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Fr. VF: Taylor Marshall has "Entrenched Intellectual Dishonesty" & "never Apologized... [for] Vicious Comment" which apparently Promotes not Attending Mass

Fr. VF who is deeply knowledgeable in canon law and was once a constant learned commenter in the One Peter Five website comment section, but was banned when it's publisher Steve Skojec stopped allowing free speech to those who presented evidence that the Francis papacy may be invalid.

Fr. Peter Morello, who is a fixture in the Catholic World Report comment section, and Fr. VF both had interesting correspondence between themselves when they were inhabiting the 1P5 comment section before Morello withdraw from the site and Fr. VF was banned.

On August 2, in the Catholic Monitor post "Why is Taylor Marshall accusing the Open Letter Signatories & Cdl. Muller of Promoting Sedevacantism?", Fr. VF commented:

""SedevacantISM," in a modern context, is the belief there has been no pope since 1958. It is not "sedevacantISM" to hold that there is evidence that, for the past six years... we have had no pope [due to a possible invalid conclave], or that the true pope has been falsely believed to have resigned. Using the word "sedevacantISM" [as Dr. Taylor Marshall does] to squelch discussion is a sign of deep, entrenched intellectual dishonesty."

Moreover, Fr. VF wrote:

"Taylor Marshall has never apologized for his most vicious comment: Telling people who doubt that Francis is pope that, in attending a Mass where the priest commemorates Francis in the Canon, they are committing the mortal sin of schism. And then he twisted the knife: Good luck finding a Mass where Benedict is commemorated in the Canon."

It seems Marshall is promoting not attending Sunday Mass.

He apparently is promoting that Catholics who have doubts about the validity of the Francis papacy not attend Mass where Francis is commemorated. In doing this he seems to be promoting committing a mortal sin because even excommunicants are obligated to attend Mass under the penalty of mortal sin.

It appears that Marshall may need to go to Confession for promoting the mortal sin of not attending Sunday Mass.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Jack said…
As someone who once called himself a sedevacantist, I know there's a world of difference between the classical sedevacantist position (Post-Pius XII) and the so-called "benevacantist" or resignationist position. The essence of sedevacantism is not merely an absence of a pope for the last 60 years, but, more than that, an almost complete disappearance of the entire Catholic hierarchy and institutional Church from the face of the earth, a truly apocalyptic vision where the visible Catholic Church not only has vanished with barely a trace, but has been replaced by a false "post Vatican II" Church which has the same dimensions as the true Church but without any valid priesthood or sacraments. And this is said to have taken place in a twinkle of an eye wirhout anyone noticing it apart from a very small number of enlightened individuals. The benevacantist position, on the other hand, just has it that one pope invalidly resigned under immense pressure within and without the Church, and an Antipope reigning in his stead, with the hierarchy and sacraments continuing as always. In the history of the Church, the latter event is barely unusual; the former is totally unprecedented. To pretend that these positions are the same is indeed deep intellectual dishonesty. Again, as a former sedevacantist, I know that sedevacantist themselves consider this false equivalence totally absurd.
Debbie said…
I response to Dr. Marshall's "Good Luck" tweet, I mentioned we couldn't hear who the priest was commemorating in a TLM...he said that was weasley, then said it was our duty to find out. I then asked him if it was our duty before 2013. Then was blocked from his Twitter account. I'm also banned from 1P5...I see I'm in good company.

Prayers for Skojec and Marshall and those who defend them.
Mark Docherty said…
Good for you, Debbie

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