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Francis has made everyday into Good Friday for Faithful Catholics, but he needs to Remember we will have a Easter Sunday

Until Francis came into power, Good Friday was the only day there was no Mass.

It is said that the reason there was no Mass on Good Friday, and was meant to be desolate day, was to reminded us of Christ's painful agony and humiliation in His passion.

The absence of the Mass was meant to prepare us for the glory and victory of Jesus' resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Francis and the Francis bishops have made everyday desolate in suffering and humiliation for Jesus and all faithful Catholics.

But, Francis and the Francis bishops should be shaking in their boots because sooner or later Jesus and all the faithful Catholics will have a glorious victory Easter Sunday which will be the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The victory and glory will be great!

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


BrotherBeowulf said…
Vigil, Good Friday

Mr. Martinez--

Yes. Amen. You rightly point out that Antipope Bergoglio--and not the corona virus--is the cause of the Blackout of the august and holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

You also rightly stress the antipathy, antipode and antithesis that Francis has and is relative to the Immaculate Heart, and Jesus Christ Himself in the Sacred Heart. Not surprising for an Antipope.

By banning the Mass the false pope has stripped the mask off his true face, to reveal the hatred he bears against both Christ and his Mother. And us, too.

May God forgive him.

In the Collect for today's Mass Of The Last Supper, which Bergoglio caused to be banned on our Continent, we read the Church's Judgment on Judas, with Martin Luther two men of whom Bergoglio appears very fond. Here's what Holy Mother Church says.

"O God, from Whom Judas received the punishment for his guilt,and the thief the reward of his confession, grant unto us the full fruit of Thy clemency; that even in His Passion our Lord Jesus Christ gave to each retribution according to his merits, so having cleared away our former guilt, He may bestow on us the grace of His Resurrection."

The Church's judgment on Judas Escariot, as on most if not all matters of Faith, is very different than Bergoglio's.

Bergoglio should therefore beware. He knows (for he recently said) that nature never forgives. He also knows that there is no forgiveness where none is ever sought. And he knows that there is one unforgivable sin, that against the Holy Spirit.

Bergoglio is like Judas or St Dismas or any man, free to choose evil instead of good. To choose Christ, or Anti-Christ. But mark well, Antipope Francis, there's a price to that free choice. And it's death. Cf. Deuteronomy 30:15 et seq*

That's the nature of things.

* Particularly relevant today to the false pope: his Stang; his pachamama idolatry and apostasy; his Ban of the Mass of Ages; and some say the Great Apostasy, of and by Bergoglio:

"See, I have set before thee this day a choice between life and death, between good fortune and ill. 16 Thou art to love the Lord thy God and follow the path he has chosen for thee, to hold fast by all his commandments and observances and decrees, if thou wouldst live and thrive and prosper through him in the land that is to be thy home. 17 If thy heart becomes estranged from him, so that thou dost no longer obey him, but art tempted away into worshipping other gods and doing them service, 18 then I warn thee here and now that it will be thy ruin; the land thou art winning for thyself on the other side of Jordan will be thine only for a little. 19 I call heaven and earth to witness this day that I have set such a choice before thee, life or death, a blessing or a curse. Wilt thou not choose life, long life for thyself and for those that come after thee? 20 Wilt thou not learn to love the Lord thy God, and obey him, and keep close to his side?"

Deut. 30:15-20
Debbie said…
Thank you Fred....nice little reminder.

O Mary Conceived without Sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!

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