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Is Ron Paul more Pink than Mike Huckabee?

Is Ron Paul more Pink than Mike Huckabee?

It appears that Ron Paul is as pro-life as Mike Huckabee. But is Paul more pink than Huckabee.


Ron Paul is not a stooge for the Republican Party; Chuck Baldwin, homosexuality and politics
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In Chuck Baldwin’s September 7th column he reiterates the obvious. And the obvious is that the GOP (Republican Party for those in Utah County) is trying to paint itself as the “family values” and even “God’s” Party. Baldwin goes on to show that nothing could be further from the truth. People, you must forget Party when voting, and vote for the person…as long as that person, when elected, will not then simply become a Party stooge.

Take for example Ron Paul. He is a trying to be the presidential candidate for the Republican Party, yet over and over he has shown that he will not kowtow to the Party’s wishes if they go against the Constitution (which is one reason The Party tries to silence him.) If he did, he would not be known as Dr. No, and he would be just another Republican mouthing one thing and voting another.

I have been writing a series herein entitled, “The Ron Paul Record”. The latest of which is post #3 and from which you are linked to the previous posts. I am endeavoring to show that Ron Paul is not a stooge of for the Republican Party, that he certainly has a titanium backbone (metaphorically), and that he is a man of his word - that is, he walks his talk. Try to say that of the other GOP Presidential candidates. Try to say that about the Republican Party!

If you wish to skip Chuck’s column, I have included, near the end of this post, some of Ron Paul’s statements regarding homosexuality and gay marriage. I have included them because Chuck spends a lot of time talking about homosexuality, politics, and the political parties.

Here then is Chuck’s column for September 7th. Compare what he says about the GOP being corrupt vs. Ron Paul’s record. Ron is from Earth, the GOP is from Venis, er, Venus.

The recent bathroom sex scandal involving Republican Idaho Senator Larry Craig has become a political hornet’s nest. However, to those who are privy to the real-life goings-on among the political elite in Washington, D.C., this comes as no surprise.

Extracurricular sexual activity in Washington, D.C., is about as uncommon as thunderstorms in the summertime. The element igniting the fires of the media and the public in general, however, is that the Craig scandal involves another Republican legislator and homosexuality.

You see, Karl Rove and Company (along with their willingly gullible Christian pastor accomplices) have convinced rank-and-file conservatives, many of whom are Christians, that the GOP is the “family values” party. Some even go so far as to call it “God’s Party.” Obviously, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, David Vitter, et. al have done much to tarnish this image.

As a pastor for more than three decades, I have witnessed a plethora of sexual failures. Men and women, even Christian men and women, are all weakened with a sinful nature. Some are more vulnerable to certain sins than others, and with a current culture that is awash in sexual promiscuity, temptations of the flesh have never been greater.

The pastor side of me understands the need for redemption and forgiveness. If I was personally acquainted with Senator Craig, I would be more than willing to minister healing to him and his family. Of course, in Senator Craig’s case, he has admitted no wrongdoing and asked for no help. Even God does not help a person who will not ask for it.

That being said, it behooves me to address the underlying problem behind the Larry Craig scandal. The real problem that this scandal unearths is the widespread influence that homosexuality has within the GOP. Ladies and Gentlemen, the GOP elephant is not red; it is pink. That is a fact that rank and file conservatives within the GOP either don’t know or don’t want to know. But it is getting harder and harder to keep that fact a secret.

If anyone really wants to learn the facts about how homosexualists have taken over the Republican Party, I encourage them to read Alan Stang’s blockbuster new book entitled “Not Holier Than Thou,” which is published by Patton House. Here is Alan’s web site:

Alan was one of Mike Wallace’s original writers. He was a business editor at Prentice-Hall. He is a radio talk show host, and has done stints on the American Freedom Network and the Republic Broadcasting Network. He is the author of several books, as well as hundreds of feature articles in national magazines. His book, “Not Holier Than Thou,” is an in-depth look at how homosexualists have taken over the Republican Party in Washington, D.C. It is an eye-opener, to say the least.

Stang notes that as far back as 1989 the Washington Times published a monumental front-page story that began, “A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and US and foreign businessmen with close social ties to Washington’s political elite, documents obtained by The Washington Times reveal.”

Remember, that was just the first paragraph, and it appeared not in a liberal newspaper, but in the conservative Washington Times.

Stang also points out numerous homosexual prostitutes that have had free access to the White House under Republican administrations, including the current one. Stang also notes that Karl Rove’s father was a homosexual, a fact that may have contributed to his mother’s suicide.

Obviously, everyone on the planet knows that Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter, Mary Cheney, is a lesbian. Is it a coincidence that Mrs. Dick Cheney, Lynne, wrote a lesbian novel entitled “Sisters”?

Stang also reminds readers that President G.W. Bush was “a member of Skull & Bones at Yale, which apparently involves bizarre, secret sex rituals including coffins. He has visited the Bohemian Grove in northern California, the site of other secret sex rituals.”

Should we be surprised, therefore, that despite campaigning as a born again Christian, President Bush has not repealed a single pro-homosexual Executive Order given by President Bill Clinton or that he has appointed as many (if not more) openly gay men to high government positions as did Bill Clinton? The list includes high profile homosexuals such as Paul Cellucci, Michael Guest, Stephen Herbits, Scott Evertz, Mark Dybul, Israel Hernandez, Joseph O’Neill, Arthur James Collingsworth, and on and on. According to Stang, “He [Bush] has given organized sodomy considerable control over the federal government.”

Obviously, homosexuals have not been limited to the Republican White House. As the Times stated, the GOP congressional caucus is also shaded in pink. Remember David Dreier and Mark Foley? And please don’t forget the cross-dressing Republican presidential frontrunner Rudy Giuliani.

Remember, too, that it was the Republican Newt Gingrich who came to the defense of homosexual Democratic Congressman Barney Frank when he was discovered running a homosexual prostitution ring out of his apartment. Of course, Newt has a lesbian sister and has often publicly praised homosexuals in Congress for the “courage” they show by running for office.

The list of this kind of nonsense never seems to end. Get Alan Stang’s book, and read it for yourself. You’ll see how Mitt Romney routinely facilitated the homosexual agenda while he was Governor of Massachusetts and how California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger currently does the same thing.

It is no hyperbole to say that the Larry Craig affair is merely the tip of the iceberg–and it is a very big iceberg.

All of this is not to say that homosexualists do not hold sway over the Democrat Party also. They do. The difference is, conservative Christian voters have been thoroughly duped into believing that the Republican Party in general, and President G.W. Bush in particular, are above it all. They are not. They are in it up to their eyeballs.

Sooner or later, conservatives, Christians, constitutionalists, and other traditionalists must wake up to the reality that both major parties in Washington, D.C., are immersed in all kinds of corruption. We must clean house! And I mean the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and the White House. We cannot depend on the two major parties to police themselves or to be faithful to their duties to the American people. We must begin electing independent men and women to public office. Men and women who have not been bought by big money interests. Men and women who truly understand their constitutional obligations. Men and women who adhere to basic honesty and integrity.

Obviously, we have good men and women running in almost every race. The problem is the media (which has its own problems with integrity) will not give such people a fair hearing. Furthermore, most people (conservative Christians included) have bought into the antiquated “they can’t win” mantra, which precludes them from supporting the really good people who accept the challenge to enter a political race. Accordingly, people victimize themselves through self-fulfilling prophecy.

In the meantime, homosexualists will continue to dominate both major parties and we will continue to be subjected to Larry Craig-type scandals. One would think that, sooner or later, the American people would have enough.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

Note that Baldwin’s opinions regarding homosexuality are his and do not necessarily correspond to mine. In my opinion, what you do in your private life is your business, when you make it public and force it on my life then it becomes my business. The conundrum is that what someone is in private life, rightly or wrongly, often spills over to their public life.

Continuing on with Baldwin’s discussion of homosexuality and politics I offer for your perusal, the following Ron Paul’s statements regarding gay marriage and homosexuality:

Marriage is first and foremost a religious matter, not a government matter. Government is not moral and cannot make us moral. Law should reflect moral standards, of course, but morality comes from religion, from philosophy, from societal standards, from families, and from responsible individuals. We make a mistake when we look to government for moral leadership.


Congressman Paul’s position on gay marriage is that defining and recognizing marriages is not a Federal or constitutional matter, but should be left as the States’ right.[30] In 1999 he voted for H.R. 2587 which contained an amendment that sought to prevent the use of Federal funding for the promotion of adoptions of foster children being used to promote joint adoptions by unrelated, unmarried people. There was no mention of gay adoptions in the bill, but the amendment could have been construed to act negatively upon gay couples adopting children in the District of Columbia, and in any event was not present in the final bill.[31]


I oppose federal efforts to redefine marriage as something other than a union between one man and one woman[.] … In fact, the institution of marriage most likely pre-dates the institution of government!

If I were in Congress in 1996, I would have voted for the Defense of Marriage Act[.]

I was an original cosponsor of the Marriage Protection Act, HR 3313, that removes challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act from federal courts’ jurisdiction.

If I were a member of [a state] legislature, I would do all I could to oppose any attempt by rogue judges to impose a new definition of marriage on the people of my state.

The division of power between the federal government and the states is one of the virtues of the American political system.

[I]f federal judges wrongly interfere and attempt to compel a state to recognize the marriage licenses of another state, that would be the proper time for me to consider new legislative or constitutional approaches.


I have not…I’m not as judgmental about that {homosexuality being a sin} probably because of my medical background, so I don’t see it in those simplistic terms; I think it’s a complex issue to decide whether it’s sin or other problems with the way people are born. It’s to me too complex to give an answer as simple as that. I believe a lot of people understand it {God saying homosexuality is a sin} that way, but I think everybody’s God’s child too, so I have, you know, trouble with that.


Looking it in protecting the military {homosexuals in the military} if they are going to perform the services, and they are imperfect — because we’re all imperfect and we all sin. If a heterosexual or homosexual sins, that to me is the category of dealing with their own soul. Since we cannot have only perfect people going in the military I want to separate the two because I don’t want to know the heterosexual flaws, nor the homosexual flaws and that’s why I got in some trouble with some of the civil libertarians because I don’t have any problem with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Because I don’t think that, for the practicality of running a military, I’d just as soon not know every serious thing that any heterosexual or homosexual did, and those flaws have to do with all our flaws because each and everyone one of us has those imperfections.



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