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Francis: Pope or Antipope?

The close friend of Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop Luigi Negri said the former pope decided to resign as a result of “tremendous pressure.”

“I am certain that the truth will emerge one day showing grave liability both inside and outside the Vatican.”Negri said:

“It is no coincidence that in America, even on the basis of what has been published by Wikileaks, some Catholic groups have asked President Trump to open a commission of inquiry to investigate whether the administration of Barack Obama exerted pressure on Benedict.”[]

The Italian website anonimidellacroce in an article by 'Fra Christoforo,' which has inside sources in the Vatican, agrees that Benedict was pressured to resign: 

"Before the month in April 2012, Benedict I HAD NO INTENTION TO RESIGN. RATHER! He is a Pope who LOVES THE TRUTH '. AND FOR THE TRUTH 'IS DEAD.



"NOW I CHALLENGE ANYONE; AND I TELL ANYONE CONSISTENT WITH WHAT I'M SAYING. I know I tell the truth unfortunately. And I know that I will not come about because NEVER contradicted THIS AND 'THE TRUTH'.


The Italian website, moreover, said

"But between a Anonimidellacroce month you will be able to publish the content of the fateful letter that Benedict received before deciding to resign.

"Because the reasons for the resignation of Pope Ratzinger are not trifles. Sono motivazioni gravi. Are serious reasons.And not because of poor health or other theological reasons.

"But for serious reasons, really serious."[]

Catholic blog says anonimidellacroce is a reliable Vatican source. 

The Catholic blog, in agreement with the Italian site, says due to the pressure which "forced" Benedict to resign that Francis is a antipope and Benedict is still pope:

"He was forced to resign. The author also says that Peter’s Seat is not vacant, that the only valid Pope is Benedict, who is still the Pope and finally that Bergoglio is to be considered just the Bishop of Rome, as he himself from the beginning has said he was. This Vatican Anonymous has gained a lot of notoriety recently and is seen as trustworthy. The name of the site, translated, means 'anonymous of the Cross.'  

"The site has come to be considered rather reliable for quite a few confirmed accounts. For instance, precisely this VA site has been the source of all the reports about the rumors from Santa Marta regarding the intended changes to be introduced to the Eucharistic Liturgy to facilitate the so called 'intercommunion' with protestants for an 'ecumenical' purpose. These changes would make the liturgy just a memorial of the Passion and would mean foregoing the dogma of the Transubstantiation.

"The VA site has leaked information of a secret committee preparingsuch “ecumenical” changes to the Canon, that the committee is to be presidedby archbishop Arthur Roche and finally that Cardinal Sarah is due to be deposed as Prefect because he is too conservative. VA has also been flaggedby Antonio Socci as a reliable source."[ 

.com, a Catholic website, disagrees with

The website says that the history of the papacy and its legitimacy requires the assumption that Francis is still pope even if Benedict was pressured to resign:

"If it turns out Benedict was put under pressure, I will leave it to expert theologians to decide what happens next. However, it seems difficult to me to deny that the decision of Benedict was, in any way, voluntary. It is, also, what the man explicitly stated. If a Pope abdicates because he is a coward my first take is that he has still abdicated, and he is still a coward. 

"To my knowledge, there is no provision that says that if the Pope is a coward, the next Pope can’t be validly elected. If this were the case, we would have the rather problematic possibility that the last, say, 203 Popes were invalidly elected and we never knew it.We live in the Age Of The Kitten. An age in which people like Cardinal Burke are considered courageous. We must cope with the fact that our clergy are a bunch of girls, Popes possibly included. But this does not mean that the entire institution of the Papacy is put into question.  

'It can still be that nothing comes out of this. 'Fra’ Cristoforo' clearly wasn’t there, and he might not have seen the letter he mentions. Even the best can be deceived. 

'Don’t be distressed. Bad Popes are a constant fixture of the Church. Many Popes in the past have been put under pressure to condemn and destroy good people or institutions (Joan of Arc and the Knight Templars come to mind). The Church has survived."[


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