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"European prophecies from the 4th century, reveals the prophecy of Josef Stockert, a simple German seer who tells the coming of a warrior of God who comes from Hungary"

Anonymous said…
José Mária Sanchez de Toca, author of the book "Profetas Del Bosque", a collection of European prophecies from the 4th century, reveals the prophecy of Josef Stockert, a simple German seer who tells the coming of a warrior of God who comes from Hungary. He says:

"West of the Rhine, I saw a man fight against this hideous beast, for it spread to many countries and threatened to crush their peoples. The man fought with passion and tenacity. He was surrounded by a bright light and in his right hand wielded a double-edged sword. His clothes seemed to me as fitting as a diver's. His head was covered by a glass covering. I could tell out his facial features: he wore a trimmed black mustache. A crown shone on his head, which particularly impressed me because the cross in the middle was at an angle. He stood with both feet west of the Rhine."

The cross mentioned by being seen in this link below (in Portuguese):

Review of the book Josef Stockert's Vision (in Portuguese):

Link on the view of German, but I believe it is incomplete (in German):

About the book:
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Viktor Orbán at the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI.
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Link sobre a visão ( em alemão):


Anonymous said…
The seer describes "a great light that comes from Hungary." In today's geopolitical facts, we can really witness a strong Hungarian opposition to the Davos agenda and the European Union, this totally going to rock bottom by joining NATO's plans on Ukraine. Josef Sockert says he appears to have a mustache and points to Otto of Habsburg-Lorraine, but he passed away in 2011 at the age of 88.

We can point out, who also wears a small mustache, is János Áder, but the current president of Hungary is Katalin Novák, a woman

The prime minister who is in power today has no mustache, as the German seer describes.

What's more theHungarian leaders mentioned above are not monarchs, obviously. The prophets say that he will be the Grand Monarch, the right hand man of the hermit pope, the legitimo successor of Benedict XIV. If identity is not revealed, the same prophets say, it is because they would be persecutedand killed, by republicans and Freemasons. But one day it will be all clear who it is.
Anonymous said…
The above Hungarian leaders are not monarchs, with the exception of the late Otto of Habsburg-Lorraine.

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