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Dr. Taylor Marshall: "This Comes down to... Francis, whether you are a Heretic, whether you are the Vicar of Christ [the Pope]?"

On his popular YouTube channel, Thomist scholar Dr. Taylor Marshall, Ph.D., questioned "whether" Francis is a "heretic" and "the Vicar of Christ [the pope]."

Marshall is the former chancellor of Fisher More College who presently is the head of the New Saint Thomas Institute which offers Certificates in Theology. 

The Thomist scholar in his popular YouTube channel addressed Francis who he has meet on at least two occasions with the following direct question on if he is "a heretic":

"If the pope says worship a Pachamama. We say, no! Hell, no! We will never do it. It is impossible. It is against the faith... Francis we, also, want to know are you a heretic?.. Are you a heretic or not. We the baptized don't know anymore. We don't know if Francis is a heretic or not... All of this comes down to whether you worship idols, Francis, whether you are a heretic, whether you are the Vicar of Christ [the pope]?"
(Dr. Taylor Marshall YouTube Channel, "Pope Francis says Pachamamas Retrieved from Tiber River - Taylor Struggles and Reflects (#323)," Streamed live on October 25, 2019, 44:42- 53:07)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Debbie said…
I'm not certain because he's blocked me, but it looks like Dr. Marshall has deleted his tweet from this past Feb wherein he said it was the grave sin of schism to attend Masses where Bergoglio was commemorated if we believed Benedict was Pope.

Dear Doctor,

It's not enough to simply delete your scandalous tweet. You must publicly address it. You publicly announced that you served at Fr. Nix's private Mass in August. He believes Benedict is the true Pope and therefore it is reasonable to believe he commemorated Benedict at that Mass you served. Either you committed the grave sin of schism at that Mass....or you were wrong to scandalize Catholics in your tweet. Justice demands you make this right. Publicly!
Aqua said…
I fully support Taylor Marshall in his spiritual process of trying to understand the inexplicable. There is no reference point for what has happened. We have the North Star of Jesus Christ, Word. We do not have anything in Sacred Tradition to guide us, and so the Faithful are confused and scattered.

I respect Taylor Marshall’s approach to this, vocal in his opposition to those who reject the bifurcated Papacy; vocal in his opposition to its very possibility; vocal in his judgement against those who so believe; vocal in his support for this strange man who occupies the “See Of Peter”.

And now, he is moved by Grace to see things clearly; differently. And he responds in what I see as humility, submission and respect for Truth as revealed by the Word - without regard to scorn and humiliation.

This is the path of sanctification for all Catholics in this world who struggle against sin and demon inspired spiritual confusion on the whole armor of God and “run the race”; fight the fight”. We make mistakes. We sin. We confess. We get back in the fight.

The Mother of All Heresy is the bifurcated Papacy; the delegation of the Ministry Of Peter .... the retention of the Office Of Peter. Marshall sees the fetid antipope fruit and responds as a Christian. *May he also* see the root of this antipope and help Catholics overturn this evil division of our most Holy Office of St. Peter.

God Bless Taylor Marshall for what he has done, so far.
Kathleen1031 said…
It is a shocking time. This is unprecedented in history, and it is unfolding in real time in front of us. Some people are more pragmatic than others. Many, can hardly believe or take what is happening, and they live in denial because for them, it makes it possible to merely survive. Some may fear acknowledging our head, the pope, has gone into Satanism and is leading the faithful to demonic worship. Hey, I don't blame them, this is simply incredible and in any other era, no Catholic would say it would be possible. Yet here it is. Some Catholics are financially dependent on even a dysfunctional situation, and may not want to close the door on an apostate pope. We must beware that situation.
But the rest of us, the beleaguered, we see, and can accept, as hard as it is, that the barque is sinking. Yet we know, Jesus is at the helm, and we can expect Him to be with us and help us, as He promised. He is always faithful! Viva Cristo Rey!
Stay faithful, Christian soldiers, marching as to war.
Debbie said…
All good points Aqua about there being no reference point for the current crisis. But that does not excuse his hypocrisy. He scandalized many Catholics; either they had to believe as he does/did, or risk committing the grave sin of schism when attending Mass. That is no small matter. His tweet could very well have led some who could not reconcile a heretic as Pope to sedevacantism or for the Orthodox Church or to stop attending Mass. Think Jonathan Byrd or Robert Spencer.

He made a public mistake and needs to correct it...publicly.

Barbara Jensen said…
Dr. Taylor Marshall is one of the 'pondering and pondering, and pondering intellectuals' who cannot see the forest because of the trees. Bergoglio has been accurately called an antipope who was not elected in an integral canonical way. There is so much evidence. But this does not help the 'ponderers' who are so attached to their own way of thinking that they cannot see what is plain to those not so attached to intellectual maneuvers. The truth very simple and it is unfolding before our eyes. Since he was elected, this degenerate Peronist has been trashing the Faith. He is no pope and the fools who cling to the theory that 'as long as you stand with the pope' you are a 'good Catholic'' are well deceived. Our obedience must be to the fullness of the Faith which God has revealed to us in the Catholic Faith. The Catholic Church is where the Faith is fully practiced with Mass being offered, worthy reception off the Sacraments , and allegiance to the Eucharistic Christ at the center. Soon --indeed already--this is not in Rome. The institutional church as been hijacked by evil men and soon the Eucharistic Christ will be expelled. Taylor Marshall is caught In his own web of intellectual deception. Like Skojec he thinks he knows. bu the does not. I cannot listen to his chronic pondering and pondering of what is so obvious.
Sandra Elam said…
Fred - Agree with your point. I think you have several typos above -the word "rather" should be "whether."
Unknown said…
Well said Aqua. I think Marshall is about to take another red pill, to use his own language, but he is really struggling. We should all pray for him because he is really great!
Aqua said…
Yes. My daughter has been greatly helped by Marshall in her own understanding of this crisis. I have refrained from inserting my own personal experience with Marshall out of respect for her conscience. I have watched this change in Marshall through her eyes because she follows him. I don’t. And he has helped her in his own unique way, no doubt.

So, to see this change is not a huge surprise to me. I am profoundly encouraged by it all. And I think all Catholics should be given every benefit of every doubt they ever had about these heretical issues because this is all so unprecedented and confusing. *And* ... because Lucifer and his demons have obviously been loosed upon us all in a major conquest permitted by God (vision of Pope Leo XIII); whereby we suffer.

I get the contrary comments above - share them to a certain extent. Just my opinion based on my own experience (and my own very sinful past - Sacramentally forgiven after conversion; Thank God!). May God grant many, many more faithful warriors like Marshall.
BrotherBeowulf said…
Well done, folks. Taylor looked shellshocked ten days ago coming back from Rome and confessing from folks there were discussing the possibility of . . . whether Benedict was still “the” pope. It shakes people’s world. But the alternative of sugarcoating Antipope Francis the Apostate is worse and of course fatal.

As Aristotle said 2500 years ago: “Better an unpleasant truth than a pleasant fiction.”

K1031, Bro. A, and all the rest here—

Just thought I’d let you know our parish started a 54-day Pompeian Rosary Novena today. So far just with the little Rosary group. Culminating on the winter solstice (54 day’s from today) on the very eve of the birth of the Light of the world. To accompany the Church as it sails through this Bergoglian deviltry & darkness.

First three days anchored in the Month of the Rosary.

Our intention is that of the Rosary to the Interior—Purification of Holy Mother Church and of ourselves, plus any personal intention.

Thanks, Jim Larson.

“Rejoice O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”

Islam_Is_Islam said…
Bro B: Can you give a link to the Rosary Novena that you have begun? I'd like to join.
Aqua said…
Islam_Is_Islam: That intrigued me too. I think I’ll give it a try. Here’s a couple of sites:
Charmaine said…
Aqua wrote: "The Mother of All Heresy is the bifurcated Papacy; the delegation of the Ministry Of Peter .... the retention of the Office Of Peter." -- I guess I'm a little surprised that you would continue to believe this was Pope Benedict's intention, especially that I know you have been active in comboxes where Fr. Belland has argued emphatically that he did not attempt to set up a Diarchy. Have you read Fr. Belland's 154-page 'Apologia pro Benedicto Sexto Decimo: Why Benedict is still Pope'? Likewise, Bishop Gracida published: 'The Definitive Article on the Subject of the 'Resignation' of Pope Benedict XVI' by Fr. Roberto Abdicto (nom de plume), that if you do a word search for "Diarchy" in the article, the argument is clearly laid out that Pope Benedict did not intend to "bifurcate" the Papacy.
Charmaine said…
Fr. Paul Kramer - Facebook, October 6, 2019
"At noon, let us remember to recite the Supplication to Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompei in the original text (not the one tampered with by the conciliarists) composed by Bartolo Longo and indulgenced copiously by Leo XIII and by Saint Pius X."
Aqua said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aqua said…
Charmaine: What do you call the resignation of Ministry, “the See Of Peter is Vacant”; retention of Munus, “I remain firmly and forever within the enclosure of St. Peter”? What do you call two visible Popes?

I call it bifurcation because there are two. One is praying. One is acting. And, given that this is the Cornerstone, Peter is the Rock by command of Christ, I also call that the Mother of all heresy.
Charmaine said…
Aqua: But how do we arrive at your "Mother of All Heresy" without accusing Pope Benedict of being the one who has committed it? Nowhere in his Declaratio or last Audience did he state that he desired to share the Papacy, so how is it not making a false assertion that this was his intention? From Abp. Gänswein's 'infamous' speech, he stated: "there are therefore not two Popes, but in fact an expanded ministry – with an active member and a contemplative member." The article by Fr. Abdicto goes on to explain who exactly are these two members:

"In stating that the expanded ministry has an active and a contemplative member, Dom Gänswein is saying, as indicated above, that Benedict would be the contemplative member exercising in a special way the Office of Sanctifying through prayer and penance and Archbishop Gänswein as the active member of a sort of attenuated and specialized “Curia.” The choice of words MUST be noted, namely, “active MEMBER” and “contemplative MEMBER,” not an “active POPE” and “contemplative POPE.” There can be no mistake that the Archbishop meant what he said; that there are two members, not two Popes, and that Pope is Benedict, the contemplative member, while the active member is Dom Gänswein."

Again, it would be more preferable to read that in its entire context of the argument put forth (no intention to set up a Diarchy or "bifurcate") in the published article on Bishop Gracida's blog. At least for the sake of charity in not attributing unproven motives to Pope Benedict's act of renunciation. Abp. Gänswein's speech appears to have been majorly misinterpreted right from the start, which therefore makes it difficult to try and see it differently, even when the language that was used by him has finally been interpreted correctly.
Aqua said…
I truly don’t understand how you can arrive at your conclusion. An active member and a contemplative member is a dual headed, bi-furcated, expanded forever changed Papacy. That is precisely the problem. It is exactly what I just said. What else would you call it?

There are two options, only two, have always been only two:

1: Remain Pope until death.
2: Resign being Pope and go home.

There is no third option. There has never been a third option. No one has ever even tried.

3: Remain contemplative Pope with an active Ministerial Pope as your arms and legs.

That is an existential re-ordering or the Cornerstone Office. And yes, Pope Benedict XVI is the one who did so. That is heresy because it changes that which Christ established. The Papacy cannot be changed. Benedict either is, or is not.
BrotherBeowulf said…
Thanks for asking, IisI. Aqua's links accurate, and will get you off the blocks; for the real printed word in hand in an elegant little volume with a woodcarving illlustration & meditation per decade, read on....

Here's the standard little booklet (pictured) which you can find at traditional Catholic bookstores for about $5--the older the better as far as woodcuts:

Starting now brings us right up to the Solstice! Darkest day of the Year; Darkest Times for the Church!

And then follows the Dawn: The Threshold of the Coming of the Light into the world.

The intention of Purification of Holy Mother Church and Ourselves comes from over on this site, a project set up by James Larson: Rosary to the Interior .com. Personal private intentions complement the endeavor.

One such of mine is for the dethroning, if not the defenestration, of Antipope Francis the Apostate, and his entire court.

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