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Gay Marriage is a Socialist experiment

Friday, June 15, 2007

Gay Marriage is a Socialist experiment

Socialists have historically understood that in order to implement total government, which is what socialism is, institutions that foster freedom and individual independence would have to be weakened. Total government is, after all, against human nature, which is inclined toward individual rights, private ownership, belief in a divine creator, and the sovereignty of nation-states designed to preserve, protect, and defend those natural rights.

Besides belief in God, private property, and private industry, the basic family unit is a bulwark of freedom and, therefore, an obstacle to socialism. Developed over millennia, conventional marriage has been universally respected as an essential institution. Marriage represents the most formidable obstacle to government control.

Hence, the totalitarian minded socialist figured out how to undermine marriage. Overt as well as subtle attempts have been undertaken over centuries to undermine marriage and gay marriage is only the most recent effort. Since two men or two women cannot actually be married, legal recognition of gay marriage should be viewed as a manufactured straw dog invented to weaken and ultimately destroy the natural and freedom fostering institution of marriage. As recently as seven years ago, gay marriage was unheard of.

The pro gay marriage advocates sold the idea of state recognized gay marriage to the general public by arguing that gay couples were being deprived of certain marriage benefits such as inheritance rights, health insurance, and hospital visits. Yet many of these issues have been rightfully resolved by private sector social pressure on business and by could be resolved by state legislation. State recognition of gay marriage actually discriminates against other alternative families who could also argue that they should receive these benefits. The states, and the private sector, do not have to recognize a gay relationship in order to provide benefits that should, at any rate, be made available to alternative families especially when minor dependents are involved.

Committed relationships for homosexuals should be encouraged and these relationships have generally not viewed as controversial. Especially gay men are well served to find a life partner and, therefore, reduce promiscuous behavior which increase exposure to disease and violence. A stable gay relationship, with many of the trappings of traditional marriage, is a conservative development, which should be encouraged for homosexuals. The controversy is not over the committed relationship between homosexuals but rather with the insistence that the relationship be turned into a state recognized marriage.

Legal gay marriage will mean that the gay marriage will be legally equal to conventional marriage. This opens the door to conflict with people and organized religions that consider homosexual activity to be immoral. Neither side in this thorny debate should have a right to impose its belief on the other by using the force of law. Our society should encourage tolerance of differences and respect for opposing views without resorting to laws that would banish the opposition. Legally recognized gay marriage will lead to government outlawing opinion as has already happened in Canada. The trend is already underway as “hate crime” legislation is being debated in Congress.

There was no way gay marriage would lose in Massachusetts, which is why there will never be a vote on the issue. Now that gay marriage will be legal in Massachusetts, it will be interesting to see how swiftly state schools move toward teaching young people about homosexuality in the name of tolerance, how rapidly political crimes are established in the name of safety, and how soon the Defense of Marriage Act, signed into law by President Clinton, which allowed the respective states to craft their own marriage legislation, is challenged. Now that it’s legal in Massachusetts, gay marriage will not likely to fade into the distance, which is what would likely happen if left to its own devices. Instead, we can expect to see more agitation. This should be as much proof as is needed to conclude that the issue is no actually gay marriage but, rather, a socialist agenda.



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