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Would the "I was only Eight Years Old" Argument Excuse a Friendship with Hitler Today?

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama's Barney Frank and the
Democrat Barney Frank fought tooth and nail to keep the evil Republicans from instituting some more oversight of Fannie Mae back in 2004. Fact is, Frank has been working to deregulate Fannie Mae for a decade. Now we learn that Barney Frank's boyfriend was a Fannie Mae official in the 90s? Not only was Herb Moses working at Fannie Mae, but he was one of the officials developing the subprime mortgage strategy that brought about this disaster? More info? Click here.


And it is the Republican vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. On Saturday, Palin said that Barack Obama is "palling around with terrorists who would target their own country." She was referencing Obama's association with Weatherman Bill Ayers. Here's the quote, "Our opponent ... is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that he's palling around with terrorists who would target their own country ... This is not a man who sees America as you see America and as I see America." View the video.

Finally, someone from the McCain campaign comes out and says what has been on the mind of many. On the same day that Palin made this comment, The New York Times published a piece, which tries to explain the ties between Obama and Ayers: "Obama and '60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths." Seems that the Times hasn't been keeping up with the research of Stanley Kurtz, who has been endlessly shuffling through files at the library of the University of Illinois at Chicago to find the truth.

The Obama campaign has chalked Palin comment to a "smear campaign." Obama says that the Republicans are using "smears" in order to distract the voters from real problems. A presidential candidate who befriends or is befriended by an unrepentant terrorist is a real problem in my eye ... though perhaps not in the eyes of those who hate America.

But Sarah Palin is standing behind her comments. She says that this issue is fair to talk about. She said, "The comments are about an association that has been known but hasn't been talked about, and I think it's fair to talk about where Barack Obama kicked off his political career, in the guy's living room." Man, sure glad the McCain campaign finally let her out of her cage.

Before we get to the most asinine part of this story ... let it be noted that in 2001, Bill Ayers took the infamous photograph of him standing on the American flag. That was also when he told The New York Times that he had "no regrets" about his actions in the Weather Underground. In fact, he wishes he could do more. Now during this same time, Barack Obama was serving on the board of the Woods Foundation with none other than Bill Ayers.

Moving right along ...


After Sarah Palin said that Barack Obama is "palling around with terrorists." This is an absolute truism. No matter how much Obama tries to hide ... his ties and his friendship with terrorist bomber Bill Ayers is documented and real. I mean, come on, the guy threw a party at his home for Obama when Obama announced his first run for political office. Remember, though, that in today's racial/political atmosphere any negative comment about Obama is racist. There is one reason ... and ONLY one reason ... that anyone would ever vote against The Chosen One, and that is because they are racist.

That brings us to the Associated Press. They are determined that Palin's comments were a racial attack against Barack Obama. Here's just a little taste of this "analysis" from the Associated Press:

But is there another subtext for creating the false image of a black presidential nominee "palling around" with terrorists while assuring a predominantly white audience that he doesn't see their America?

In a post-Sept. 11 America, terrorists are envisioned as dark-skinned radical Muslims, not the homegrown anarchists of Ayers' day 40 years ago. With Obama a relative unknown when he began his campaign, the Internet hummed with false e-mails about ties to radical Islam of a foreign-born candidate.

Whether intended or not by the McCain campaign, portraying Obama as "not like us" is another potential appeal to racism. It suggests that the Hawaiian-born Christian is, at heart, un-American.

So .. there you have it. Saying that Obama "pals around" with terrorist is, in the mind of this AP writer, "allowing racism to creep into the discussion." And why would that be? Well, because virtually all terrorists are Muslims and many Muslims – including the ones who attacked America on 9/11 are dark-skinned. And again ... it is not a "false image" of a black presidential candidate. The image is accurate.

While we're at it, I'm getting tired of this asinine argument that Ayers threw his bombs when Obama was only eight-years-old and that this somehow excuses Obama for any friendship the two may have had. Actually ... this makes the situation worse. It is not as if a friend of Obama's went off the deep end and started planting bombs. This man's record was there when Obama found him. It was not a question of what Ayers might become ... it was the fact of what he already was, an unrepentant terrorist, when Obama embraced him. An 80-year-old could use this mindlessly stupid "but I was only eight years old" argument to excuse a friendship with Hitler today.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of this race argument. We're going to have to get used to it though ... there is going to be at least four years of it. Every time President Obama is criticized for something, the only reason will be because he is black. Not because he is a bed-wetting Marxist, but because he is black.


After The New York Times published its most recent piece about Barack Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers, the Huffington Post tried its hand at a bit of sarcasm ... and failed.

Jane Smiley tried to ironically point out that John McCain is just as relatable to Bill Ayers as Barack Obama. How did she do this? She compared Bill Ayer's "patriotic" acts of terrorism to John McCain's service in Vietnam. Smiley says, "Every time I think of William Ayers, I also think of John McCain, because they are of the same era, and they both believed in the efficacy of violence." And that is just the first line, folks.

This is the liberal love for our military. Comparing a Navy pilot to a terrorist bomber. Only a Democrat can come up with crap like this.


The Obama campaign has shown its cards ... the issue that Obama hopes will lead him to victory in November is healthcare. He has released new ads on radio, TV, Internet, you name it.

Here are Barack Obama's main points on McCain's healthcare plan:

1. He is going to tax you

2. Deregulation is bad

3. Government is better

4. McCain's plan is "radical"

5. Vote for me, I'll use the force of government to make it happen

First of all, if you want the truth about John McCain's healthcare plan, you can do some more reading here. But before we move on, let me ask you one simple question ... what is "radical" about allowing you to make the decisions about healthcare for you and your family? The "radical" plan should be the one that calls for more government intrusion into your life, your decisions, your pocket book, your healthcare. This idea that government can do it better ... government can solve our problems ... has become so mainstream that the idea of personal choice and responsibility is now considered "radical."


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