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If 1P5 Skojec is going into "Schism," might his "Infallible" Belief that Francis is Definitely Pope be the Reason?

The Catholic Monitor received an email from a well-known Catholic pundit saying One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec is going into "schism" from the Catholic Church. The email included this link:

If it's true that he is going into schism, might it be his "infallible" faith that Francis is definitely pope that lead to this possible decision? 

Skojec, on September 20, 2019, wrote:

"[A] pope universally accepted upon his election is infallibly certain. A dogmatic fact."

"Francis was universally accepted. That's a dogmatic fact." []

He is claiming that it is "dogmatic fact" that Francis's papal validity "is infallibly certain," but the funny thing is that he said on Twitter on September 3, 2019 that he believes the real Vatican I infallible dogma of papal "infallibility appears to be tautological [meaningless circular reasoning or logical fallacy] at best and borders on superstition [a unfounded belief] at worst."

Is Skojec's "infallible certain" belief in the "dogmatic fact" of Francis's papal validity meaningless circular reasoning or a logical fallacy "at best" or a unfounded belief "at worst"?

The ironic thing is that when you really investigate Skojec's "universal acceptance" idea in its totality it turns out to be based on unfounded beliefs and logical fallacy.

One quick example is the cornerstone theologian that Skojec relies on for the whole edifice of his idea. The "universal acceptance" theologian he stakes everything on is John of St. Thomas.

He has to rely on him because he has no infallible dogma, Doctor of the Church teaching or even saint teaching to back up his idea.

But, even the non-saint and non-Doctor of the Church John of St. Thomas said "This man in particular LAWFULLY ELECTED and accepted by the Church is the supreme pontiff."

The central question to if a papacy is valid or invalid even according to the cornerstone of Skojec's entire idea says an UNLAWFULLY ELECTED pontiff even if "accepted" is an invalid pope or an antipope.

Is the central "infallible" belief of Skojec that Francis was LAWFULLY ELECTED leading him out of the Catholic faith?

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary


The Bear said…
This why the Bear does not perform brain surgery or theology or practice canon law. Good intentions don’t make up for lack of a degree program and experience. And in any case, I’m sick and tired of the tyranny of experts in general. There are always disagreements among experts in every field. I know what I can take and what I can’t, but here’s how I look at it. The day after I wrote the piece about the USCCBs “Civilize It” political campaign, the Office of Readings had an OT reading about bad leadership resulting in exile, and a sermon from St. Augustine on bad shepherds as murderers. Even the few sheep who remain strong * despite* bad shepherds are “murdered” in the hearts of those shepherds, even as a man who looks upon a chaste woman with lust ravishes her in his heart. If this is the case, the Church is Murder Inc. and I am a strong Catholic sheep who ignores the shepherds and feels he’s not the one in schism nor does he need to be. The Bear will be the best Catholic Bear he can be and the shepherds can go to Hell if they insist. The Bear prays for them, yes, partly out if self-interest because the Church should not be a near occasion of sin, Bear is pretty sure the last thing he must worry about on Judgment Day is passing the Pope Quiz.
Aqua said…
We do not worship the Pope. We worship Jesus Christ through His Body, Holy Mother Church in union with His Mother at the foot of the Cross.

Nowhere in the Bible (NT) do I see a focus on what St. Peter proclaimed on this, that or another. It was Jesus, always Jesus. He is the fulfillment of all prophecy and the point of all history. St. Paul was converted personally by Jesus and proclaimed Jesus to the world; he corrected St. Peter when he had an incorrect interpretation of Jesus' desire for His Church.

The problem is that in our day, we worship the Pope, though no one would likely admit it. The Pope serves Christ in union with every Pope who ever lived - just like our first Pope, St. Peter. The problem is, we have lost Christ, though most wont admit it. First pray for grace find Christ, and through Christ find His Church founded on the Rock of Peter. There is no other way, no other (narrow) path, no other (small) gate. Christ, His Blessed Mother, His Church, His Rock - in that order.

I am not dismayed by the controversy over a fake and invalid Papal resignation, or by its anti-pope product. Because I look to Christ on the long straight line back to Him via Sacred Tradition in the Deposit of Faith. The Edifice of Holy Mother Church stands unmistakeable and glorious, for those with eyes to see. And the Orthodox Church is missing a very, very key element.
Aqua said…
When I informed my SSPX Priest of my belief about who the valid Pope is and why, prior to receiving Sacraments, he stated the following in response, which to me is very wise:

“We do not profess belief in the name of a Pope in the Creed. The Creed is essential to being Catholic. Belief in and submission to the Seat of Peter is essential, as part of that Creed. The name of its occupant has been in dispute before, will be again, and disagreement over the valid occupant does not bar from being Catholic in a state of grace or from receiving Sacraments. The struggle to ascertain validity is proper”. I paraphrase.

He was very calm about the current crisis. Like Bear, above, it troubled him not. Tradition overrides temporary turbulence and this Priest, like all SSPX, live in that eternal world.

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