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Who is Phyllis Schlafly? Who are Ron Paul’s supporters?

Here is one of the best summaries on Phyllis Schlafly, Ron Paul and Paul’s supporters.

on November 4, 2007 at 1:35 am5 Jim Palmisano
Who is Phyllis Schlafly? What does this self-proclaimed political guru know about anything?

I prefer to read for myself and I tend to understand things fairly well on my own.

So who is she and why would anyone put any credence to her thoughts?

This should be interesting.

Jim Palmisano

on November 22, 2007 at 11:14 pm7 Doug Parris
I really like Ron Paul, myself, but the posts, here, actually illustrate some of the problems he has winning the nomination.

Palmisano (at 5) asks “who is Phyllis Schlafly?” and calls her a “self-proclaimed” political guru. This illustrates the “johnny-come-lately” nature of much of Paul’s support. Mr. Palmisano is obviously very ignorant of the history of the conservative movement and disrespectful of its leaders, the people who have been fighting for many decades for Constitutional Government. Calling her a “self-prclaimed” guru is just dishonest. She has never spent time attempting to elevate herself, but became prominent, probably before Palmisano was born, fighting for what is right, and has never wavered.

Palmisano, touting his own abilities, says, “I prefer to read for myself and I tend to understand things fairly well…” but does not know who the greatest enemy of feminazism in history is.

Painter (at 6) claims that Ron Paul has the “most intense and zealous supporters.” They certainly are zealous. But that has both an upside and a downside. I think most people attribute Paul’s lead in the non-scientific polls to that zeal ~ a small number of Paul supporters mobilizing to jam phone lines or vote often when that is possible. It’s a good strategy, and grassroots action, like Paul has generated, is about all a “second-tier” candidate can do to progress, but when the results don’t equate to similar numbers in scientific polls (that only count one vote from one person), and Paul’s zealous supporters try to cry “conspiracy” it undercuts credibility ~ and makes it easier to ignore both real results and real bias when it does occur -and it occurs often.

As pointed out, Ron Paul scores high among liberals for a Republican, and this is, undoubtedly, a direct result of his opposition to the war. I’ve talked to some of them and it’s the only thing they know about him. These are the people who have been tearing down Constitutional governent for about a hundred years. It undercuts his support among seasoned Constitutionalists. He is also the only Republican Candidate, in all the debates so far, to have been, literally, booed by a Republican Audience. He is right, generally, on the Constitution, but wrong, on some crucial Foreign Policy regarding primeval Islam and wrong in the mind of most Republicans on that issue.

Paul’s positives far outweigh his negatives on the grand scale of substance, but his negatives are very high-profile and seem to me to be unfairly counterbalancing his positives on the grand scale of viability.

But I have to give the title of “the “most intense and zealous supporters” to the members of the People’s Temple who proved the intensity of their zeal for Jim Jones at “Jonestown,” Guyana on Nov. 18, 1978. It’s not always a good thing.

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I prefer Ron Paul over Huckabee, Romney, and McCain, who give no indication of being authentic conservatives and over Giulaini, who gives no indication of trying to even LOOK conservative. I will be excitedly voting for Paul, if and when he wins the GOP nomination.


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