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MARK WAUCK: Biden "is being told: Sooner, not later... But Kama Sutra [Kamala Harris] is one of the few political figures in this country who can make Zhou look remotely competent and/or savory. She’s a disaster"

Fox News
Kamala Harris mocked for repeating several word salads during climate crisis talk: 'WTF is her deal'

Vice President Kamala Harris was mocked for making a series of familiar nonsensical comments during her latest public appearance in Michigan...

When, Not If

The first story up this morning is that, per AP’s WH correspondent—are you sitting down for this, coffee safely place away from your lips?—Zhou’s “competence” is coming into question after his most recent disastrous week. Zhou has never—ever—in his life been other than incompetent. Even his continence has been called into question. This, coming from a certified MSM source is a clear sign that Zhou is being told: Sooner, not later...

... But Kama Sutra is one of the few political figures in this country who can make Zhou look remotely competent and/or savory. She’s a disaster waiting to happen, and everyone knows it. She will undoubtedly be replaced in 2024—if not sooner. What was the sense of desperation that led to jumping from the frying pan into the fire—if that’s what’s going to happen? We’re in the middle of a war that has developed into an existential crisis for the American Empire, and it’s going badly. Just as bad, and closely related, all knowledgeable forecasters are expecting a sharp economic crisis in the coming year. How could putting Kama Sutra in the Oval Office be an improvement, unless something far worse were going on behind the scenes? There is nothing in her past that makes her remotely qualified to guide the Empire at this critical juncture.


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