must be even more true of spiritual blessings, all of which are gifts of God – the Church, and all that it teaches and practices, including the particular forms of the Mass and the other sacraments. And, of course, probably the most effective means which God has of either blessing or chastising us through the Church is the Papacy. As St. Gregory the Great is reputed to have said, “Divine justice provides shepherds according to the just deserts of the faithful.” If we take such a statement at all seriously, then there should be no point in the entire history of the Church, as does the present moment and Papacy, when even those who wish to consider themselves faithful Catholics should feel the call of the Holy Spirit to profound self-examination. Such self-examination among those who now consider themselves to be the most faithful of Catholics seems astonishingly absent.

In the Gospel of St. John, Our Lord makes the following promise in regard to the Holy Spirit:
“But when he, the spirit of Truth, is come, he will teach you all truth. For he shall not speak of himself; but what things soever he shall hear, he shall speak; and the things that are to come he shall shew you.” (John 16:13).

It should be clear that it is the will of Our Lord that the Holy Spirit should always be with His Church, guiding and protecting it from invasion by the spirit of Antichrist. The very fact that these graces now seem to be so impotently received and lived in the face of this spirit of Antichrist, emanating from both within and without the Church and bent upon destroying her, should automatically turn us inward seeking the source of the blockage which is producing this impotency. The very fact that the question “Why is God doing this to us?” is not seriously being asked and examined within traditional Catholic circles is in itself the most powerful evidence of a blindness which is now almost universal.*

The “Languor of Nature”
“No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. (Mt. 6: 24)
Recently, in discussing the lukewarmness which has largely characterized the lack of response to the effort Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church, a close friend offered the following profound observation: “I think that the heart of lukewarmness is the cozy dwelling in double- thinking, generated from avoiding the drive to the end of a thought.”
We have already explored this “avoiding the drive to the end of a thought” in relation to both understanding the depths of our present crisis, and also the failure to ask the absolutely vital and obvious question as to why God is doing this to us. This in turn leads to a final question: “Wherein lies that “double-thinking” which immerses us in that fog of lukewarmness which prevents us from possessing the intellectual light necessary to achieve this understanding or ask this question?”

The effort which we have entitled Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church is entirely devoted towards eliciting a united cry from all of us for whatever it takes for Our Lady’s Victory to be accomplished for the Purification of the Church, and in order that the Light of Christ might once again become visible and radiant within His Church. It is in the very nature of such a “single-minded” cry, however, that it must proceed from the depths of personal self-knowledge of our own sinfulness and helplessness.

It is the lack of such self-knowledge, and the hypocrisy which is its natural fruit, which prevents such a cry from arising in our hearts because it establishes us in the luxury of being comfortable in saying “They have sinned”, rather than “We have sinned”.

This double-thinking in the intellectual realm is rooted in all the violations of the living of the Beatitudes (especially as manifested in possession of, and attachment to, the goods of this world), which is nourished, sustained, and has now entered into an exponential state of growth through the power of money, science and technology. As we have pointed out in our article St. Francis of Assisi: They Pretended to Love You So That They Might Leave You, the betrayal of the great gift of St. Francis and his ideal of poverty (not only as applied very literally to his own Order, but also in its less-strict, but very real, application to Christian civilization as a whole) preceded the betrayal of the philosophy and theology of St. Thomas, and its absolute necessity for confronting the intellectual and scientific errors of the modern world. The profoundly vitiated collective heart of a still apparently Christian civilization, immersed in the world and poisoned in its depths by the betrayal of the Beatitudes of Christ, was the soil in which the darkness of man’s “scientific” ascent to Godhead was cultured, and which now finds its completed formulation in Teilhardian Cosmic Evolutionary Theology.

Everything is now saturated and being kept afloat on a sea of money. Even among Traditional and Conservative Catholics, their “work” is almost completely dependent upon the flow of money, and the connections and power which are gained through money – the realms of commercialism, influential contacts, Benefits, Galas, diplomacy, building efforts, and of course right down to that level of power in this world which now seems the most powerful vehicle and weapon upon which Mammon now depends: the Media. And, ironically, we are total amateurs at all this worldly business in comparison to Satan and his minions. We should be able to hear him laughing at such things as “Cruise-Ship Retreats”, all the much-touted Catholic Conferences, an unending array of petitions, “”Open Letters”, and all the efforts of “traditional media giants” to stop this plunge into darkness.

All of this comes down to the term which both St. Augustine and St. Thomas used to characterize the primary effect of original sin: the languor of nature. Adam’s Original Sin itself was not such a languor, because the very word itself speaks of a state of disordered nature which was not present in the state of integrity which existed before the Fall. The act of original sin in itself had to therefore consist in a very deliberate act of intellectual pride (the intellectual will) seeking an excellence above man’s nature which detracted from God (“you shall be as Gods, knowing Good and evil”).

But it is the “fallen nature” (and its threefold concupiscence), established in man as a consequence of this sin, which constitutes such languor of nature, and which down through history has created the web of material acquisitions, science, technology, and all the complexities of modern civilization which continually, and ever more deeply, lower the minds and hearts of even the “faithful” into this world, and consequently into duplicity, hypocrisy, and their ultimate fruit: lukewarmness and the eventual denial of God. It is this languor of nature, which has produced the pharisaical hypocrisy of traditional Catholics, and which leaves us relatively cozy in identifying the sources of the present crisis in the Church with the beliefs and actions of anyone other than ourselves.
It is precisely here where the necessary “end of the thought” is aborted, where duplicity roots us in the comfort of self-righteousness, and we fail to unite as did the Ninevites in a cry to Our Lady for that self-purification which is a pre-requisite for the purification of the whole Church.
Lately, our thoughts keep returning to that marvelous scripture in Deut. 6: 4-8:
Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole strength. And these words which I command thee this day, shall be in thy heart: And thou shalt tell them to thy children, and thou shalt meditate upon them sitting in thy house, and walking on thy journey, sleeping and rising. And thou shalt bind them as a sign on thy hand, and they shall be and shall move between thy eyes.”

The extraordinary thing is that this instruction was given by God long before Christ’s Sacrifice, and the restoration of man to the possibility of sanctifying grace and friendship with God. This speaks to the fact that such purifying fire of desire (the very opposite of double-mindedness and lukewarmness) is something which should be fully natural, and especially present and natural to the human heart in the midst of its fallen state. In other words, just the fact that man (the very light of whose mind and consciousness is a created participation in the Life of Christ) lives in this fallen world should generate the cry which God requires for healing us. And if we look at all the various facets of human intelligence, we should be able to see this naturalness.
For instance, we desire perfect happiness, and experience endless sorrows. We conceive of the Infinite, and are fettered in finitude. We conceive of Eternity, and are ravaged by time, which culminates in our subjection to death. We long for Peace, both interior and exterior, and are immersed in conflict and war both within and without. All of this, and much more, should naturally and fully generate that cry to God which purges all lukewarmness and hypocrisy. But we abort our thought, divide the heart, and make God an appendage of a lukewarm or dead faith which, because of self-deceit and the attempt to serve two masters, is not accompanied by the passion of an undivided heart.

In other words, the human heart and mind are natural wellsprings of concepts, ideas, and passions which in any person who possesses a “heart of flesh ”should break forth in cries to God for knowledge and deliverance – “Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” (Rom. 7:24).
As we have pointed out, There is nothing more clearly evidential of the “half-way”, duplicitous thinking of traditional and conservative Catholics than the apparent total absence of the question “Why is this happening to us?” – “Why is God chastising us like this?” This question should be the totally logical “end-thought” in all the discussions and analysis concerning the present crisis, and yet it is absent. In other words, the traditional Catholic world, while possessing much knowledge of what is wrong “out there”, displays profound deficiency in that interior intelligence necessary for any solution to the present crisis: “For the heart of this people is grown gross, and with their ears they have been dull of hearing, and their eyes they have shut: lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.” (Mt. 13:15)

It has been said that, “The death of martyrs is the seed of Christians”. It can equally be said that “The duplicity of Christians is the seed of heresy, and ultimately of the coming of Antichrist.” It is theoretically possible that everyone in the world could possess the Faith, and yet be dead in charity. Similarly, it is equally possible that we could possess all understanding of the machinations of those both within and without the Church who are bent upon her destruction, and yet be dead in that understanding with the heart which fully acknowledges that these evils have grown and been nourished in our own friendship with this world. And, as insulting and horrific as this may sound to many, it is also theoretically possible that everyone in the whole world could possess and attend the Traditional Latin Mass, and yet be numbered among those whom Our Lord would “vomit out of His mouth” (Apoc. 3;16).  After all, Latin Rite Catholics universally possessed this Mass before Vatican II, and this did not prevent the vast majority of Catholics from passively surrendering to all the banalities and explicit or implicit heresies imposed upon them in the “New-Church”, and the eventual massive slide into Catholic apostasy which we now have with us.
We who are directly involved with the Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church do not consider ourselves as some sort of Remnant, secure in our faith and the promise of eternal salvation. We fear the depths of our own duplicity in trying to live the Catholic Faith in this world. And although we may indeed be free from the gross and mortal sins which now seem common fare, we cannot claim freedom from immersion in the same world that now spins its threefold web of concupiscence at an exponentially increasing rate around all of our hearts and minds.

It is the lesson of original sin and its dire consequences that we are all in this together. It is the lesson of Christ’s Redemptive Sacrifice, and His founding of the Church to be the mediator of the graces won through the Cross, that the salvation of each one is intimately connected to all. This is why a united effort in penance and prayer is absolutely central for deliverance from the disaster that is now upon us. And first and foremost, it requires that we begin with “We have sinned”, rather than “They have sinned”.

As explained in our Original Proposal , we believe that it is the will of God that this collective purification can only be accomplished in the depths of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and through her Rosary. And we believe that the Feast of the Purification and Presentation on February 2, 2020 is singularly appropriate for this united Cry for Deliverance. It is necessary that in the depths of Our Lady’s merciful Heart each one of us seek our own personal light of purification in order that the Light of Christ might once again radiate forth from His Temple the Church for the conversion of the world.

This year the Feast of the Purification and Presentation providentially occurs on a Sunday. All Churches will be open. We ask everyone who sincerely seeks this purification both in their own lives and the life of the Church to approach other Catholics for a united effort in implementing what is in our Proposal. We then ask them to approach their pastors and bishops with the request to implement what is in this Proposal – after Mass, or whenever possible during the day. If this request is refused, and permission is refused to use the Church, we ask that it be done at the entrance to the Church.  If ordered to leave, then we ask that it be done in the public domain (a public sidewalk for instance) as near to the Church as possible. Wherever it can be done, we fully believe that the sincere and united cry of the faithful for deliverance will be blessed by God. No one has the right to suppress such a Cry from the depths of the human soul.

We also believe that in order to achieve that integrity of heart and mind necessary in order to passionately desire to participate in such a Nineve-like cry, each one of us must personally be plunged more deeply into the purifying grace and light of understanding which is to be found through an increasingly attentive and non-duplicitous praying of the Rosary, and especially the Hail Mary. This is why, in terms of our own personal purification, and for achieving that singleness of intention towards God which is the source of all true growth in both Catholic intelligence and holiness, we believe our article The Rosary: The Way of Perfection to be the most important of all the articles on this website. We ask that each reader give it very serious attention and consideration.
*We fully realize that in asserting that what is now happening within the Church is a Divine chastisement, we are risking accusations of having committed multiple heresies – all the way from claiming that every Pope is directly chosen by God, to denying human freedom and responsibility, and to claiming that God positively wills evil. We flatly deny any such accusations, but do not intend to enter into polemics with anyone. We leave it to the readers to search into the depths of their own minds, hearts, and lives to determine if what has been written above is true.



A Course of Study:

The Amazonian Synod and Teilhardian Evolutionary Theology,

And What is Necessary for Our Lady’s Triumph.

Note: The following article is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the profound “operation of error” (2 Thess. 2: 10) which has been orchestrated by means of the Amazonian Synod to wash over the universal Church and the minds and hearts of all believers through Teilhardian evolutionary theology. The second part proposes the only remedy in the intellectual realm as contained in the theology and metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas. The third part examines the only complete remedy: a united recourse to Mary and her Rosary, as the means by which each one of us, including the hierarchy, may be purified of our sins, infidelities, and prostitutions to the errors of this world. Over half of the voting-age Cardinals have now been appointed by Francis. And even among those appointed previous to Francis, virtually none possess either the understanding or fortitude which would enable them to resist what is now descending upon us. Our salvation is now completely dependent upon divine intervention.

We ask the reader to systematically and carefully read all that is recommended and linked below – just as one would for a college course. We believe it contains all that is required for understanding the depths of the evil that is now upon us, and what is necessary for victory over the enemy both within and without.

The Depths of the Crisis
Much criticism has now issued forth from conservative and traditionalist Catholic circles concerning the upcoming Amazon Synod. These criticisms have focused on particular agendas: a married priesthood; ordination of women to the diaconate and priesthood; inculteration of indigenous pagan beliefs and practices into Catholic theology, moral praxis, and worship; and most especially, the fulfillment of Marxist-inspired Liberation Theology.

All of these agendas will of course play their part in this organized attempt to undermine and negate all that is truly of Christ and His Church. But we cannot understand the depths of the crisis which is now upon us if we fail to perceive that the ultimate program behind this Synod is not any of these partial agendas, but rather the subjection of all Catholic belief and praxis to Teilhardian evolutionary theology.
We must realize that the ultimate goal of Satan is not to make man into an atheist, a Marxist, a pagan, or even a Modernist. Rather, it is to convince him that he is destined under his own power to ascend to equality with God. The temptation of the Serpent to Adam and Eve was that “you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil”. (Gen. 3: 5). Man thus fell through an intellectual pride that sought to ascend to “Godhood” by becoming the sole source and determiner of what is true and false, what is good and what is evil. Man’s Fall, in other words, was constituted by an act which was the supreme rejection of what St. James meant when he wrote: “Every best gift, and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no change, nor shadow of alteration.” (James 1: 17).

On the other hand, this fundamental pride (“the beginning of all sin”) on the part of man represented a prostitution to, and imaging of, the mind and heart of Lucifer who, in the Book of the Prophet Isaias, was addressed by God in the following words: “And thou saidst in thy heart, I will ascend into heaven. I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the mountain of the covenant, in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be like the most high. (Isaias 14: 13-14). It is precisely this desire to ascend to a “likeness with the most high” which is the penultimate sin which will be consummated in the final embrace of the Father of Lies, and which will usher in the Antichrist.

It is Teilhardian cosmic evolutionary ascent, disguised as integral theology and ecology, which is now being promoted for adaption by the universal Church through the upcoming Amazonian Synod. We therefore offer below a series of articles (previously published on our website) which represent a Course of Study in regard to this agenda.
Article I. The Third Sorrowful Mystery: The Crowning with Thorns. This article contains our most detailed examination of the cosmic evolutionary theology of Teilhard de Chardin. It should be read first in order to understand the gravity of the present crisis. It also documents the embrace of this theology by Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI in his writings and public statements. Finally, it also reveals the Teilhardian agenda proposed in Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical Laudato Si, which is clearly the foundational document for what is planned for the Amazonian Synod.
Article II: A Love That Maketh a Lie:  Amoris Laetitia and the Teilhardian Agenda. Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia contains a very specific heresy which is the foundation for all the rest of its errors: the denial of the well defined doctrine (Council of Trent) concerning Charity, and what it means to be living in sanctifying grace and the friendship of God. And at the core of this heresy is the denial of the substantial natures of both God and man, the denial of the entire vertical nature of our Faith and Salvation, and their replacement by Teilhardian Cosmic Evolutionary Theology.

Article III. The War Against the Human Soul: Teilhardian Evolution and the Amazonian Synod. Teilhardian evolution is constituted not only as a war against God, but also as a total war against the substantial dignity and sacredness of the individual human soul. It conceives of the human person in terms of evolutionary becoming, as opposed to the Catholic doctrine which defines the individual soul in terms of possessing a fixed substantial nature, created in the image of God, and possessing a present and immediate call to perfection of that nature in the truth and love of Christ. This is why, in his writings, Teilhard clearly embraced eugenics, and the necessity to “try everything” in the effort to produce the “super-human”. Such eugenics constitutes the dark underbelly of the false mercy underlying both secular “integral ecology” and Teilhardian theology.

Article IV: The Amazonian Synod and Teilhardian Evolution: A Journey into the Heart of Antichrist. This article explores Teilhardian evolution and the Amazonian Synod in reference to the final confrontation between the Gospel and the anti-Gospel, and between Christ and Antichrist.

Article V. Teilhardian Evolution and the Amazonian Synod: The Nest of the Antichrist. Teilhardian evolution is the culmination of 2,000 years of infiltration of Gnostic thinking into the minds and hearts of Catholics. Gnosticism can be seen as the nest which has long been nurturing that Beast which is now taking flight on the wings of Cosmic Teilhardian Evolution, and will culminate in the Antichrist. This article traces its extraordinary, and often unexpected and little-known, history within the Church and Christian civilization.
Article VI. Exorcising the Filth of Evolution. We believe this article to be extremely important to anyone susceptible to belief in evolutionary theory in any form.

The Philosophical and Theological Remedy
The coming Amazonian Synod (October 6 – 27, 2019), titled Amazonia: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology, is constituted as an agenda which has been long in preparation for a total inversion of the Catholic Faith. As the Synod’s Relator General Cardinal Emeritus Claudio Hummes (personally appointed by Pope Francis) said in an interview in La Civilita Catholica (May 13, 2019), “there is a need to rewrite Christology”. And further: “All theology and Christology, as well as the theology of the sacraments, are to be reread starting from this great light for which ‘all is interconnected, interrelated’.” As Nicaraguan Cardinal Madariaga, Coordinator of Pope Francis’ Council of Cardinal Advisors, said in a January 20, 2015 talk at Santa Clara University, “The Pope wants to take this Church renovation to the point where it becomes irreversible”.
It is clear that what is being planned for the Amazon Synod is an agenda which seeks eventual implementation in the Universal Church. It is centered upon belief in a false universal inclusiveness and mercy, which is in turn grounded in a belief in Cosmic Teilhardian Evolution. As such, it demands the rejection of the vertical dimension of our Faith which is founded upon the Absolute nature of objective Truth and God’s Revelation
In several articles we have offered analysis of what is at the root of this complete inversion of the Catholic Faith: the surrender to reductive science, from which has ensued the rejection of Thomistic theology and the metaphysics of Being, and its replacement by Teilhardian Evolutionary theology.

Immediately below, we publish the link to a new article which represents a kind of primer on Thomistic Theology and Metaphysics. We believe it contains all that is necessary to establish the mind and heart firmly in the supremacy and immutability which is God’s Supreme Being and Truth, and also in the truly Catholic understanding of man created in His image and possessing a nature which must be defined in terms of substantial being rather than evolutionary becoming. As such, it contains all that is intellectually necessary to protect us from the flood of Teilhardian cosmic evolutionary thinking which now threatens to wash over Christ’s Church in the wake of the Amazonian Synod.
New Article:The Antidote to Teilhardian Theology: The Restoration of the Supernatural: In Accord with the Teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas.

The Supernatural Solution

Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity. (1 Thess. 2: 20-11).

The above passage from Paul’s Second Epistle to the Thessalonians speaks of an operation of error sent by God as a chastisement for our iniquities and infidelities. We must presume that we are now in the midst of such a chastisement. It is not only they who have sinned, but also we who have sinned and are deserving of our heavenly-inflicted impotency before the present onslaught of this world upon the Church.

Most important, we must realize that virtually all the major institutions and organs of power in this world – financial, economic, political, educational, and media – are now in the hands of the enemies of Christ and His Church who promote the agenda of Antichrist. The solution to the present crisis – by far the worst in the history of the Church – has been entrusted to Our Lady and her Rosary alone.
It is a clear lesson of the history of God’s dealings with man, and the terrible chastisements that have befallen peoples and nations because of their betrayal of Christ and His Truth, that any sort of restoration and triumph of the Gospel over the forces of evil requires a united effort. Just as a supernatural unity was established between all men in their creation, such that the effects of the sin of one man descended to all, so any sort of restoration can only be accomplished through a united effort in imploring God’s grace and power over all the evil that is upon us. It should be obvious, therefore, that any notion that our own personal salvation, and the salvation and protection of our families and friends, is now to be secured by retreating into a “hiddeness”, or spiritual isolation, is a destructive delusion.

The unity necessary for deliverance is of course never even close to universal. Nor does it necessarily require the involvement of a majority of those who might nominally call themselves “Catholic”. But God certainly does demand a unity at least among those who truly desire to be faithful to Christ and His Gospel – a unity not only of belief, but of intense prayer for deliverance. That this unity is now profoundly lacking even among those who would consider themselves “conservative”, “orthodox”, or “traditional” Catholics is profoundly evident. Because of this division, we are being relegated to the status of impotency in the face of Antichrist.
The entire purpose of the Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church is not just to convince faithful Catholics of the extraordinary gravity of our present crisis, but to effect this unity of prayer within the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and through the Rosary, for deliverance. It is also true, however, that we do not believe that such prayer will merit Our Lady’s supernatural Triumph unless it is established in honesty and free from duplicity. And this entails that it issue forth from hearts that first cry out, as did the Prophet Daniel in the Old Testament, “We have sinned”. The chastisement is upon Us, and we should not expect deliverance from without unless there is first purification within. In this respect we recommend reading the article: Our Chastisement, Our Blessing, and also our article St. Francis of Assisi: They Pretended to Love You so that They Might Leave You.

We therefore implore all readers to implement what is contained in our Original Proposal. If your pastors or bishops will not agree to implement this effort and event, then we ask that you gather at the doors of your Churches, at Shrines, or even in homes. Our victory can only come from above, and this only through that unity and purification established within the Immaculate Heart of Mary through her Rosary. It is only in the depths of such purification and unity that our prayers for the conversion, or defeat, of the enemy will be graced through Our Lady, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Please read our Original Proposal


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