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Does Catholic Answers support the Idolatry and Racism of the Francis Amazon Synod?

Catholic Answers Trent Horn said:

"I said that I thought that that statue, some people have said that, 'Well, maybe it is Pachamama.'

"I still don’t see good evidence for that. It doesn’t look like other artistic depictions of that Incan deity that I’ve seen. Other people put forward the hypothesis that this is just a symbol of life, a symbol of fertility, and so it’s just more of an abstract symbol like how a tree might be something you don’t worship, but it’s a symbol of plant life of the earth or things like that. What I said in last week’s podcast was that I wanted to take these people at their word that they said that this was our lady of the Amazon."

Before we get to whether the Amazon Synod was racist, first we'll prove that there was idolatrous worship at the Vatican.

Glolia.Tv reported in the article "Italian Police Confirms: Pachamama Idols Were 'Used For Prayer'”:

"In a highly embarrassing move, (October 25) published the communiqué of the Carabinieri of Roma San Pietro who recovered the three Pachamama idols who were disposed off in the Tiber."

"The communiqué explains that the three idols had been 'removed from a side altar' of Santa Maria in Traspontina church 'where they were used for prayer by the 'Itinerant Team'."

"The text describes them as 'a Catholic group based in South America that takes part in the Synod on the Amazon.'"

"According to (October 19) the group bought its idols years ago at an artisan’s market in Manaus, Brazil, and uses them since."

Moreover, LifeSiteNews reported that Francis, himself, confirmed that the idols that were prostrated before and worshipped in front of Francis in the Vatican gardens were images of the pagan goddess Pachamama:

"Pope Francis has... confirm[ed] suspicions that the ["Vatican 'Pachamama'"] statues were idols."

Moreover, the news outlet quotes Francis himself declaring the "pachamama" idols were recovered and may scandalously and sacrilegiously be "displayed... at the closing Mass of the Synod." Francis said:

"I would like to say a word about the pachamama statues that were removed from the Church at Traspontina, which were there without idolatrous intentions... the Carabinieri... commander said, 'the display of the [idol] statues [will be] at the closing Mass of the Synod.' We'll see."

"I delegate the Secretary of State who will respond to this."

"This is good news, thank you."
(LifeSiteNews, "Full transcript of the Pope's comments on pagan 'Pachamama' statues" and "Pope calls statues 'Pachamama' and apologizes for their removal from church," October 25, 2019)

The LifeSiteNews article, also, revealed that former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Cardinal Gerhard Muller on EWTN said:

"[A]ccording to the Law of God Himself - the First Commandment - idolism [idolatry] is a grave sin... to bring the idols into the Church was a grave sin, a crime against the Divine Law."

It is apparently beyond doubt that Francis is a explicit heretic in terms of the First Commandment.

Cardinal Muller said Francis actions are "a crime against Divine Law."

Even supposing that Francis's actions had no "idolatrous intentions" which can only be judged by a imperfect council, the very "bring[ing] [of] the idols into the Church" and now saying that he is open and apparently willing to commit the scandalous sacrilege of "display[ing]... the [Sachamama idol] statues at the closing Mass of the Synod" which is "a crime against" the First Commandment that means he is "knowingly corrupt[ing] the faith."

Muller showed that Francis's syncretistic (mixing Christianity with paganism) claim that it is morally justifiable "to bring the idols into the Church was a grave sin, a crime against the Divine Law" despite his claim that there was no "idolatrous intentions."

LifeSiteNews, also, reported that on the EWTN World Over show, Canon lawyer Fr. Gerald Murray said that the Francis Vatican had a "pagan religious ceremony... This should not be - ever occur in a Catholic institution."
(LifeSiteNews, "Pope Francis causes 'confusion' by participating in 'pagan' ritual," October 11, 2019)

Also, on the EWTN, The Catholic Thing editor Robert Royal called the ritual "syncretism" according to the LifeSiteNews article.

To understand the enormity of the grave heresy, crime and sin of Francis just imagine if Moses on seeing his people prostrating in front of the graven idols had said there was no "idolatrous intentions" so let's consider the possibility of"display[ing]" the idols in God's Paschal liturgy.

Please, Mr. Horn and Catholic Answers answer these questions:

Why do you think that it is not "good evidence" that the statues were "Pachamama" when Francis said they were "pachamama statues"?

If they were not idols why did Francis feel the need to say there was no "idolatrous intentions"?

Next, Horn throws out the racist red herring:

"What I also want to ask people who are critical of those who are involved in the Amazonian Synod, I get being upset about religious syncretism and superstition. That is wrong, but a lot of these same people, they’re not upset about other evils that are present. For example, the evil of racism. I’m just going to say it, if you don’t like it, but I’ve seen this. In particular, it’s when some people have said, prominent people and other people on the internet have referred to indigenous people in the Amazon as savages."

Despite the red herring, it appears that it is not the opponents of the Synod and idolatry who are the racist, but the proponents of the Synod.

Was Catholic Answers' and Trent's beloved Amazon Synod racist?

Ricochet's Scott Wilmot put it best:

"[Francis mouth piece Fr. Antonio] Spadaro labels orthodox Catholics, who want nothing more from this synod than for the Holy Father to protect the faith, as fundamentalists, racists... This is outrageous.

"If anyone can be labeled racist at this synod it is retired Bishop Erwin Kräutler of Xingu, Brazil (assumed to be one who had great influence on writing the pre-synod working document), who, when commenting on the need for married priests said that the indigenous people are not smart enough to understand the concept of celibacy." [ ]

 The German Kräutler said:

“There is no other option. The indigenous people don’t understand celibacy."

My grandmother was indigenous or Native American from Northern New Mexico and I have the ancestry genetic proof to show anyone, on top of what my mother told me, unlike Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren, because of a gift I received this year.

I, as a Latino (and Native American on my father's side), find it kind of racist for the Amazon Synod to tell those of us who are Latinos and Native Americans that we are not "smart enough to understand the concept of celibacy" and must worship pagan idols to be true to our identity.

Finally, Trent said the statues Francis said were "pachamama statues" were "our lady of the Amazon."

Why is Francis apologist Trent saying the obviously naked pagan idols are somehow sacrilegious naked images of the Virgin Mary?

Might it be that Catholic Answers and Trent don't mind a little demonic Santeria in the Catholic Church?

After all Trent said:

"Though, as I mentioned in the previous podcasts, there is a lot of syncretism and folk Catholicism in the Andes, in the Andes mountain ranges, of people who identify the Virgin Mary with this goddess Pachamama, and so you’ve got this syncretism that you have to untangle as part of evangelizing these indigenous peoples."

The problem is that Trent and his beloved Amazon Synod never get around to the untangling of the "syncretism that you have to untangle as part of evangelizing these indigenous peoples."

Catholic Latinos are familiar with the darker side of their culture which includes "botanica" occult shops and the practice that is demonic Santeria in which saint images are used as masks to worship pagan energies, gods or goddesses some tied to Mother Earth paganism.

Catholic apologist and Santeria expert Jesse Romero said:

"Shout it from the rooftops. Santeria is demonic and Catholicism is the one true religion.' This hybrid is superstitious and deadly to your soul."
(, "Catholicism & Santeria... Can you do Both," July 11, 2017)

One last question for Trent and Catholic Answers:

If you are afraid to "untangle" Santeria, idolatry and racism in the Francis Vatican, how are you going to "untangle" it when you "evangelizing these indigenous peoples"?

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.



Laramie Hirsch said…
Darn. I actually liked Trent Horn for a minute. Oh well. The gaslighting shall continue. It will continue until his religion is utterly replaced with something unrecognizable. And when it is, he won't realize it.
Aqua said…
There will be no fence sitting at the end of this drama. Every Catholic will be on either one side or another.

I can see the spiritual war playing itself out collectively and individually. Trent Horn is a good (sad) example as devout Catholics make the choice for the apostate and must evolve their Dogmatic belief to fit this new paradigm they’ve accepted as true. They accept one false premise after another and soon what was once certain and essential has collapsed without them even knowing it.

This battle is fought at the level of the “Abdication”. It really comes down to that. It is the Mother Of All Heresy, this transformation of the Cornerstone upon which Christ built His Church into a Synodal Ministry. Accept that, defend it as Bp Schneider and Cardinals Burke and Müeller do, and I don’t see how you can ever ultimately arrive at an orthodox Catholic outcome. That question matters. No other question matters until that *one* is answered “properly” - (in accord with ontological reality). Answer that and the rest can fall into place. Fail to answer that, nothing else will.

We cannot Unite The Clans®️ without the Papal rupture recognized for what it truly is and then repaired. We must be under the Seat Of Peter, in all its power, rightfully occupied. That (the Hierarchy - Christ to Pope to Bishops etc) is the whole game. Almost no one sees the lie of the resignation for what it clearly is. Words matter. Especially unprecedented 3 paragraph Papal resignation statement words.
Debbie said…
I attended the Call to Holiness conference with Cardinal Burke here in Detroit, Oct. 26, 2019. I pushed my way to the front of the line to meet him after his speech and handed him a copy of "The Shepherd and the Rock". He said, "I already have this in my library". I told him that was ok, I've written something on the inside cover and he took it. Then I said, "he's not the Pope, please help us". He smiled and went on to the next person.

I asked Ann Barnhardt's advice on what to ask at the Q&A portion of the conference and she supplied me with two....Of course they were not chosen even though I hand wrote question number one 153 times on index cards anticipating only written questions would be allowed.

Here are the two questions written on the inside cover:

Your Eminence,
Canon Law clearly and forcefully shows that Pope Benedict’s attempted partial resignation in February of 2013 was invalid and that he remains the one and only Pope. Will you thoroughly engage the publicly available data and argumentation that demonstrates this, and if not, why not?

Another question if you have a friend going:

Your Eminence,
Can you explain how it is possible that Our Lord Jesus Christ, being perfect, infinite good, would put the Church Militant in a Catch-22 position of having to be in union and submission to a Pope who simultaneously demands apostasy from the One True Faith in order to be in union with him, wherein we are literally damned if we do, and damned if we don’t? How is this not a clear violation of the Law of Non-contradiction, wherein the Standard of Unity is also the Vector of Schism?

Pope Benedict XVI is still the Pope, Bruce Jenner is still a man, and furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.
Debbie said…
Please ignore that last paragraph...that's not part of the
Aqua said…
Debbie: well done! Excellent questions. Way to put rubber to road and do whatever it is you can. The Truth will have its way, one way or another it will prevail. We may or may not succeed in whatever it is we do, but one thing is certain, we can be faithful to the extent we can with the gifts we’ve been given and in our station in life.
Aqua said…
Over at Church Militant, George Neumayer reveals the futility of orthodox Catholics pressing ahead for unity without first dealing with and solving the Synodal Shared Ministry heresy within the Papacy. The “active” Pope is injecting idolatry, sodomy, Indifferentism, sexual perversity and Liturgical destruction into the Catholic bloodstream. In James Martin’s talk to his sexually perverted followers, he encourages them that the message from the Pope, through him, is to take courage and be bold in their sexually perverse evangelistic fervor - the Pope supports their sexual perversity, so roll any Priest or Bishop who stands in their way.

If you call this man “Holy Father” and raise his name up to God in Holy Mass at the High Altar in God’s presence, worthy of prayer and support for his intentions, then you are committing a grave sin. He is an antipope, since the true Pope did not resign his Office in full and with substantial error, and that can easily be seen by reading the original Latin text.. The illegitimate name “Francis” should never be mentioned in Holy Mass, much less as an intention before God. This is why: his every action as antipope is oriented toward the overthrow of God, God’s Holy Church, and the Tradition - our spiritual lifeblood.

It is all sourced at the faulty resignation letter.
Debbie said…
Excellent Aqua....this needs to be spread far and wide. Uniting with the recognize and resist ain't gonna cut it!

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