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Does Skojec's Theologian of "Universal Acceptance" happen to be Vatican II Architect Maritain's Top Theologian?

Steve Skojec has been apparently claiming John of St. Thomas's idea on "universal acceptance" of popes is infallible Catholic doctrine.

It appears that he got this conviction about the importance of this theologian from Robert Siscoe.

So far, as far as I can find, the only other modern theologian who considers John of St. Thomas (John Poinsot) that important is Jacques Maritain whose disciple was Pope Paul VI. Paul VI said:

"I am a disciple of Maritain. I call him my teacher."

Paul VI's teacher was a close collaborator of Saul Alinsky who wrote in Rules for Radicals: "I have always believed birth control and abortion are personal rights."

Maritain called Alinsky a "practical Thomist" according to lawyer Chris Ferrara.

Maritain is considered by many to be a architect of Vatican II.

According to the American Maritain Association:

Pointsot (John of St. Thomas) is central to understanding Maritain's theology which was central to Paul VI's Vatican II:

"Maritain's own advocacy of Pointsot, whose writings are a sine qua non for understanding Maritain's own 'intellectual locale' as a Thomist."
(American Maritain Association,, "John Deeply and Jacques Maritain Chair of Philosophy," Professor Schulz, 2 years ago)

Just how infallible is Pointsot?

If Skojec can't find a pope or council to support his idea, can he at least find a Doctor of the Church or at least a saint to support it.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Steve said…
You know, Fred, research isn't that hard. I'm not claiming it as infallible. That would be absurd. What I said in my actual post, which was only 471 words long and wouldn't have taken that much time to read, is:

"I am posting this today as a point of reference. I see a lot of argument over what “universal acceptance” means, but it’s much simpler than people think. And if the explanation of John of St. Thomas is correct — and I have no reason to believe that it isn’t — then we can see that Francis was universally accepted."
Fred Martinez said…
You know, Steve, research isn't that hard. Please read John of St. Thomas who talked about past popes not present popes as a scholar at Von Veni Pacem in the post "Friendly Challenge to Robert Siscoe" who could read Latin convincingly showed. Your "universal acceptance" idea is not infallible or certain as I show in my post "1P5's Skojec claims "that a Pope Universally Accepted is Infallibly Certain," but is it Infallible or Certain?"

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