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Does "Communist" Francis's only Book demonstrate he "Favors... [Marxist] Cuban Dictatorship... [&] Authoritarianism"?

The Jesuit Post reported that the authoritarian dictatorship friendly Francis's Vatican joined authoritarian Cuba and Communist China in refusing to recognize the "internationally-recognized interim president" of Venezuela Juan Guaido:

Guaido['s]... team was in Italy on February 11 seeking... for recognition, they also met with representatives of the Vatican."
(The Jesuit Post, "Will Pope Francis Save Venezuela," February 25, 2019)

Pope Francis's Vatican refused to recognize Guaido.

If Francis's Vatican had recognized Guaido it is possible that the Venezuelan military backing may have crumbled for the authoritarian dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro.

This is consistent with Francis's behavior toward the leftist regime. He has never condemned the dictator and has continued to be friendly to the regime leader Maduro calling for "dialogue" which has helped the strongman stay in power even as he continues to oppress and starve the people of his country.

Might the reason Francis is supportive of the leftist authoritarian dictatorship of Maduro be because, like his allies Cuba and China, he is a "Communist"?

Francis is apparently "'one of'" the leftist "'Jesuits [who] were penetrated by the Communists, and Bergoglio was one of them'" reported journalist  according to those who know him the best, the Argentinean people:

"One stop on the tour is the confessional at the Basilica of St. Joseph where Bergoglio supposedly decided to become a Jesuit. My guide laughed at that yarn. “The dates don’t even match up in the official accounts. In fact, he had decided years before,” he said. He added that Bergoglio’s reason for entering the order was not spiritual but political: he knew the order was rapidly moving to the left and he was eager to take that ideological journey."

“'The Jesuits were penetrated by the Communists, and Bergoglio was one of them,' observed a journalist. Indeed, Bergoglio had received his political education at the knee of a Paraguayan communist named Esther Ballestrino, who was his boss at a Buenos Aires laboratory after he got the equivalent of a high school degree in chemistry. Bergoglio has said that he 'owes' much to that 'great woman.' He has gushed about how she introduced him to communist periodicals and literature and regaled him with stories of the 'Rosenberg trial.'”

Moreover, Jose Azel, a senior scholar at the University of Miami, wrote that Francis in his only book, "Dialogos," shows:

Francis "favors socialism... Cuban dictatorship... [the] authoritarian role for the state... [and] not... the people."

Azel in the respected international relations quarterly journal World Affairs wrote a review of the book by Francis, which he wrote in 1998 while he was still the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires, which apparently the Vatican doesn't want publicized or read.

The Vatican if it publicized Jorge Mario Bergoglio's book, "Dialogos Entre Juan Pablo y Fidel Castro [Dialogue between John Paul II and Fidel Castro]," could make Francis a best selling author.

But, apparently Francis doesn't want the public to know the extent of his Communist tendencies and sympathies.

The Spanish speaking Azel in his review of the book reported "[i]n my reading of the pope's complex Spanish prose...":

- "he favors socialism over capitalism provided it incorporates theism..."

- "He does not take issue with Fidel Castro's claim that 'Karl Marx's doctrine is very close to the Sermon on the Mount'... "

- "... and views the Cuban polity [form of government] as in harmony with the Church's social doctrine..."

- "... Francis leaves no doubt that he sympathizes with the Cuban dictatorship..."

- "... and that he is not a fan of liberal democracy or markets..."

- "... He clearly believes in a very large, authoritarian role for the state in social and economic affairs..." demonstrate

- "... his language in the prologue is reminiscent of the 'liberation theology'... very intertwined [with] Marxist ideology. Fathered by Peruvian priest Gustavo Gutierrez, the movement provided the intellectual foundations that, with Cuban support, served to orchestrate' wars of national liberation' throughout the continent. It's iconography portrayed Jesus as a guerrilla an AK-47 slung over his shoulder..."

- "... Francis speaks of a 'shared solidarity'... that solidarity appears to be with the undemocratic, illegitimate authority in Cuba and not with the people..."

- "... Cubans will remember that this pope had a choice between freedom and authoritarianism."
( World Affairs, "Whose Pope? Francis and Cuba," Fall 2015)

The University of Miami senior scholar Azel in the article in his own translation of the book quotes Francis writing:

"[N]eoliberal capitalism is a model that subordinates human beings and conditions development to pure market forces... thus humanity attends a cruel spectacle that crystallizes the enrichment of the few at the expense of the impoverishment of the many."

However, many supporters of Francis, despite the evidence, will claim he is not a "Communist" or a leftist because he said when asked if his is a leftist:

"'Some people might say some things sounded slightly more left-ish, but that would be a mistake of interpretation,' he said before landing in the U.S. late Tuesday afternoon for his historic trip. 'If you want me to pray the creed, I’m willing to do it.'”

"He underscored the point: 'It is I who follows the church … my doctrine on all this … on economic imperialism, is that of the social doctrine of the church.'”

But, again, the people who know him best, the Argentinean people, explain that is just a Peronist lie according to the Neumayr article:

"Argentine Catholics describe Bergoglio as an ecclesiastical Peron — a ruthless, socialism-addled chameleon willing to tell any lie and try any low tactic to preserve power."

“'Peron used to say he is a weather vane, that he moved where the wind went,' a journalist said to me.' Bergoglio was like that too. On Monday he was a liberal. On Tuesday he was a conservative. On Wednesday he was a liberal again. And so on.'”

But, some Catholics will defend Francis saying the Church doesn't condemn Communism or Socialism. But, again, they are wrong:

"The Decree Against Communism was a 1949 Catholic Church document issued by the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office, and approved by Pope Pius XII, which declared Catholics who professed Communist doctrine to be excommunicated as apostates from the Christian faith."

"Opposition to Socialism and Communism in Catholic social teaching had already been expressed in the teachings of popes since the encyclicals Nostis et nobiscum (1849), Quanta cura (1864), and Rerum novarum (1891)."

"In the earlier social encyclicals the criticism of Communism described it as a system violating human rights: e.g., the right to own property. After revolutions in Russia, China, and Mexico had been followed by religious persecution, a new theme of criticism was added, beginning with Quadragesimo anno (1931) by Pope Pius XI. This encyclical objected to Communism's professed opposition to religion, and its threat to the freedom and the very existence of the Church.[1] In 1937, Pius XI rejected atheistic communism in an encyclical entitled Divini Redemptoris as "a system full of errors and sophisms", with a "pseudo-ideal of justice, equality, and fraternity" and "a certain false mysticism",[1] and contrasted it with a humane society (civitas humana)."

The evidence points to Francis being a Communist or, at the minimum, a Socialist who is a totalitarian Communist sympathizer.

In either case, Francis's belief in Communism or Socialism is opposed by "Catholic social teaching [that] had already been expressed in the teachings of popes since the encyclicals Nostis et nobiscum (1849), Quanta cura (1864), and Rerum novarum (1891)."

If Francis is a Communist then he is by "Pope Pius XII... excommunicated as [a apostate] from the Christian faith."

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Nandarani said…
I am glad canon212 got me here originally or I would not have discovered your work. Why can't people understand the truth about 'Francis' - to me it is so obvious. A slippery chameleon he certainly is. Oh well... Anyway, your work needs to be more widely seen. Thanks for putting up new content pretty regularly; I'll be her reading it, and for the denseness of it meaning, not polemic, emotion, but work on your part to pull together a coherent narrative involving facts, reports from people who have known him for a long time, 'up close and personal, etc.' It's not just Francis that's a catalyst God is using of course, he is just the most irritating one for me. No, maybe tied with the photograph seen of the Jesuit head, the one being posted in articles about his opinion about the devil. ...
mascmen8 said…
False prophet Francis the last pope before Christ comes is a homosexual. communist, heretic listed in Rev chapters 16, 19, 20

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