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Is 1P5 Skojec's Fear of a Cardinal Investigation of Francis's Validity & the "Skojec Little Book of Insults" Interconnected?

"Semantics: An argument, or a type of guarantee that the outcome of your statement can be taken in two or more ways which will benefit you in either way it’s perceived. The *careful* use of semantics can be applied to situations which allow you to be right in any reverse query."

The Catholic Monitor received a third comment from the former public relations and (apparent) semantics expert OnePeterFive publisher Steve Skojec that was puzzling.

But before I respond to it I want to say I pray for him. I am praying because I am worried about him and I am worried specifically about his increasing and multiplying of disparagements for what someone is calling the "Skojec Little Book of Insults."

Before I respond to his first and third comments (the second one isn't pertinent) it is important to look at the phenomena that has started to be called the "Skojec Little Book of Insults."

In 2016, the website AKA Catholic was the first to notice the phenomena:

"This morning, a friend called my attention to a post over at One Peter Five wherein Steve Skojec took the opportunity to denigrate the Remnant and Catholic Family News for what he condescendingly called 'excessive snark and polemics.'”

“'It’s unfortunate that trads can always be counted on to warm up the circular firing squad,' he wrote. 'It’s time for us to drop the snark and the sharp elbows and actually gather people in from this storm.'”

"This he offered in reference to the Remnant / CFN recently joint-published three part series: With Burning Concern: We Accuse Pope Francis."

"... The reason Skojec decided to take a poke at two of Catholicism’s finest publications isn’t a mystery; he made his motives entirely plain when he immediately went on to say:
"There are probably any number of reasons why 1P5 has, in just two years, become one of the top three mainstream traditional Catholic publications online (in terms of audience size), but I suspect our attempt to find balance in our approach and not treat those who don’t yet see the point we’re making as the enemy are a part of that."
"If there is anything amazing here, it’s the shamelessness and ease with which Skojec can engage in cringeworthy acts of self-promotion, and it’s nothing new."

"Neither is his willingness to exploit an opportunity to bash what he clearly sees as competition (not their ideas) for almighty “audience size” and the benefits presumably derived therefrom; even if it means launching a calculated attack against those who are clearly on the side of the true Faith and have always treated him with every kindness."

At the time, Chris Ferrara called the as yet unnamed "Skojec Little Book of Insults" a "circular firing squad":

Reply Chris Ferrara Steve Skojec "Oh, I see. You get to belittle the Remnant for its excessive snark and polemics and boast of your own popularity because 1P5 is just so much more respectable, you see, and when I defend the newspaper I write for against your snide put-down this proves your point?"


Ana Milan said…
How can any Canon Lawyer/Theologian/Philosopher claim that a man who is a pertinacious heretic be acclaimed a valid & licit pope? His election by known deviants (Marxists, Sodomites, Masons, enemies of Christ) who blatantly disobeyed the rules set down by JPII for the election of a pope, must not be given allegiance by any true follower of Christ, as this would be an abomination of the teachings of the OHC&A Church set down in the Ten Commandments & Scripture which PF so readily wants to eliminate from Catholic Doctrine.

How in God’s name do they reconcile the antics of PF over the past six years (& countless years beforehand in Argentina) with that of a valid & licit pontiff? Not only must we Catholics have to put up with PF’s Little Book of Insults directed at rigid, self-absorbed Prometheans, hard-hearted rosary counters, slaves of superficiality, moralist quibblers etc. but are expected witness his determined destruction of the True Faith by remaining silent?

Betrayal of Chinese Catholics.
Suspensions on priests who refused HC to unrepentant sinners following AL.
Excommunications for upholding the teachings of the OHC&A Church of Christ (José Galat & Fr. Minutella).
Signing Abu Dhabi document stating that all religions are the same (God’s permissive will).
Supporting mass invasion of infidels set upon beheading those who do not convert to Islam, while at the same time admonishing Christians who wish to carry out Christian evangelization via the Great Commission.
Attempting to change the Lord’s Prayer.
Receiving abortionists, atheists & infidels regularly in the Vatican while contemptuously ignoring the Dubia Cardinals.
Elevating men of bad character (Sodomites/Masons, Marxists) to high positions in the CC who are not able to perform their offices as they are, by their obvious lives, unfit for purpose, but easily manipulated by PF.

Ordinary Catholics can readily see that these are the End Times we are living through which were predicted & must occur, so making excuses for PF’s behavior & that of the entire Hierarchy is un becoming & makes a mockery of their profession. Be not afraid. C
all it as it is – PF IS A HERETIC.

Michael Dowd said…
The best case for the papal status of Pope(?) Francis is that it is uncertain. Given all the heretical statements/writings/off the cuff remarks/questionable election we must conclude that Francis may not be a valid Pope.

Further,it is clearly more unreasonable to claim Francis is a valid Pope than to claim he is not.

Thus, the safe position is to say is his current status is uncertain, i.e., Pope(?) Francis.

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