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Pope Francis Adviser is Predator's Friend and has a Drug/Gay Orgy Secretary yet has Job Security

-Updated July 5, 2017-

Pope Francis's trusted adviser Cardinal Coccopalmerio's sercetary was arrested for a "drug-based homosexual orgy" in the Vatican.

Life Site News asked why Francis's close adviser Coccopalmerio doesn't get fired instead of Cardinal Gerald Muller.(, "A number of cardinals asked Pope Francis to fire Vatican doctrine chief: Jesuit mag," July 3,2017)

Apparently, being loyal to Francis's Amoris Laetitia agenda of Communion to adulterous couples is the best way to have job security with the present pope (is the implication of the pro-life website's article).

Coccopalmerio is a loyal supporter of the Amoris Laetitia agenda.

Francis's trusted adviser, also, put the pope in the position of having to reverse a sex abuse scandal where he placed youths at risk of a known sexual predator because he followed the cardinal's advice. (This Week, "A child abuse scandal is coming for Pope Francis," January 3, 2017)

This Week's Michael Brendan Dougherty said that Coccopalmerio intervened with Francis on behalf of known child sex predator Fr. Mauro Inzoli after Pope Benedict XVI had defrocked him. (, "Six cases where the sexual abuse scandal touches Pope Francis," January 25, 2016)

Francis returned Inzoli to the priestly state in 2014 and in 2016 the reinstated priest was convicted of sex abuse, again.

Sex abuse experts Gerard van den Aardweg and Rick Fitzgerald M.D. said:

"In the United States, a member of the hierarchy who deliberately places youth at risk of a known predator is expected to resign." (, "Is the pontificate of Francis in the crutches of the gay lobby?," March 6, 2017)

It was reported on June 28 that Francis re-deflocked Inzoli, after placing youths at risk in 2014 by reinstating him to the priestly state following pro-gay Coccopalmerio's advice three years ago.

Francis's pro-gay adviser made more news with Gloria TV.

Gloria TV posted that the Italian paper Il Fatto Quotidano reported that Vatican police arrested a unnamed curial official for involvement in a homosexual drug party:

The Vatican police "disrupted a homosexual drug-party in an... apartment" that "belongs to a monsignor, who was caught in flagrant... Quotidano writes that the cardinal, for whom the monsignor was working, is well over 75. This is only true for two cardinals at the Roman Curia... Cardinal Angelo Amato (79)... and pro-gay Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio (79)." (Gloria TV, "Homosexual Vatican Monsignor Arrested: Drugs And Gay Party," June 28, 2017)

It is all over the internet today which of the two Cardinals is the secretary's boss.

Coccopalmerio's office has a drug using gay orgy "flagrant" for a secretary who was reportedly almost about to be appointed a bishop on the recommendation of his boss, the trusted papal adviser to Francis.

What does this say of Coccopalmerio and Francis?


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