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Gay Protesters Assault Grandmother with Large Cross

Dear Readers,
It has been a whirlwind at Americans For Truth since Election Day, as I’ve done numerous interviews reaching hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country, to discuss the following:


The “gay” intolerance following the victory for traditional marriage (Prop 8) in California. Once again, the totalitarian heart of homosexual activists is being revealed as militants dismiss the expressed will of voters or worse, engage in acts of thuggery like the protesters assault on the Palm Springs grandmother who dared to hold up a large cross at a pro-homosexual protest. Click on this link to watch the news video showing this poor woman’s mistreatment that is the talk of the nation: [Note: the video comes on automatically when you arrive at our website (scroll down, find the video and hit pause to stop it),; often a short commercial comes on before the news story.]


Barack Obama’s weak mandate on social issues since his radical stances in support of the homosexual and abortion agendas were rarely discussed in the campaign battle against John McCain. Already, we’re hearing from people – some Obama voters – who had no idea that Obama wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and sign the extreme “Freedom of Choice Act” into law.


What do the escalating homosexual activist attacks on churches after Prop 8 – including an assault on a worship service in Lansing, Michigan -- say about the future of religious freedom vs. homosexual-agenda laws? Click here for the Michigan church assault story: - and click here for a piece about a homosexual militant threatening my friend Linda Harvey:
4) In addition to Prop 8, there was some very good news on the culture wars front on Election Day, including Sally Kern’s victory in Oklahoma! Click here for the Sally Kern story: And click here to read a wonderful summary report on the great marriage victory in Florida:
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Homosexual Protesters Engulf Elderly Woman, Stomp on Her Cross: YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO!
Click on this link to watch the Palm Springs video that is the talk of the nation:

Reporter: “We are being attacked here.”
Watch this video from Palm Springs, California — a notorious homosexual Mecca. Note the anchorman’s politically correct summation, as if the “hate” on the video really came from “both sides”! Beneath the video is more background on this latest “gay” outrage; note that a commercial precedes the online video news story.

Here’s the report on this incident in The Desert Sun: A candlelight service to protest the state’s recently enacted gay marriage ban turned hostile Friday night when a woman carried a cross into the crowd. The crowd chanted, “Go home!” “Nazi!” and “Shame on you!” as organizers pleaded with the crowd to ignore the woman. “God has given me a message, a word for all of us and it’s fidelity,” said Phyllis Burgen, a Palm Springs supporter of the gay marriage ban. “I have a right to be here. The crowd saw things differently, pressed in on Burgen, ripped the cross from her hands and stomped on it. In the rush, protesters pushed one another and Burgen, who said she would not press charges although she was bruised in the exchange. … For more on this story, here’s a follow-up piece by the Sun, “Prop 8 tussle may result in charges.”


Florida Marriage Amendment Passes by 62 Percent Despite Being Outspent 3 to 1


Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern Wins Re-election in Landslide Despite Homosexual Smear Campaign

Homosexual attacks boomeranged; “gay” incumbent statewide candidate Jim Roth loses despite heavily outspending pro-family opponent backed by Kern

Remember Sally Kern? She won!


‘Bash Back!’ Bigots Storm Michigan Church

Activists disrupt worship service, shout ‘Jesus was gay!’ Is this a ‘hate crime’?


Will Federal Female Employees Be Safe from Cross-Dressing Men Using Ladies’ Restrooms in the Obama Administration?


Hamtramck, Michigan Voters Easily Reject Homosexual Ordinance in 87-Percent Pro-Obama District


Homosexuals Call for Violence against Christian Supporters of Prop 8


Homosexual Zealot Clay Rooker Warns Family Activist Linda Harvey: ‘You Are Being Watched!’

Threatens: “jeebus-lovin-christers’ rights will slowly be taken away one by one”



Americans For Truth has received a second $10,000 grant from another generous donor. Please help us to double this gift with your tax-deductible donation to AFTAH of $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or whatever you can give. You can give online using a credit card or PayPal at Or mail your gift to: AFTAH, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567.

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